How Long It Takes to Get the Car Repaired after Filing an Insurance Claim in Dubai

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Filing a car insurance claim is easy, but when you are new to something, you don’t know what exactly is to be done. It is likely to feel confused over simple things like filling a claim for or be left wondering about when will you get your car back. However, there are a few guiding principles that’ll give you a fair idea about the cost and time a vehicle repair can take.  

The time that an agency needs to repair the car depends upon the duration of the claim settlement. Whether you file a cashless or a non-cashless car insurance claim, all the garages need to get claim approval before they start repairing your vehicle.

Let’s find out how repairs are done in a car garage.

Steps for Getting a Car Repaired in a Garage

As soon as you report the car insurance claim, the insurance company shares the details of the car garage or agency where you can get your car repaired.

Here are the steps that the car garages follow after you drop your car for repair.

1. Validate the Documents

The garage first gathers and validates all your insurance documents before they start repairing your car. Here is the list of documents you need to provide for your car garage.

  • Original Police Accident Report
  • Emirates ID of the driver
  • A copy of Your Vehicle Registration Card
  • A copy of a Driving License of the driver involved in the accident
  • Claim Intimation Slip

After providing these documents, you can leave your car for repair in the workshop.

2. Prepare a Repair Estimation Report

The workshop team checks the car damages and prepares an estimation report. It usually takes the garage one to four days to prepare this report. If the costs of the car damages fall within the agreed minimum cost, they will start the repair process immediately. However, if the cost for the damages stands over the specified minimum cost, the garage sends the report to your insurance company for approval.

3. Perform a Survey on the Vehicle

Once the insurance company receives the Repair Estimate Report with an excess of the agreed minimum cost, they get in touch with the concerned garage and survey the vehicle. After checking all the damages, the car insurance company provides the Repair Authorization. It takes one day in case of minor car damages and two days for significant car damages. If the estimated repair cost goes above 50 percent of the vehicle's estimated cost, the car insurance claim is considered a total loss.

If you are not at fault, the garage needs to get authorization from the third-party insurer. The process may take up to 5 business days.

4. Repair the Vehicle

Once the garage gets authorization from the insurer, it will start repairing your vehicle. The duration of repair depends upon the availability of spare parts and the severity of the damage. If the garage has all the required spare parts, the repair should take a maximum of two weeks. On the other hand, if the garage needs to get the repair parts, it may take six to eight weeks for the repair to be completed.

5. Provide Test Drive

The garage will inform you once your vehicle is ready. You can then pick it up and go for a test drive. Then take the car home if it works fine.

The Bottom Line

After reporting the car insurance claim, you get your car back within two weeks. However, sometimes, the claim settlement takes longer than expected. You can always have a backup plan like getting a rental car or borrow a vehicle from your loved ones. In addition, you can always contact your insurance company to check the duration of the repair.

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