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Al Sagr Nation Insurance Company was founded on 25th December 1979. An Emiri Decree by His Highness, Dubai’s late Ruler, and the UAE’s Vice President- H.H Sheikh Rashid Bin Said Al Maktoum incorporated the company as a public shareholding company. The company is also registered in Ministry of Economy & Commerce of UAE with Registration No. 202191. To deal in all types of insurance businesses, the company has obtained the License No.16 according to 1984's Federal Insurance Law No (9).

All the nationals of the UAE who are eminent in the world of business are the shareholders of the company. Currently, Al Sagr Insurance Company is ranked among the top seven leading insurance companies of the UAE. It is due to the premium income earned by the insurance company.

Why Buy Al Sagr Insurance Plans?

The practical approach of this company and sense of realism has contributed greatly towards its steady growth. Al Sagr National Insurance Company has its branches across the UAE and has insurance interest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The diligent and dedicated staff of this company is one of the prime reasons behind its growth. Additionally, the company has a long list of satisfied customers.

Another prominent reason why this company is one of the most sought-after companies in the UAE is the B+ (Good) rating by A.M Best Europe - Rating Services Limited.

Al Sagr Insurance Products Portfolio

Here are the various insurance products offered by Al Sagr Insurance Company.

Here are the Details of Each Insurance Product:

1. Motor Insurance:

To get protection for the vehicle against various uncertainties like an accident, third-party losses or damages, etc. a motor insurance plan is a must-have. The covers offered under Al Sagr Car Insurance policy are:

  • Loss and damage of the vehicle
  • Third-party liability

2. Medical Insurance:

The medical insurance policy of Al Sagr National Insurance protects the insured against various medical emergencies. The company offers an extensive range of plans to cover the needs of all the insurance buyers. The health plans offered by this company are:

  • Individual and family plans
  • Group plans

The benefits that an insured gets with the medical insurance policy of Al Sagr National Insurance are:

  • Personalized attention to ensure the best
  • Very efficient value-added
  • A comprehensive policy that covers every small medical need of the insured.
  • Quick and easy claim settlement process.

3. Travel Insurance:

Al Sagr Insurance provides travel insurance policies in association with MAPFRE Asistencia, a leading insurance group of The travel insurance policies of Al Sagr Nation Insurance are the best as they provide coverage against various travel-related emergencies such as medical emergency, personal accident, delayed or missed flight, etc. The company also offers Schengen travel insurance plan to protect the travelers traveling on Schengen Visa.

4. Yacht Insurance/ Marine Hull Insurance:

This insurance policy caters to ship owners who have invested a large amount of money in vessels that operate on coastal water and ocean going Marine hull insurance offers coverage to these vessels against various unforeseen damages or losses such as human risks or perils of the sea.

5. Home Insurance/ Property Insurance:

This insurance policy provides insurance coverage to home/ property against in case of damages or losses caused due to any misfortune or accident.

Home insurance/Property insurance offer the following plans:

  • Property all risks insurance
  • Burglary insurance
  • Fire and allied perils
  • Householders insurance
  • Business interruption insurance

6. Engineering Insurance:

The insurance coverage offered under engineering insurance of Al Sagr Insurance Company are:

  • Coverage for commercial and residential buildings.
  • Coverage for the drainage system and water supply.
  • Coverage for industrial buildings, plants, and factories.
  • Coverage for airports, railway facilities, and roads.
  • Coverage for water houses.

Al Sagr engineering insurance offer the following plans:

  • Contractor plant and machinery insurance
  • Contractor’s all risks insurance
  • Erection all risks insurance
  • Deterioration of stock insurance
  • Electronics equipment insurance
  • Machinery breakdown insurance
  • Loss of profit due to machinery breakdown insurance

7. Liability Insurance:

The insurance policy covers liabilities of the insured in the case of covered situations. The plans offered under Al Sagr Insurance liability insurance are:

  • Workmen's compensation insurance
  • Product liability insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance

8. Marine Cargo Insurance:

There are various modes of transportation that are used for shipment import and export and one of which is through the sea. Despite the mode of transiting a cargo, there are a number of risks involved during the transit period. Marine The plan protects the insured cargo against any physical damages or losses in transit via land, sea, or air.

Al Sagr Marine cargo insurance offers the following plans:

  • Annual policy
  • Open policy
  • Individual/specific policy

9. Miscellaneous Insurance:

The insurance policies covered under miscellaneous insurance section of Al Sagr National Insurance are:

  • Personal Accident Insurance: Under this insurance policy, the insured gets coverage against any bodily injury and death due to an accident.
  • Plate Glass Insurance: This insurance policy provides coverage against accidental breakage of plate glass.
  • Neon Sign Insurance: This insurance policy provides coverage against losses or damages caused to the neon sign or any of its parts.
  • Money Insurance: This insurance policy provides protection against loss of money.
  • Credit Insurance: This insurance policy provides coverage to the insured in case the goods provided him are on credit and he fails to get rid of debt. Additionally, it provides coverage to the businesses against bankruptcy.
  • Fidelity Guarantee Insurance: When a huge amount of money is handled by employees, then there is a risk of embezzlement and misappropriation. This insurance policy provides coverage to the insured against dishonesty or frauds from its employees.

Note - If needed, the company is open to offering various tailor-made policies. If an individual fails to find an insurance policy of his/her choice, he/she can contact the insurance provider for customizing a policy according to his/her needs or requirements.

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