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Off-road driving on the majestic sand dunes is one of the most-enjoyed adventure activities in Dubai. However, this requires you to have your vehicle fully insured and equipped in case it breaks down in the middle of the desert - a regular car insurance plan without off-road cover wouldn’t cover the damages in this scenario. This is why you must have a car insurance policy with off-road insurance in Dubai if you regularly engage in off-roading. ...read more

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

While most insurance providers offer 4x4 car insurance as an inclusion, some of them also offer it as an add-on cover in the policy. This article offers insights into what is a 4x4 car insurance cover, its benefits, inclusions, and exclusions. 

What is Off-Road Driving?

Off-road driving is an adventure activity where you drive your vehicle on a track that is not a road. Thus, driving in mud, desert, dunes, gravels, river beds, and on rocks would be considered off-roading. Sand dune driving or dune bashing is one of the most common types of off-road driving in the UAE

What is a 4x4 Car Insurance Cover?

Off-road car insurance cover is an add-on cover that you can opt for in your comprehensive car insurance cover. An add-on cover provides additional coverage to your vehicle for adventure activities like dune bashing and off-road driving. This add-on offers coverage in case any injury or damage occurs during the adventure. 

Benefits of Off-Road Car Insurance Cover

Here are the key advantages of opting for off-road car insurance coverage in Dubai -

  • Covers Vehicle Damage - When you drive your vehicle off-road, the possibilities of vehicular damage increase. Besides vehicle damage, you also become prone to physical injuries. Off-road car insurance coverage provides optimum protection in such scenarios.
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance - When you opt for off-road car insurance coverage, you can get emergency roadside assistance for your car in case you get stuck in remote regions. 
  • Breakdown Coverage - Generally, car insurance plans offer coverage in case of engine breakdown while driving on the road. When you opt for off-road car insurance coverage, this coverage extends to off-road driving as well.
  • Protection in case of Physical Injury - Besides offering coverage for your vehicle in a remote region, off-road car insurance cover also covers you in case of physical injuries due to accident or natural calamity.

Does Your Insurance Cover Off-Road Accidents? How to Find?

Before we dive into off-road car insurance, it is crucial to verify whether your current insurance policy covers off-road accidents and to what extent. To figure this out, you can do this -

Go Through the Current Policy

Most insurance providers automatically offer 4x4 car insurance coverage in the policy in case your car has off-road features. However, you should check the same with the provider. You should also check for the extent of coverage, as some off-road insurance covers in Dubai come with restrictions like -

These factors must be taken into account before off-road driving so that your car is optimally covered against any damage. 

Know the Limitations

If you have a 4WD, make sure that you are aware of all the restrictions that apply to your car insurance plan. For instance, most car insurance policies provide roadside assistance only up to a certain distance from the main road. 

Inclusions for Off-Road Car Insurance

Listed below are the general inclusions in off-road car insurance cover -

  • Windshield glass cover without any excess
  • Coverage for accessories like headlamps, roof racks, and special tyres 
  • Natural calamity 
  • Personal possessions
  • Audio equipment damage
  • Night camping
  • Off-road driving accidents (including damage to the vehicle and personal injuries) 
  • Driving off-road for leisure

Exclusions for Off-Road Car Insurance

The common exclusions of off-road car insurance cover are as follows -

  • Mechanical failures like the malfunctioning of breaks and clutch
  • Normal abrasion
  • Making any modifications without pre-approval
  • Damages occurred due to the driver’s negligence
  • Driving cars that do not have off-road features
  • Damages incurred due to illegal acts
  • Driving off-road in competition 

What to Consider When Purchasing Off-Road Car Insurance Cover?

If you are planning to purchase off-road car insurance coverage, make sure you check the policy to figure out the coverage restrictions.

The restrictions are generally based on the following factors -

  • Car’s age
  • Type of car; high performance-driven 4x4 cars have different options for off-road coverage in comparison to basic 4x4 vehicles
  • Number on odometer
  • The driver’s age

You should also consider the extent of roadside assistance. This will help you learn how far you can be from the road to avail of roadside assistance service.

Wrapping Up

To make your off-road driving experience worthwhile, it is important that you secure the best car insurance with 4x4 coverage in the UAE. With this off-road car insurance coverage, you would be able to secure off-road roadside assistance, protection in case of natural calamity, and more for your 4x4 vehicle. However, when securing this cover, make sure to go through the policy papers thoroughly and identify the applicable restrictions. 

Let’s have a look at some frequently asked questions concerning off-road car insurance coverage.


Q1. What type of car is eligible for off-road car insurance in Dubai?

Ans. Off-road insurance in Dubai is mainly provided for 4x4 vehicles. Generally, your sedan wouldn’t be covered under this even if the policy claims to offer off-road car insurance coverage.

Q2. Can you modify your 4x4 car for off-road driving?

Ans. While you can modify your 4x4 car for off-road driving, you may need prior approval from your car insurance provider for the same. This is because off-road car insurance cover does not cover 4x4 vehicles that underwent modifications without approval.

Q3. Do you need to pay a higher insurance premium for a 4x4 car in the UAE?

Ans. 4x4 car insurance is generally more expensive than generic car insurance as cars under the former category have robust build and off-road functionality.

Q4. What is a 4-wheel drive vehicle?

Ans. A 4-wheel drive car is specially designed for robust off-roading. It is a mechanical car with manual controls that allow you to decide when and how to increase traction in difficult terrain. 

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