How to Check Car Accident History in UAE?

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Purchasing a car requires significant investments and it becomes important to conduct thorough research before buying a used vehicle. Getting clarity on how the vehicle was used prior to selling can give you an accurate idea of about how safe it is. Additionally, this information can also be used to for selling your car in future. The UAE government has streamlined the process and made it easy to check a car’s accident history. You can conveniently check vehicles accident details by visiting the various websites through the vehicle’s VIN number. 

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

The article below provides details of check a car accident history through various online resources. 

Steps How to Check Car Accident History in UAE

Check Car Accident History in UAE Through Government Websites

Through various Government websites, you can check car crash history in the UAE. All you need is to visit the portals mentioned below.

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How to Check Car Accident History Through The Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)

Emirates Vehicle Gate is a one-stop solution for all car-related information whether its registration, certificates, fines and penalties or car insurance in the UAE. You can visit the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) website and enter the vehicle information number (VIN) to retrieve the crash details. With a simple and straightforward process, you need to log into the account using your login credentials. You can follow the steps mentioned below to retrieve the vehicle accident history in the UAE. 

  1. Visit the official website of Emirates Vehicle Gate,
  2. Enter your login credentials i.e. login ID and password
  3. After you have logged in, select the ‘Traffic Accident Management’ option on the navigation bar,
  4. Enter the vehicle’s chassis number and click on submit button, 

Subsequently, you will receive all the crash-related information on your screen. Additionally, you can also find a vehicle certificate with the chassis number. With Emirates Vehicle Gate, you can find specific details like type of accident, location and agency repair details. 

How to Check Car Accident History Through Ministry of Interior - MOI

Alternatively, you can also check car accident history on the Ministry of Interior Website (MOI). The process to retrieve vehicle details is similar to Emirates Vehicle Gate and, you need to enter the vehicle’s chassis number. Once you have submitted the entries, the portal displays the accident details along with accident type, location, and repairing agency.  You can follow the steps mentioned below to retrieve the accident details. 

  1. Visit the official website of the Ministry of Interior (MOI), 
  2. Navigate through Traffic and Licensing and search for the Traffic Accidents options, 
  3. Later, you need to enter the details regarding the vehicle’s chassis number etc, 
  4. Once entered, you will receive the car accident history along with location and repair details. 

Additionally, you can also find various details such as vehicle registration details, fines, penalties and traffic rules violations. You can find the ‘vehicle certificate’ option in the ‘public service’ tab. 

Visit Abu Dhabi Police Website to Check Car Accident History

Abu Dhabi Police record and maintain all road accidents data in the UAE. The record is public and, you can find vehicle accident details by entering the car chassis number or registration number. To retrieve the car accident history, you can follow the steps mentioned below. 

  1. Log on to the official website of Abu Dhabi Police, 
  2. Select the ‘Public Service’ option from the navigation menu,
  3. Subsequently, choose the ‘Vehicle Accident Enquiry’ option from the dropdown list. 
  4. An online form will appear on the screen,
  5. Enter the vehicle chassis number and hit on ‘Submit’ button,
  6. Vehicle accident details will appear on the screen, 

In addition, you can also retrieve the vehicle certificate, fines, penalties etc simply by entering the vehicle chassis number. 

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How to Check Car Accident History Through RTA

Individuals interested in purchasing a used vehicle can also visit the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) official website. The RTA provides all the information pertaining to vehicles, including car accident history in the UAE. Additionally, you can find various details related to the previous owner, the latest inspection, distance covered and service record. However, using the RTA portal, you can check the car accident history only after the consent of the present owner.

To retrieve the crash history of a car from the RTA portal, you can follow the steps mentioned below. 

  1. Visit the RTA official portal and log into your account using the ‘driver and vehicle owner services’ options, 
  2. Subsequently, search for Vehicle Accident Enquiry 
  3. Enter the vehicle’s chassis number and press submit button, 
  4. The portal will display car accident history along with location and repairing agency details. 

You can also use the RTA portal to view vehicle accident details, car registration and certificate, including the details of an imported vehicle. 

Non-Government Portals to Check Car Accident History in the UAE

Apart from government websites, several non-government portals also provide the details of car accident history in the UAE. Again the process of retrieving crash history through private portals is convenient and easily accessible, especially for sales and purchase of imported vehicles. These private entities maintain a comprehensive record of vehicle accidents in the UAE. Among private portals, Carfax and CarReport are two leading providers of car accident history in the UAE. You can easily log on to any one of those and find the vehicle accident details with a few simple clicks. 


CarReport is a reliable source of obtaining a car accident history in the UAE when you are purchasing a used car. Along with the local vehicles, you can retrieve the details of various imported cars, including the details of current and previous owners. The data on this web portal is consolidated from various global partners and resources. You can check your car mishap history from CarReport in the following manner. 

  1. Visit the website of CarReport and navigate to the ‘vehicle report’ section,
  2. Enter the VIN number and mileage details to obtain the full vehicle report. 
  3. Once retrieved, you can also save and download the vehicle report. 

Along with accident details, you can find service records, make and model year, total loss and salvage history etc.


Among various private providers, Carfax is one of the most popular sources of vehicle history information for used cars and vehicles in the UAE. You can visit the Carfax website and enter your VIN number to generate the car accident history report within no time. The vehicle history report includes details like accidents, prior owners, severity impact, emission details and more. 

Several businesses also consult Carfax to collect information regarding vehicles in the UAE. To access the car accident history through Carfax, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Visit the official website of Carfax,
  2. Click on the vehicle report option, 
  3. You will get an online form asking for VIN number or License Plate number,
  4. Enter any one of the above details and hit on the ‘Get Report’ button,
  5. The portal will generate a detailed report of your vehicle including car accident history and location. 

You can save or download the report for all your future references. The Carfax report also includes details like service report, owner’s details, specifications and more. 


In order to purchase a used car, you need to make meticulous research. An accident is one of the important factors to consider while purchasing a vehicle as it determines the vehicles safety and potential damages that may creep in while operating. To resolve this issue, the UAE government has provided various online resources where you can conveniently find the car accident history by simply entering the VIN or car registration details. 

It not only helps the buyer to find the right value for the vehicle but also helps in forecasting the future expenses on the vehicle.

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