Does Car Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

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Natural calamities cause immense loss not only to life but also to properties, vehicles included. Although saving lives is the prime responsibility under such conditions, your car also needs to be protected. Disasters like storms can cause greater risk to cars, especially they’re parked outside. No matter what the intensity of the storm is, flying debris can bump into your car and damage it gravely. However, with car insurance, you can secure your vehicle from a range of perils including storms, fire, lightning, thunderbolt etc.


  • Comprehensive
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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

You need to choose the right car insurance for storm damages. Most companies in the UAE offer comprehensive car insurance securing your vehicle from accidental damages and allied perils. Read the following article to know under what conditions car insurance cover storm damages and ways of filling claims. 

What Counts as Storm Damage for the Insurance Provider?

Any incident caused by natural elements damaging your car can be counted as loss due to unavoidable reasons, and the insurer considers it as a peril. The insurance company secures your vehicle in case you have opted for a comprehensive car insurance plan. Since the third-party liability coverage is a basic security plan, you won’t get benefits from car insurance for storm damages. 

Various Types of Storm Damages Your Car Insurance Covers

After a storm, you need to self-survey if your car is damaged or not at the earliest. In case of damages, you can use images and video proofs. Your insurer requires proof of accidents when you file an insurance claim. 

Following are some of the storm damages covered under the car insurance plan.  

  • Engine Damage - Storms are often accompanied by rain and flood. Raising flood can let water into your vehicle’s engine causing severe damages, and it may require costly and complex repairs or even render your vehicle useless. However, with comprehensive car insurance, your car is protected from storm damages. In cases where you deliberately drive your vehicle through the flooded path, your insurance claim may be affected negatively. Once you have discovered the damages, contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. 
  • Electrical Damages - Thunderstorms can greatly affect the electrical system in your vehicle due to water and lightning. Additionally, if your vehicle is caught in a flood, it can easily destroy your vehicle electrical components permanently. Any fault in the electrical system can turn your vehicle inoperable. Similarly, damages to the car’s interior, console and upholstery can cause grave inconveniences. Most electrical failures due to storms and allied perils are covered under the comprehensive car insurance plan. After you have found an electrical failure, you need to contact your insurer immediately. However, electrical failure during operations is not covered under the comprehensive policy by most insurance companies in the UAE. 
  • Vehicle Content Damages - Along with operational parts, vehicle contents are also affected during the storms. Your personal belongings destroyed during the storms are also secured under the various comprehensive plans. However, you need to ensure whether your insurance provider offers vehicle content protection while purchasing the car insurance plan. 
  • Scratches, Dents, and Bodyworks - Events such as freak hailstorms can damage your car’s exteriors severely. It can destroy your vehicle’s windscreen, window panels, create dents on the body which can be costly depending on your car. However, with an extensive car insurance plan, you can secure your vehicle against dents and bodywork caused due to storms.
  • Fallen Trees on the Vehicle - Storms can uproot trees and if your vehicle is parked around them, it may face severe body damage. Insurance providers in the UAE cover the cost of repair due to fallen trees. However, if the insurer finds out your vehicle was parked under a dead or diseased tree, you may find difficulty in settling your insurance claim. 
  • Crash caused by Snowy Storm - Low visibility due to snowy storms can cause your vehicle to crash on the road. Additionally, the slippery surface increases the risks of crashes. The storm by itself is a big threat to vehicles on the road, but it creates an environment that augments the accident probability. With comprehensive car insurance, you can secure your vehicle from damages due to snowy storms and blizzards.
  • Parked Car Hit with Another Vehicle - During a storm, the most common accident that can take place is cars bumping into each other due to turbulence. It can happen to any vehicles running on the road or parked. In case your parked car is struck by a running car on the road, you can claim on other car insurance. But, if you don’t know who hit your vehicle, you need to file a police report and get it updated with your insurance company to receive the insurance benefits. 

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How does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover Storm Damages?

A comprehensive car insurance plan is specifically designed to cover most vulnerabilities that may damage your car. It not only includes damages due to road accidents but protection also against fire, explosions, allied perils, theft, vandalism, and third party malicious act. The comprehensive plan offers you the ease of purchasing a single policy for almost every threat that can potentially damage your vehicle. 

If your car is trapped in a storm and gets damaged, you can collect the proof and submit it to your insurance provider to receive the repair and replacement benefits. With a comprehensive car insurance plan, you can save on hefty amounts that may appear after a storm damages your car and you take it to the service centre.

For example: If your vehicle sustains severe damages such as a water-clogged engine after the storm, it may destroy your vehicle permanently. To get it cleaned, you need to visit the service centre which may charge you an amount of up to AED 20,000-30,000, depending on the severity of the damage. However, if you hold a comprehensive car insurance plan, your insurer will bear the repair cost through cashless claims at the service centre. 

How to Claim Car Insurance for Storm Damages?

Filling a claim for car insurance is almost the same for every accident. You can visit the official website of your insurer and file an online claim by submitting proof of the accident. Following are the step by step guides to file a car insurance claim for storm damages. 

  1. Report the Accident - After the storm, you need to verify the damages and report the accident to your insurance provider. In case of any bodily injuries, you must contact the police and other authorities. While reporting the accident to your insurer, you need to detail the type of accident, damages incurred and enquire about roadside assistance for severe damages.
  2. Collect Video and Picture Proofs - Next, you need to collect all the relevant proofs such as pictures of the accidents, damages to vehicles due to the storm. The pictures and video proofs assist the investigating team to approve your claim easily and quickly. Along with the pictures and video proofs, you may need to submit various policy-related documents such as policy numbers, police FIR copies. 
  3. Inspections and Survey - After submitting the documents and the proofs, your insurance provider will conduct a survey to ensure your claim application is not fraudulent. Once your survey concludes, the insurer proceeds with claim settlements.  
  4. Claim Settlement - After approval, your insurance provider pays the repair cost of your car due to storm damages. The insurer pays this amount directly to the service centre through cashless claims.

How to Drive Safely During Storms?

Although your car insurance policy covers the storm damages, driving in stormy conditions can be life-risking. Before hitting the road during bad weather, you need to make some checks and verification to safely traverse through. Here is what you should do to ensure safe driving during a storm. 

  • Avoid Hilly and High Roads - During bad weather is it always advisable to stay home. However, if it is really urgent, you should avoid driving through high-lands and hilly roads. Ascent, descent, sharp turns with low visibility during the storm can multiply the chances of getting involved in an accident. 
  • Take Wind Strength into Account - Always plan your trips based on the weather conditions. You can receive weather updates through various media. Keeping a track of wind speed, you can ensure your vehicle as well as your own safety. 
  • Consider your Speed - While on the road during bad weather, you must always drive your vehicle within a controlled speed limit. Overspeeding to avoid the storm can be meaningless and can create grave consequences. Always consider your speed and drive your vehicle at a safe speed. 
  • Carry Emergency Equipment - While driving during a storm, you must carry emergency equipment such as a portable mobile charger, torch, tool kit, jump cables, blankets etc. Being vigilant can make you secure and ensure the safety of your life, your car and your belongings. 

The Bottom Line

With the right car insurance, you can secure your vehicle from almost any kind of threat and damage. Comprehensive car insurance covers storm damages and secures your vehicle with almost all kinds of natural calamities unless you deliberately try to damage your vehicle. Additionally, the comprehensive coverage secures your vehicle from a range of threats including fire, explosion, theft, burglary, vandalism etc. With a comprehensive plan, you can also opt for additional riders to extend your coverage horizon.

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