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If you have health insurance, it’s likely that you will have to file for a reimbursement claim at some point. While cashless claims are rather simple and straightforward requiring a very less paperwork, reimbursement claims can be a bit confusing and complicated for some of us. All the insurance providers have a slightly different process when it comes to reimbursement claims. Here, we will discuss the process to fill the Daman reimbursement form and the complete Daman claim submission process, step-by-step.

Download Daman Reimbursement Claim Form

The process of submitting the Daman reimbursement claim form comprises a few different steps. There are several things you will need before you can even start filling the form. Let us start the claim submission process for the Daman form by filling the claim form procedure and the things you will need for it.

Filling the Daman Reimbursement Form

  1. Gather the documents that you will need to fill the reimbursement form. This includes your medical bills and receipts for the services that you received. You will need them to record the information in the Daman reimbursement claim form pdf.
  2. Download the Daman reimbursement form pdf from a trusted source like PolicyBazaar.ae or Daman official website. Ensure that you download the right form as per the claim that you are making as there can be different forms for different reimbursement claim, for example, Daman dental claim form and general reimbursement form,
  3. Enter your basic details like Daman insurance card number, name, phone number, etc. Ensure that all personal information matches the information recorded on the insurance card issued by Daman.
  4. Move forward to add the payment details in the next section. All reimbursement claim amounts will be paid via bank transfers so enter the correct information for successfully receive the payment.
  5. Fill out the next section quickly with a simple yes or no tick style. This section concludes whether the treatment was taken for injuries caused in an accident, work-related issue or involvement of a third party.
  6. Brace yourself for the next section as it includes filling in the treatment details by your medical officer or doctor in charge of the treatment. The section should have the date of your consultation, the main condition, the diagnostic of the doctor and finally all the treatments, drugs and services you received for it.
  7. Have the total amount of these services that you are claiming to get reimbursed for entered in the next box along with the currency in which you made the payment.
  8. Your doctor must sign and stamp the form as a declaration of truthfulness from them.
  9. The final step is to enter your name and signature on the final dedicated spaces and the date.
  10. If the claim is being filed for a minor then the legal guardian shall sign on the final space.

Document Required for Daman Claim Submission

Given as follows is the set of documents that you will need to submit along with the claim for Daman reimbursement claim settlement:

  • Original receipts/bills/invoices for the services and treatment added in the form.
  • The original prescription page for the drugs and medicines added in the form.
  • A copy of the insurance cardholder’s Emirates ID
  • Lab test results and reports for procedures that cost more than AED 1000
  • Proof of payment for all the receipts and invoices:
    • “Paid” stamp for bills paid in cash.
    • Credit/debit card receipts for bills paid by cards.
  • Copy of the Visa page for insurance cardholders who are minors.
  • An authorization letter and a form of identity in case the form is being submitted by a third person for example in the case of minor cardholders.
  • In case of the involvement of a road accident, work-related situation or third-party in general, you will need to submit the following documents as well:
    • The original police report of the incident.
    • Court judgement documents
    • Subrogation letter (for work-related and road accidents only)
    • Relevant insurance policy (if there is another policy that covers reimbursement claim)
  • In case of daycare, hospitalization and other in-patient services, add the discharge documents and fee receipts.

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How to Submit Daman Reimbursement Form

There are two ways you can submit the Daman reimbursement claim form which is explained as follows:

  • Online Submission- Daman claim forms can now be submitted via online portals and channels such as the official website, insurance aggregators’ website and the mobile app. You will have to upload the scanned copies of all the required documents to the portal and then submit the claim request. Claim requests lower than AED 15,000 can be filed online.
  • Offline Submission- The traditional way to go about Daman claim submission, you can either courier the Daman reimbursement form and the documents to any of Daman Insurance branches. Daman CoGenio plan reimbursement claims are to be submitted to the claim receiving unit of National Health Insurance Company, located in Abu Dhabi. The complete address will be given at the bottom of the claim form itself. If your claim reimbursement amount is AED 15,000 or higher, it has to be submitted offline to one of the branches of the company.

Claim Settlement

Daman reimbursement claims are settled within 15 days after you have submitted all required documents successfully as per the standards of the company. If there is a discrepancy in the submitted documents or the form, Daman will inform you via an official email. You can simply add the documents you missed out on and resubmit the claim. Once everything is as per the requirements, you will receive the approval and the reimbursement settlement money within 15 days after the resubmission.

Important Points to Remember for Daman Claim Submission

  • All the receipts, bills and invoices should be either in English or Arabic. If they are in any other language, make sure you get them translated before submission from an official UAE translator.
  • Keep a copy of all the original receipts and bills that you submit with the Daman reimbursement form because the originals will not be returned if the claim request is approved.
  • Make sure all the information in the form is correct and the documents attached are complete. The smallest of oversight can cause claim rejection and resubmission which means dragging the settlement process even further.
  • Daman Insurance accepts claim forms that are filled in English, Arabic, Dutch, French, Russian, German, Urdu and Hindi. However, the claim processing time will be additional 5 days for Non-Arabic and Non-English forms.
  • Daman insurance reimbursement form needs to be submitted within 180 days after the service was received if you are covered under Premier or CoGenio Plans.
  • Submit the claim form within 30 days if the plan you have is Daman Basic (Abu Dhabi) Plan. The rest of the plans can have the claim request submitted within 120 days after services received.


Once you have a better understanding of the steps that you need to take, filing a Daman reimbursement claim is not something very difficult. Keep the documents handy, fill out the Daman insurance claim form cleanly with no mistakes, and line up everything nicely before you submit the final set. All you have to do is be a little extra care and you will be able to complete the Daman reimbursement claim submission process very easy.

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