How Long Does a Car Insurance Claim Take?

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Getting into a car accident can prove catastrophic for your health and well-being, finances, and vehicle. However, with proper car insurance, you can file a claim and at least incur the costs of all the damages faced by your car.

Filing a claim is a simple process. However, if it is your first time filing for a car insurance claim, chances are that you might get confused during the process. One of the main questions that might come to mind at that time is “how long does an insurance claim take?”.

To resolve that query (and several more), we will discuss in the following sections when should you file the insurance claim, how long does an insurance claim take for a car, how can you speed up the claim process, and more. You will also get to find out the factors that may delay the settlement process and what exactly is involved in the claim process.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

What is the Right Time to File a Claim?

Car insurance is necessary to reduce the financial load caused due to a car accident. If you are planning to file a claim, take the factors discussed below into consideration.

  • Who was involved in the accident? - If there were other automobiles, properties, or civilians involved in the accident, the claim will come under warranty. However, if no one other than you were involved in the accident, you may get a leeway discount.
  • Is there any injury? - If someone is injured in the accident, you should first ensure first aid and call an ambulance followed by immediately filing for the claim.
  • Which party is at fault? - Whether it was you or the other driver at fault, you should file for the insurance claim. If the other party is the defaulter, your insurance company will make sure that you receive justified compensation. On the other hand, if you are the defaulter, the car insurance company will assist you in paying off the damages done by you to the third party.
  • The damages incurred - If the incurred damages are minor (like paint scratches or dents over the bumper), they can be paid out of your pocket. This can help you at the time of renewal with respect to the no-claim bonus.
  • What are your deductibles? - If the cost incurred by the damages is less than the deductibles, you can pay for them yourself. However, this case is appropriate if you are the only party involved in the accident.

How Long Does an Insurance Claim Take for Cars?

Usually, a car insurance claim may take up to three weeks to be processed as the insurance company investigates the damages and the incident before compensating you for the loss. Some companies may directly inform about the processing time in specific days, say, 30 days for the claim settlement period.

The time taken for a car insurance claim to process also depends on the amount you are claiming as well as the type of claim you are applying for. For instance, a personal injury claim takes more time to process than a property damage claim.

What are the Types of Insurance Claims?

Generally, the more complicated the accident, the longer time insurance claim takes. Other than that, a key factor that determines how long does an insurance claim take concerning a car is the type of insurance claim you are filing, as there are different types of insurance claims that can be filed based on a scenario. With each claim type having a distinct process, the time taken for the settlement may vary.

While the settlement period varies for each applicant, the following are the types of insurance claims based on how long does a car insurance claim take for them generally:

Claims Taking Less Time to Settle

Claims Requiring More Time to Settle

The medical claim and the total loss claim deal with more sums of money and include more people and organisations (police, court, insurance company).

Who All Are Involved in the Claim Process?

The number of people involved in an insurance claim also plays a key role in finding out how long does an insurance claim take. Listed below are the parties generally involved in the process:

  • Drivers involved in the accident
  • Insurance representatives from both the parties
  • Auto repair professionals
  • Medical staff and hospitals
  • Attorney (in case there are conflicts or lawsuits)

Factors That Could Delay Your Claim Settlement

Several reasons exist that might delay your insurance claim settlement. However, the most frequent reasons for the same are as follows:

  • Miscommunication: When you provide wrong information about the accident to the provider, you are responsible for slowing down the insurance claim settlement process and further complicating the case. 
  • Natural Calamity: If you are filing a claim for damages caused by natural disasters, the claim could be delayed. The reason, however, is different from the previous scenario here. As damages due to natural calamities can lead to a large number of claim appeals besides yours, the insurance companies may get overwhelmed and take more time to process than usual. 

To prevent the delays in the processing of your car insurance claim, you should consider doing the following:

  • Submit the Evidence Right Away: If you are involved in an accident, make sure that you click the pictures and note down the time and the location of the accident. This way, the insurance company will not be required to figure out all these details during the claim settlement process, which can accelerate the overall procedure.
  • Be Prompt in Filing for the Claim: The best way to have your claim settled fast is to file one with the insurance company immediately after the incident happens. 
  • Be Available for the Insurance Queries: You should always keep yourself available in case the insurance company needs extra information to move the process swiftly. 

Key Takeaways

  • When filing for a car insurance claim, an important question that comes to mind is “How long does an insurance claim take?”. The answer to this query depends on several factors. 
  • The first factor to consider is whether or not should you file the claim based on the extent of the damages and more. Before filing the claim, you should also know about all the parties involved in the accident, whether there is any injury, and which party was at fault. 
  • The next thing to look into while finding how long does an insurance claim take is the type of insurance claim you are filing. If you are filing for a medical claim, total loss claim, or physical damage claim, chances are that it would take a longer time to settle the claim. On the other side, claims for roadside assistance and automobile glass replacement are comparatively quick to settle.  
  • If you don’t provide the right information, you can further elongate the claim settlement process and even create unnecessary complications in the case. 
  • To know how long does an insurance claim take for cars to settle in case of a natural calamity, it is essential to know that generally several claim appeals are submitted to the insurance companies in a short span when such disasters occur. Consequently, it may take a considerable time for the provider to settle the claim. 
  • To ensure an easy settlement of your claims, provide all the details and evidence regarding the accident in advance. Moreover, you should be quick in filing the claim and be ready for the investigation process (if required) in the course of the insurance settlement.

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