How to Check and Pay Traffic Fines in Dubai?

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The Emirates of Dubai is a rather peaceful and safe place to build a life given the stringent rules and regulations imposed by the Dubai government. One may think the strict and complex laws of Dubai would lead to even more complex governmental procedures. However, that is not the case. Whether the task is about registering your vehicle, getting export approval, or checking and paying your fines, all government procedures in Dubai are seamless. Getting fined is something that everyone avoids, whether an ex-pat or Dubai citizen. But, as a responsible driver in Dubai, you should have complete information about traffic fines, violations, how to check traffic fines in Dubai as well as how to pay for them.  This piece will cover everything related to traffic fines in Dubai.


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How to Check Dubai Traffic Fines?

Search engines and social media platforms are flooded with questions related to Dubai traffic fines online check procedures. This section covers all the methods to check Dubai traffic fine online. The list includes all government websites and platforms to perform this task:

Check Dubai Traffic Fines via RTA Website

RTA or the Roads and Transportation Authority is the chief governing body that handles everything related to transportation and roads in Dubai and other emirates. RTA is also your first point of contact to get information related to any vehicle in Dubai. This includes insurance, vehicle registration, license and traffic violation information. Given below is the list of steps you can follow for Dubai traffic fine online check via the RTA website:

  • Visit the RTA website and go to the ‘services’ drop-down menu given at the top of the home page.
  • Select the ‘drivers and car owner services’ portal. 
  • Search for the ‘pay vehicle fine’ service option from the available list of services. You can find this service under the Vehicle Licensing services section.
  • Click on ‘ways to apply’ next and choose the platform you like the best. You will find options like the RTA website, Dubai Drive app and RTA Dubai app. Choosing as per your liking. 
  • For checking fines on the RTA website, click on the hyperlink and head to the fine portal. 
  • Check your fines using the plate number, driving license, fine number or traffic file number. 
  • Enter the required details in the assigned sections and click on the ‘search’ button to proceed.
  • You will receive a list of all unpaid and paid fines on the next page. 

RTA/Driving License

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Sharjah Transfer Car Registration
Driving License UAE Driving License in Dubai

Dubai Traffic Fines Check Online via Dubai Police Website

The official website of Dubai Police is yet another easy to navigate platform to check your traffic fines. Dubai Police and the RTA work together to handle matters related to roads and transportation in the emirate of Dubai. Vehicle owners can use the online platforms of both these authorities to check the details of their vehicles. Given below are the steps for Dubai traffic fines online check via the Dubai Police website:

  • Go to the Dubai Police official website and choose the ‘Fines Inquiry and Payment’ option from the menu given on the top of the home page. 
  • You will land on a new page which lists everything about traffic fines and the available information with Dubai Police related to it. 
  • To check your fines, scroll to the top of the page and click on ‘Access Service’. 
  • You will be redirected to another page. Use your plate number details, Traffic Code number, license details or ticket details to check your traffic fines. 
  • No special document is required to check the traffic fines. Once you have provided details for any of the above-mentioned options, your traffic violations and fines will be displayed. 
  • Checking your traffic fines on the Dubai Police website is free. However, a small fee of AED 5 is levied if you choose to print a physical copy of this report. 

Use MOI Website and App to Check Traffic Fines in Dubai

The Ministry of Interior of the UAE is one of the most important federal agencies in the emirates. It brings all police and law enforcement related units and their services on a universal platform for ease of accessibility for the residents and citizens. The e-services available with MOI include services related to traffic and licensing, civil defence, crime security, punitive and reformatory services, and services related to policing general headquarters. Check and even pay for your traffic fines in the traffic and licensing section of MOI e-services. 

  • Visit the Ministry of Interior website and head to the e-services portal. Locate the ‘Payment of Traffic Fines’ service option here and click on it. 
  • You will land on a new page here which displays everything from service description to execution, requirements and fee details.
  • You need to log into the MOI portal for checking and paying fines. You can use your MOI username or email address to log in.
  • Once you are logged in, choose the traffic fine service from the available lists and provide the requisite details. 
  • A list of all your traffic fines will be available on the next page. You can view all your traffic fines as well as pay for them using the same portal. 

Ways to Check Dubai Traffic Fines Offline

If digital platforms are not your go-to way to do things, you can also check your traffic fines using offline platforms. Given below are the methods to check Dubai traffic fines offline with ease:

Visit The Nearest Dubai Police Station to Check or Settle Traffic Fines UAE

A straightforward way of checking your traffic fines offline is by visiting a nearby Dubai Police station. Simply head to the station and provide your traffic file number, driving license, vehicle plate details, or the fine number to get information. You need to carry your driving license when you visit the police station to enquire about the traffic fines. You can also pay for the fines at the station itself. 

Visit MOI Offices to Check Traffic Fines in Dubai

Vehicles and Drivers Licensing service centres run by MOI are yet another source of collecting information about your traffic fines offline. Simply visit the service centres and provide the traffic file number, driving license, vehicle plate details, or the traffic fine number to get the required information. You can also pay your fines here through the designated counter. Other queries related to traffic rules, violations, fines, etc. can also be solved at the service centers. 

RTA Offices - Check Traffic Fines in Dubai

You can also visit any of the RTA offices in Dubai and follow the same process mentioned above to check traffic fines offline. RTA offices can give you pretty much any information about your vehicle as long as you have your driver’s license, registration documents and license plate number of your vehicle. Simply head to the designated counter and raise a query to get information about traffic fines on your vehicle. 

How to Check Traffic Fines in Dubai via Kiosks?

You can also use kiosks or self-service machines installed at multiple places in Dubai to check and pay traffic fines. Self-service Kiosks are available at ADNOC service stations as well as integrated service stations in Dubai. Residents and citizens can use these machines to not only check traffic fines but to pay them, renew their registration and renew their driving licenses. Insert your Emirates ID in the designated slot in the self-service kiosk to start the process. Once you do so, the screen displays all vehicles registered under your name. Choose the vehicle you need to enquire about. Now pick the ‘Fine Inquiry’ service from the e-services available on the screen to view the applicable fines on your car. 

How to Pay for Traffic Fines in Dubai?

  • RTA Website – Log in, choose the service, enter the requisite details and proceed to pay the fines. 
  • MOI Website – Log in using your username and password for MOI. Select traffic and licensing services from e-service. Move further to the ‘pay traffic fines’ service and complete the payment. 
  • Self-Service Machines – Insert your Emirates ID in the self-service kiosk and select your vehicle on the display screen. Select the service related to paying traffic fines and move ahead with the procedure. 
  • Dubai Police Website – Open the ‘Fine Inquiry and Payment’ service portal on the Dubai Police website. Start the application process and pay your traffic fines swiftly. 

Generic Documents Required to Pay Traffic Fines in Dubai

Can I Pay for Black Points Traffic Fines Online?

No, you cannot pay your vehicle seizure and black point traffic fines. Traffic fines related to black points and/or vehicle pounding are required to be paid at Dubai Police stations or RTA offices in Dubai. This is because non-payable traffic fines with black points require your driving license details. Black points are registered on your driving license which is why you need to present it as a mandatory document at one of the authorized traffic fine offices in Dubai. The same applies to fines related to vehicle pounding. Given that Dubai is as stringent as it is about traffic and other emirate laws, one must be wary of the ideal way to pay for all different kinds of traffic fines. 

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Q1: Can I use any mobile applications to conduct Dubai traffic fines online check?

Ans: Yes, you can use the official application of Dubai Police, MOI mobile app, RTA Dubai app, and Dubainow app to check as well as pay your traffic fines in Dubai.

Q2. How to check traffic fines in Dubai offline?

Ans: Visit Dubai Police stations, RTA offices, self-service kiosks, or MOI service centres in Dubai to check your fines offline.

Q3: What is the fee for getting a hard copy of the traffic fine reports from the Dubai Police website?

Ans: The fee to get a hard copy of your traffic fine report is AED 5.

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