How Much Can You Spend to Get a License Plate in Dubai?

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Luxury cars are not the only luxe thing people are passionate about. License plates are something of significant importance to car enthusiasts. Many people spend millions, even billions, to get the license plate they want to get to complement their fantastic car. Getting new plates, replacing the old, damaged or lost ones, there are a lot of instances where one may need to get in touch with the concerned authorities. From organised auctions to simple allocations on the part of the RTA, there are many ways in which one can get Dubai car number plates. Let’s cover every small and big thing you must know about having and getting a Dubai car number plate

Types of Number Plates in Dubai

The main segregation system used to distinguish the types of number plates in Dubai is based on colors and lettering. All private cars and vehicles are to get white number plates with black lettering on them. The size of the plates can be large or small as per the requirements of the owner of the vehicle. Green number plate in Dubai is set aside for commercial and municipality vehicles. It bears lettering in white color. Police cars are assigned blue number plates in Dubai. Once again, the numbering is done in white. Other important colors you may want to look out for are maroon for classic and diplomat cars and yellow for taxis. Special vehicles like government cars come with special holograms for individuality. You can get 1 to 5-digit number plates in Dubai. Naturally, the fewer the digits, the more unique and premium the license plate becomes. 

How to Register a New Car and Plate?

Registering for a new car and a new number plate is probably the only thing related to your Dubai license plate that you won’t have to do yourself unless you want a luxury plate. All new cars in Dubai are required to be registered with the emirate transport authority– RTA once they roll out of the showroom. This procedure of registration is generally completed by the car dealerships themselves. Still, check that your car has been properly registered and that no legal formalities are remaining from your end. 

How to Register a Used Dubai Car Number Plate?

When you buy a second-hand car in Dubai, it has to be registered with the RTA or the concerned authority of the emirate you are a resident of. Both you, the buyer, and the seller have to be present at the RTA for the registration. Given below are the things you need when re-registering your second-hand car in Dubai:

  • Your passport – both the original one and a copy
  • Your driving license 
  • Insurance documents of the car, whether the transferred one or a new one. 
  • No objection letter from the bank if you are buying a financed car and the loan repayment is still not done.
  • The old registration documents and card of the car
  • The original license plate of the car

The process to have your license plate registered for second-hand cars:

  • Once you have all these documents along with the documents of the seller, submit them at the RTA or other authorized centers along with the duly filled registration form.
  • Pay the re-registration fee.
  • Pay any outstanding fines as well. The seller has to pay them if the fines have not been transferred to you with the car. 
  • Submit the old license plate as well. The old license plate will be kept there, and you will get a new one right away for your car that has been registered in your name. 
  • Get the new number plate fitted and forward your registration documents to the insurance company to finalize your car insurance plan as well. 

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Replacing a Damaged Dubai Car Number Plate

Dubai license plates can be replaced if you happen to damage or lose your old one. The reissue fee for short license plates is AED 25, while the fee for longer plates is AED 35. If you are opting to get a sticker on the plate, an additional fee of AED 10 will be charged. Following are the documents you will need for reissuing the Dubai car number plate:

  • The damaged number plate of the car, if you have it
  • Registration card of your car
  • If you have lost your number plate, submit the police report for the lost plate as well. 
  • An approved formal letter from the company along with their trade license in case the plate is owned by a corporate entity. 

How to Change Your Dubai Car Number Plates?

If you want to change your Dubai car number plate at any point in time, all you need to do is visit the RTA office and apply for a change. Since RTA has launched a new plate design, you can easily change your old plate with a new design. Once again, you will need to submit a set of documents along with the application form. Given below are the requirements:

  • Your car registration documents 
  • Trade license of the company in case a corporation owns the vehicle
  • Approved letter for the change 
  • Number of your previous license plate and the Dubai car number plate  

The owner of the vehicle has to be present at the vehicle licensing department to change the number plate. In case the car is owned by a company, a legal representative of the company has to be there on its behalf. The fee to change your license plate is AED 120. The price may differ slightly as per the size of the Dubai car number plate you choose and the rear plate stickers. You can also add the new Dubai logo on the plate for AED 400. You can also visit the RTA website to apply for a change of Dubai car number plate. Just choose the RTA centre you will visit to submit the old plate and pick up the new one. 

Luxury Dubai License Plates and How to Get Them

There are two ways you can score a luxury or a distinguished Dubai car number plate. This applies to both individuals and corporates looking to buy luxury and distinguished Dubai car number plates. Given below is the complete explanation of the same:

Participate in Auctions

The most common way to get a distinguished luxury Dubai car number plate is by participating in an auction and placing the winning bet. Either be in the auction hall yourself or send a representative on your behalf. You can also choose to apply for the auction online through the RTA website. There is a fee applicable for the application, which can differ as per the type of auction. Electronic auctions cost AED 5000 with an additional AED 110 as a registration fee. The auction hall participation fee is AED 2000 and AED 110 as a registration fee. Number dealers authorised by the government can enter package auctions. The fee for the package auction is AED 110. 

You will need a manager’s cheque to get your Dubai car number plate if you win the auction. Within 10 days of winning the number, get in touch with the concerned authorities of the auction you took part in. Pay the auction amount using a manager’s cheque. An additional fee of AED 110 will apply for each number you buy. If the total payable amount is less than AED 50,000, you can make the payment in cash as well. Make sure that you complete the buying procedure within the suggested deadline. If you fail to do so, your Dubai car number plate will be confiscated, you will be banned from any future auctions and all number plate related services will also be denied. You may only transfer the ownership of the vehicle. 

Get it from the Authorities

RTA also has the authority to sell and allocate distinguished Dubai car number plates in the UAE. You will need your basic documents that are required to get a number plate from the RTA and other licensing authorities. One very important requirement to buy a distinguished Dubai car number plate is to have a driving traffic file of Dubai. Your resident visa could be of another emirate, but the traffic file for Dubai is necessary. In case you do not have a traffic file for Dubai, you can buy a distinguished license plate by meeting one of the following criteria:

  • Have a home or tenant deed in Dubai.
  • Have an investment venture in Dubai.
  • You are an employee of a company with one or more branches in Dubai.
  • Already own a distinguishing license plate number dated prior to 2007.

The certificate of license plate issuance fee is AED 500, the knowledge Dirham fee is AED 100 and the knowledge fee is AED 10. To get a license plate allocated, you will need your Emirates ID, or passport and resident visa if you are a UAE resident and not a citizen. The fee to get the allocated plate remains the same as do the other requirements. The most expensive license plate you can get in Dubai can cost up to AED 2,000,000. 

Re-Reservation of Your Premium Dubai Car Number Plate

Premium number plates in Dubai need to be reserved after the previous reservation period has expired. You can re-reserve your Dubai car number plate for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year as per the requirements. Individuals, whether residents or citizens, as well as companies owning reserved plate numbers, can renew their reservations by paying the fee. The reservation fee for 3 months is AED 20, AED 40 for 6 months and AED 90 for 1 year. An additional fee of AED 20 may apply as a knowledge and innovation fee when you re-reserve the plate for 1 year. Simply visit the RTA website or download the RTA mobile app to complete the reservation procedure. The results are provided almost instantly. 

How to Check Dubai Number Plate Details in the UAE?

Getting a certain number plate is not as easy as it may seem. Distinguished number plates are often already reserved and you may have to wait for the right time to grab yours. If you want to check Dubai number plate owners or inquire about special numbers, simply visit the RTA website and go to the driver and car owner’s corner. You can search by the types of number plates in Dubai – private, classic, motorbikes or entertainment motorbikes, or you can search by using the number itself. 

Final Verdict 

Whether it is about re-reserving your premium number plate in Dubai or choosing a new one for your beautiful new car, we have got you covered. Just make sure that you have all the required documents and know the fee structure for the relevant activity you have in mind. Figure out the kind of number plate you require as per the type of car in Dubai and stay aware of the types of number plates in Dubai.

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