Ways to Check Car History in UAE

As a car purchase is a major monetary investment, it demands utmost caution and extensive research on your part. When you plan to purchase a used car in UAE, you will need to do a fair deal of background checks to ensure that the car you are purchasing is in a satisfactory condition (and not involved in multiple accidents over time). ...read more

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While there are numerous ways to discover the history of a car, you can easily check the car history with the chassis number in the UAE and get the best deals on used cars, and avail of car insurance in UAE. With the UAE government authorities making it easy to check the car history with the chassis number in the UAE, you can easily do the same and avoid problems related to performance and safety in the future.

The article below offers detailed information about the ways you can check car history in the UAE.

Car History Check Through Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)

When using the EVG portal for a car history check, you must be knowing the vehicle identification number (VIN). It can be found on the car registration certificate or the car’s bonnet. The steps for car history checks by the chassis number in the UAE are:

  • Visit the EVG web portal and log in to the account using the VIN, although you can always opt for the Quick Search Function as well. 
  • After you tap on ‘search’, you will be directed to a new page that lists all the accidents in which the vehicle was involved. It will present all the relevant information including the location of the incident, the severity of the accident, and the level of damages incurred by the car. 

In case you have a vehicle certificate inquiry, you won’t need to log in to your EVG account. Simply enter the vehicle certificate number and get access to the certificate. 

Check Car History Through Ministry of Interior (MOI) UAE

Similar to the EVG, the MOI web portal works only for the vehicles registered in the UAE. Thus, if your automobile was imported from the US, Europe, or Japan, you cannot make a search for the same on this website. 

Described below are the steps involved in checking car history with a chassis number in the UAE:

  • Visit the MOI website and mention the VIN for the car that you wish to inspect.
  • After entering the number, click over ‘Search’ and check through the results that appear in the new window. 
  • If there are several accidents, the portal will offer details about all the accidents - location, police report number, the time of the accidents, and more. 

Other than the accident-related details, you will also be able to access information like the status of the plate registration, vehicle registration, and so forth. 

Chassis Number Check UAE

Check Vehicle History by Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA)

RTA offers a distinctive service called the Technical vehicle status certificate along with the records comprising information about the vehicle’s current condition, history of the car insurance, and the state of the vehicle at the time of inspection. 

The following steps can come in handy if you wish to use the RTA website to check the car history with the chassis number in the UAE:

  • Go to the ‘Driver and Vehicle Owner Service’ on the official RTA website.
  • Click on ‘Vehicle Accident Enquiry’ and put in the chassis number. Click on Submit. 
  • The current owner of the car will receive a code on the registered mobile number after you click submit. 
  • Once the current owner enters the code on the provided link, the potential buyer will be required to pay AED 120 as a fee for the process.
  • After completing the payment, you would get the list of accidents in which the car was involved in the UAE.

RTA/Driving License

Roads and Transport Authority Roads and Transport Authority Dubai
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Sharjah Transfer Car Registration
Driving License UAE Driving License in Dubai

Check Car History Through Abu Dhabi Police Website

If you are trading a used car in Abu Dhabi, you can visit the Abu Dhabi Police web portal and get your queries handled. You can easily obtain a detailed record of all the accidents in which the vehicle in question here was involved.

To check the car history with the chassis number in the UAE, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official web portal for Abu Dhabi Police. 
  • Select the option for enquiring about vehicle accidents on the home page.
  • Provide the chassis number of the vehicle to access the vehicle history.

Abu Dhabi Police website is an excellent option if you wish to find relevant and accurate information about the used car that you plan to buy.

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Private Companies Offering Car History Checks with Chassis Number in the UAE

There are two major companies that provide car history records in the UAE are:

  • CarReport: This firm offers a detailed report about second-hand cars in the UAE and includes information about the car’s history and its valuation. Notably, a generic report from CarReport is available for free and can be accessed by putting in the mileage and the chassis number. For a detailed report, however, you would need to pay a fee of AED 99.
  • CarFax: CarFax performs several car checks like flood damage, service records, accidents, vehicle registration, and car theft. You can avail of a report from this firm by paying a fee of AED 119.77.

Key Takeaways

To get a better value for the used car you plan to purchase, it is essential to check the car history using the chassis number in the UAE. By verifying a car’s history, it becomes easy to find out the number of accidents in which the vehicle was involved and several other key details. Several government entities and private agencies provide the option to check the car accident history in the UAE.

The main authorities for our purpose here are Emirates Vehicle Gate, Roads and Transportation Authority, Ministry of Interior, and Abu Dhabi Police’s official management. Other than these entities, you can even access the report from CarReport and CarFax, the two major private companies to offer detailed car history checks by the chassis number in the UAE.

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