How Do Car Modifications Affect Car Insurance Price in UAE?

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Any car enthusiast out there would agree that having their precious car modified with the trendiest specifications is their dream. And a lot of people go through with these modifications as well. However, modifying the original features of your car can cause some trouble with your car insurance company since modifications are not always welcomed with open arms. Modified car insurance price, even with the same car plan can be different than the price set for the cars without modifications. But modifications do not always necessarily increase the price of car insurance policy. Let us find out how it works.

What is Considered as Car Modification?

Car modifications can be of several types and depending on the type of modification you get done, the changes in modified car insurance price are decided. Following are the basic kinds of modifications that are generally done on cars:

  • Aesthetic Appeal Modifications: This type simply includes anything that changes the appearance of the car including changing the company-fitted original alloys, new paint, getting windows tinted and getting a sunroof installed.
  • Performance -Enhancing Car Modifications: Performance-based modification in your car can include changes in the engine of the car, suspension alterations, changes in brakes, increase in horsepower of the vehicle, etc. Anything that betters the on-road performance of the vehicle can be categorised under this category.
  • Practical and Safety Car Modifications: Adding equipment like an anti-theft device or a luggage rack on the roof are known as practical modifications of cars.

How Will the Insurance Price Be Affected by Modifications of My Car?

Modified car insurance price is generally hiked due to the results of those modifications. For example, a car that has been modified to look more aesthetically pleasing is at a bigger risk of getting stolen. This increases the risk that the insurance company has to take on and hence the modified car insurance price is increased.

The same is the case with performance-enhancing modifications. While changing brakes for better security is something that can be counted as a good preventive measure, the modifications that increase the power and speed of the car can be seen as risky. They put the driver at an increased risk of getting in an accident or fatal collision.

On the other hand, some practical modifications can help you in decreasing the modified car insurance price considerably. For example, an anti-theft device will decrease the chance of the car getting stolen or at least increase the chance of the thief getting caught. Adding accessories like this to the car will lower the premium amount for you.

insurer your car

Should I Tell My Insurance Company About the Modifications?

Yes, always inform your insurance company about all the modifications that you are getting done on your vehicle. The first reason for this is that only the insurance provider can tell you exactly which modification will earn you a discount and which one will hike the price a little bit.

Moreover, if you do not tell your insurance provider about the modifications in time and have to claim damages covered in the plan, your claim will get rejected and the plan will stand void. So, it is best to always declare the modifications you are getting done in your car to your insurance company.

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Legally, every car owner who has gotten any kind of modifications done on their cars need to have a “certificate of modifications” from Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology. This certificate shows that your modified car has passed the road safety inspection and can be driven now.

Most modified car insurance offered by insurance companies are only valid for cars that have been modified from the showroom or a licensed dealer. Try not to get your car modified by a third-party mechanic because that may mean that you will not be able to get insurance.


The modified car insurance price largely depends on the type of modification that you have done on the car, it is clear now. The modifications that will increase the price for sure include wheel, interior aesthetics, performance increasing and outer painting jobs. However, always have a word with the insurer to find out what exactly be the modified car insurance price for your car. With a little care and attention, you can easily have all that you need.

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