Pay & Check RTA Traffic Fines in Dubai - Complete Guide

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The Emirates of Dubai is a rather peaceful and safe place to build a life given the stringent rules and regulations imposed by the Dubai government. One may think the strict and complex laws of Dubai would lead to even more complex governmental procedures. However, that is not the case. Whether the task is about registering your vehicle, getting export approval, or checking and paying your fines, all government procedures in Dubai are seamless. Getting fined is something that everyone avoids, whether an ex-pat or Dubai citizen. But, as a responsible driver in Dubai, you should have complete information about traffic fines, violations, how to check traffic fines in Dubai as well as how to pay for them. 


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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

To ensure that you don't end up facing challenges while driving, it is important to keep a check on your RTA traffic fines. This, in fact, is also helpful in figuring out your driving pattern and becoming a responsible driver over time. 

In this piece, let's find out how you can check your RTA fines in Dubai. 

Where Can You Check Your RTA Fines in Dubai?

You can effortlessly check your Dubai RTA fines in the following ways —

  • Official websites (online)
  • Mobile applications
  • Payment machines/kiosks
  • Traffic departments

Important: Once you check your fines, make sure to pay them on time.  

Method1- Dubai Traffic Fines Check via RTA Website

RTA's official website is one of the primary platforms to keep track of your traffic-associated fines and other information. 

Here's how to check RTA traffic fines —

  • Visit the official RTA website —
  • Head to the ‘Check Your Fines’ tab on the homepage. 
  • Enter your traffic file number and other information in the specified fields. 
  • You will be taken to the section where you can review your displayed fines with details like the date, type of violation, and the amount. 

Method2- RTA Fines Check in Dubai via Dubai Police Website

Dubai Police's website uses a simple interface so that checking RTA traffic fines becomes a breeze. 

Here are the steps to check your fine via the Dubai Police website —

  • Visit the official Dubai Police website –
  • Go to the ‘Services’ tab and click ‘Traffic Services’ or the ‘Fines Inquiry and Payment’ section on the homepage. 
  • Here, go through the tabs like required documents, payment method, service charges, and service channels. 
  • Provide the specified vehicle details such as the driver's licence number, traffic file and fine number, and vehicle plate number. 

Once done, you will find the listed fines, violation details, and the related penalties.  

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Method3- Check RTA Traffic Fines in Dubai on Emirates Vehicle Gate

Another easy way to check your Dubai traffic fines is through the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG). Check out the steps to check your RTA fines this way —

  • Go to, the Emirates Vehicle Gate website.
  • Sign into your account or register (if not done yet). 
  • Click on the Pay Traffic Fine option from the menu to check the fine and pay it off. 
  • Review the outstanding fines by providing vehicle details like registration number and traffic code. 

avoid your fine

Method4- Dubai RTA Traffic Fines Check on Ministry of Interior Website(MOI)

Use the platform of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to know your RTA traffic fines in Dubai in the following manner —

  • Visit the official MoI website —
  • Click the Payment of Traffic Fines’ option on the homepage. 
  • Click on the View more option to start the service or register your vehicle (if a first-time visitor). 
  • If you are a frequent user and have logged in, select your Emirate as Dubai and provide the vehicle details. 
  • Find out all the fines on your vehicle as well as details like the type of violations and the amount. 

Method5- Dubai Traffic Fines Check via Payment Machines

You can also check your traffic fines in Dubai via self-service kiosks. Here’s how —

  • Visit the nearest kiosk with your ID. 
  • Click on the ‘E-service’ tab before choosing Fine Enquiry.
  • Provide your vehicle details like driving licence number and number. Once you check the fine, make the payment. 

insurer your car

Where to Pay RTA Traffic Fines?

You can easily pay your Dubai traffic fines via —

  • Online Payment — RTA website, EVG, and Dubai Police website
  • Mobile Applications — DubaiNow, Dubai Police, and RTA Dubai
  • Smart Kiosks 
  • RTA Customer Happiness Centres

Generic Documents Required to Pay Traffic Fines in Dubai

Can I Pay for Black Points Traffic Fines Online?

No, you cannot pay your vehicle seizure and black point traffic fines. Traffic fines related to black points and/or vehicle pounding are required to be paid at Dubai Police stations or RTA offices in Dubai. This is because non-payable traffic fines with black points require your driving license details. Black points are registered on your driving license which is why you need to present it as a mandatory document at one of the authorized traffic fine offices in Dubai. The same applies to fines related to vehicle pounding. Given that Dubai is as stringent as it is about traffic and other emirate laws, one must be wary of the ideal way to pay for all different kinds of traffic fines. 

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Q1: Can I use any mobile applications to conduct Dubai traffic fines online check?

Ans: Yes, you can use the official application of Dubai Police, MOI mobile app, RTA Dubai app, and Dubainow app to check as well as pay your traffic fines in Dubai.

Q2. How to check traffic fines in Dubai offline?

Ans: Visit Dubai Police stations, RTA offices, self-service kiosks, or MOI service centres in Dubai to check your fines offline.

Q3: What is the fee for getting a hard copy of the traffic fine reports from the Dubai Police website?

Ans: The fee to get a hard copy of your traffic fine report is AED 5.

Q4: Is there any discount on traffic fines in Dubai?

Yes, most drivers can get a discount of up to 50% on RTA traffic fines.

Q5: Can you dispute your RTA traffic fines?

Yes, you can dispute your traffic fines at the nearest police station or traffic department.

Q6: How can you reduce your RTA traffic fine in Dubai?

If you pay your traffic fine within 60 days of receiving the violation ticket, your fine amount may get reduced by 35%.

Q7: What is the maximum RTA traffic fine amount in Dubai?

The maximum RTA traffic fine in Dubai is AED 50,000.

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