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The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

International health insurance, also referred to as international medical insurance is a type of insurance that covers your medical expenses in a foreign country. When you are travelling or moving to another country for a prolonged period, international health insurance ensures that you receive the best medical treatment without worrying about finances or your location.

Types of International Medical Insurance Plans

International Insurance companies in the UAE provide several types of plans that take care of your medical needs when you are away from home. Generally, there are four types of International Health Insurance Plans:

1. Individual International Health Insurance plan 

This plan is most suitable for people travelling abroad for business, jobs, or personal reasons. Covering for one person, this plan ensures that even when you are alone in a foreign country, you have an international insurance to support you in case of a medical emergency.

2. Family International Health Insurance Plan

If you are travelling to a foreign country with your family and intend to stay there for a few months or years, then family international medical insurance plans are your best bet. It covers the medical expenses of all the family members providing you maximum protection at a reasonable price. All you have to do is share complete information of your family members before finalizing premiums that are to be paid. The premiums may vary according to age and health condition of your family members.

3. Students International Health Insurance Plan

The highest number of travellers moving from one country to the other for a prolonged time is students for pursuing their higher education in a foreign country. This type of insurance plan provides cover for health care, routine check-ups, and emergencies for students.

4. Corporate Company International Health Insurance Plan

According to the laws in the UAE, it is mandatory for the employers to provide health insurance cover for their employee. If you are an employer planning to buy insurance for your immigrant employees, this insurance plan is extremely beneficial for you.

Best International Health Insurance Companies in Dubai

Many top companies provide international medical insurance in the UAE at a reasonable price and with maximum client satisfaction.


Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company partnered with MSH international to provide wider coverage of medical expenditure when you are away from home. ADNIC operates in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia offering 24/7 assistance across 60 countries and online information on health conditions and preventive care in over 150 countries.

2. Aetna

With emergency maternity care, dental care, and optical care, Aetna International offers a comprehensive outpatient treatment of up to 90 days and rehabilitation of up to 120 days to cater to your medical needs. It is one of the best international health insurance companies in the world. 

3. AXA

The global healthcare plan from AXA provides you with one of the best medical insurance options around the world. With attractive premiums, AXA also allows you to alter your insurance plans according to your need which means that you don't need to buy an annual plan. You can access short-term plan offered by the company.

4. Cigna

Based in Europe, Cigna has one of the widest health care networks across the world which allows you to choose a health care provider of your choice. Besides, Cigna also gives multi-lingual support 24/7 so communication, away from homeland never becomes a barrier for you.

5. Daman

Partnering with over 18000 international health care providers around the world, Daman brings you some of the best insurance plans covering your medical needs. Besides, the high settlement claim makes Daman a viable option for international insurance buyers.

6. Metlife

Metlife provides global mobility solutions which cover expenses of medical treatment all around the world. The company allows customers to either design their plans as per their need or select short-term plan or choose pre-designed plans. The vast range of plans lets you create a plan for yourself.

7. Noor Takaful

Established in 2009 in UAE, Noor Takaful has allied with several international health care providers to expand their medical insurance plans across the world. The top-class international partners of the company ensure that you get world-class service all around the globe.

8. Orient

Partnered with Allianz Care, Orient brings you the best plans for international medical insurance which covers your medical care needs all around the world. Along with its standard core plan, the company offers flexibility to include optical and dental plans providing maximum protection to you.

9. Takaful Emarat

The global policy offered by Takaful Emarat provides global coverage with elite health plans providing dental and optical benefits, home nursing, and complimentary physiotherapy. With premiums starting at just AED 5 per day, Takaful Emarat global policy is one of the best international insurance plans in the UAE.

How Do You pick the Best International Medical Insurance Company?

All the aforementioned providers are some of the best international insurance companies in the UAE which can make it difficult to choose a company and a plan. Here are some tips that can help you in picking out the most suitable insurance:

  • Check your needs
  • Compare the premiums
  • Check the claim settlement success rate
  • Consider the health care partners of the company
  • Regions covered

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