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Fines and penalties are nobody’s best friend. Who would want to waste their money on fines? Yet, unfortunately, if you have made a traffic violation, you cannot avoid the payment of traffic fines because it may lead to accumulated debt. Selling your vehicle may also become a problem.

When it comes to traffic penalties, car insurance Dubai is another important part. You must already know by now that it is necessary to have auto insurance for driving on the streets of Dubai.

In case you do not have one, you will be pulled out by the traffic authorities, and then get ready to pay the fine. To avoid this, buying insurance is the best option. You can compare car insurance online before applying for a suitable one.

While there is nothing good about these penalties, we still have a piece of good news for you. If you are a good driver, you may be able to avoid the payment of your pending penalties.

Keeping in line with the “Year of Tolerance” theme this year in the UAE, the Police Department of Dubai has announced a traffic penalty bonanza for the motorists along with accumulated fines. The only mandatory condition for availing these discounts is an untainted driving record.

Up to 100 percent Discounts on Traffic Fines for Dubai Drivers

Beginning from February 6, 2019, the Dubai Authorities have been offering a discount of 25 percent on all existing traffic penalties to those drivers who continue to keep their driving records clean for 3 months.

This further extends to a 50 percent discount on accumulated fines for those who maintain a good traffic record for six months, 75 percent for nine months, and 100 percent for 12 months.

The intentions of Traffic and Police Departments behind offering these discounts are encouraging the drivers in the Emirate of Dubai to maintain road safety and drive more cautiously.

Although these discounts have given a sigh of relief to those drivers who the burden of accumulated fines on their heads, no discount comes without terms & conditions attached to it. Here are the basic T&Cs of these discounts.

  • The 25 percent traffic discount policy is valid for those who drivers who do not break any traffic laws for three months commencing from February 6, 2019.
  • The 50 percent traffic discount policy is valid for those who drivers who do not break any traffic laws for six months commencing from February 6, 2019.
  • The 75 percent traffic discount policy is valid for those who drivers who do not break any traffic laws for nine months commencing from February 6, 2019.
  • The 100 percent traffic discount policy is valid for those who drivers who do not break any traffic laws for 12 months commencing from February 6, 2019.
  • The above four points mean that only if you maintain an untainted record for three months starting from February 6, and commit make a traffic violation after this duration, that too, without claiming the 25 percent discount, you will not be able to enjoy the discount. Therefore, you cannot go back and claim any discount if you commit a traffic offense.
  • The penalties that will be discounted under this initiative include the ones that involve impounded vehicles and black points. Therefore, this is a simple way of clearing your black points and paying lower amount of fines for the retained vehicles.
  • This discount is valid for only those vehicles that are registered in Dubai because this initiative is exclusively offered by the Police Department of Dubai.
  • Salik violations and parking tickets are not a part of these discounts
  • If you do not stay in the Emirate of Dubai consecutively for 3 months after breaking a traffic law, then you will not be able to enjoy these discounts.
  • The Policy officials will carefully go through all your records for ensuring that you fulfill all the conditions while issuing the discount when you pay off your traffic fines or when you renew your registration.

Easy Payments for these Fines in Dubai in Installments

In conjunction with the domestic banks, the RTA offers options for making payments in installments. Even if you are not able to enjoy the discounts mentioned above, you can still enjoy the comfort of making payments for your traffic fines in installments.

 You can convert the debt you have in terms of traffic fine into easy monthly installments at no additional charge, depending upon your bank of course.

Most of the banks need a minimum of 500 dirhams as outstanding traffic penalties for converting them into an installment plan that lasts for a tenure of 12 months at zero percent rate of interest.

Another good part here is that the Dubai Police has also reduced the hassles of making the payments of these fines. Here is a list of the ways in which you can make the payments.

  • Online payments through bank
  • On the RTA website
  • Dubai Police App and their official website
  • Smart Dubai Government MPay App
  • Apple Watch
  • Calling on 901 Toll-free

To Sum Up!

Although you have the option of making payments in installments, isn’t it better to try and avail of the 100 percent discount on your existing fines. Accept the challenge of becoming a better driver and following all the traffic laws.

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