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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Personal accident or drive cover in car insurance is one of the most opted for and preferred add-on covers in the country. While many car insurance companies offer it as one of the base benefits of the comprehensive plans offered by them, many others offer it as an optional add-on cover. Driver cover in car insurance is the cover that protects the driver of the car. But the nature of the cover and the extent of the services of by each insurance company may add some changes to the cover. Since road accidents are the things that threaten damages to cars and other vehicles the most, personal accident cover becomes a necessity for every car owner. This is the only cover that can be used to protect the drivers in event of an accident.

Understanding Driver Cover in Car Insurance

As explained before, a personal accident covers the owner-driver of the vehicle insured and offer financial assistance in the event of an accident involving the insured vehicle. Financial assistance is provided if there are any medical expenses to treat the injuries caused by the accident, to compensate for any permanent disabilities and in event of the death of the driver. Driver-owner’s family is compensated in the case of the death of the owner-driver. The driver of the vehicle is at maximum risk of getting hurt in an accident so, a driver cover in car insurance plans ensures that there the family or the owner-driver themselves do not have to endure any financial falls.

Does A Driver Cover in Car Insurance Adds to Insurance Cost?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. There are insurance companies that offer personal accident cover as a base benefit in their comprehensive car insurance plans while others don’t. So, if your company has it as an add-on service and not a base service, it will add to the cost of the insurance plan. However, the added cost will not be a lot.

If you only have a third-party liability plan for your car, the personal accident cover will come as an add-on only. Personal accident cover or driver cover in car insurance third-party plans are available only as add-ons.

Driver Cover in Car Insurance for Additional or Paid Drivers

Most personal accident covers cover the owner-driver of the vehicle only. If there are additional drivers for the car in a family or if there is a paid driver for the vehicle, the owner has to purchase another small add-on cover for them to be insured in the policy. Add-on driver covers generally cost negligible in terms of premium amount but offer good benefits. Here, it does not matter if you have a third-party liability or comprehensive plans, there will be an additional cost for additional driver cover.

An add-on driver cover for additional drivers will offer the same benefits as that of the personal accident cover of the insurance policy. The driver will be compensated for medical expenses, permanent injuries, and the death of the driver.

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The importance of a driver cover in car insurance plans is of high stature. Just like the owner would owe it to the passenger to have a passenger, they also owe it to the drivers to have a drive cover in their insurance plan, whether it is you, your family or a paid employee. Accidents on road may be inevitable in some ways so one should always have a backup to fall on. It is both a practically and morally sound decision to do so.

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