How to Renew Your Car Registration in Dubai When You Have Outstanding Traffic Fines

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*Disclamer - This traffic fine discount initiative is not valid now.*

Well, nobody likes to pay traffic fines. More than that, it affects your driving record negatively. But unfortunately, even a perfect driver can break the rules unintentionally thus landing into the trouble.

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So, if you also fall into the same category and you have to renew your car registration but you have outstanding RTA fines to pay then we have good news for you.

Under a new traffic fine discount initiative introduced by Dubai Police on 6th February 2019, drivers can now renew their car registration without even paying their outstanding traffic fines. According to this scheme, drivers can enjoy great discounts on their total traffic fines if they don’t commit another traffic violation in a specific period of time.

Earlier, car owners have had to pay all their due traffic fines before their car registration renewal every year. But now, Dubai Police has made a clear decision after drivers have raised concerns that the car renewal policy makes the “Exemplary Driver” discount unworkable.

The vehicle’s registration will be renewed irrespective of the accumulated traffic fine amount or the number of traffic violations committed or any confiscation periods levied upon the vehicle, Said Dubai Police Chief, major general Abdullah Khalifa AI Marri.

The motorist can simply go to the registration center & they can decide whether or not to pay fines immediately. Well, they also have the option of choosing the fine’s amount they want to pay. However, if the driver doesn’t commit a traffic violation, then he/she doesn’t have to pay anything till February 2020.

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How Does This Traffic Fines Initiative Work in Dubai?

Here’s How This Scheme Works…

  • Drivers who don’t commit any traffic violations for 3 months starting from 6th February 2019 can avail of a discount of 25% of their current RTA traffic fines.
  • Drivers who don’t commit any traffic violations for 6 months starting from 6th February 2019 can avail of a discount of 50% of their current RTA traffic fines.
  • Drivers who don’t commit any traffic violations for 9 months starting from 6th February 2019 can avail of a discount of 75% of their current RTA traffic fines.
  • Drivers who don’t commit any traffic violations for 12 months starting from 6th February 2019 can avail of a discount of 100% of their current RTA traffic fines.

The 25, 50, 75, and 100 percent off can be availed by those motorists who don’t commit any traffic offences for 3, 6, 9, and 12 months starting from 6th February 2019. Meaning that if you maintain a clear traffic record for three months starting from 6th February 2019 and you commit any kind of traffic violation after this time period without claiming the 25 percent discount then you won’t be eligible for this discount. Therefore, you can’t simply avail of a discount once you commit any traffic violation.

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Please note that drivers from other emirates or those drivers who have other RTA & Salik Fines need to pay off them while renewing their car registration. Also remember that the scheme is only valid for those people who have their vehicles & doesn’t apply to vehicles of rental offices, private companies, and private transport companies.

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What is the Main Aim of this Scheme?

This initiative has clear goals of assisting members of the community, reducing financial burdens, and motivating motorists to remain safe while driving a vehicle on the road. Ultimately, this will help in reducing road accidents and deaths.

The Final Verdict

As said earlier, this initiative has taken to encourage drivers in Dubai to safe behind the wheel and commit less traffic offenses. So, follow all the traffic rules and regulations so that you can maintain a clear driving record. Also, don’t forget to get yourself the best car insurance dubai. There are multiple auto insurance companies that offer auto insurance quotes. All you need to compare car insurance in Dubai on the basis of their premium, coverage, and other features to find out the best one. Not only it is mandatory to purchase an auto insurance policy in the UAE as per the RTA law but also it provides the wider coverage against loss or damage in an event of an accident.

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