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Filing a reimbursement claim after going through the ordeal of getting treated for an illness for several days can be rather daunting especially if you do not have any clarity about the process and steps. Sometimes, the reimbursement claim process can be long and complicated. Although, the AXA reimbursement process for health insurance claims is quite easy to follow and can be completed within a few minutes. All you need is the AXA medical claim form along with the required documents and you are all set to go.

Download AXA Reimbursement Claim Form

Following is the list of steps you need to follow to obtain, fill and submit the AXA medical claim:

The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

How to Fill an AXA Reimbursement Form?

  1. Download the AXA reimbursement form via a trusted source like or the company’s website and take a printout if you wish to submit your claim via off-line channels. Alternatively, you can also fill the claim submission form online by visiting the AXA medical claim portal.
  2. Start by adding the basic details like name, date of birth, policy number, date of treatment, etc. Make sure the required matches the details written on your insurance card issued by the company.
  3. Next comes the medical section – add the symptoms of the conditions, when they first appeared, diagnostic of the doctor, and other investigative details about the condition on the AXA medical claim form.
  4. Enter the treatment that was prescribed to you by the doctor. Include the name of the medicines that you took along with dosage, duration, etc. At this stage, you are also supposed to disclose any information about any medical procedures that you have had.
  5. Sign the declaration and have it signed and stamped by your doctor as well.
  6. Next, add the total amount that you are looking to have reimbursed in the next column.
  7. Add the bank details and the contact details of your medical officer/doctor and complete the AXA insurance claim form.


  • The medical section, treatment section, and further treatment plans section are to be filled as per the guidance of your doctor (by the doctor preferably) and are to be stamped and attested as well.
  • There is a separate form available for AXA dental reimbursement claims. Make sure you download the right form, basic or AXA dental claim form before you start filling. The process for all forms is the same.

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Document Required for Claim Submission

  • All original bills and receipts for the drugs, procedures, and diagnostic tests that you are filing the claim for.
  • Emirates ID as well as the Insurance card issued by AXA.
  • Hospitalization bills and other related discharge documents for out-of-network reimbursements.

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How to Submit an AXA Medical Claim Form

Depending on your channel of submission, you can submit the AXA medical reimbursement form in two ways. If you have filled the form via the online portal then you can simply submit an AXA claim online right away after completion and attaching a scanned copy of the document as required. If you have filled the form physically, you will have to submit it to the Dubai headquarters of AXA insurance. You can either submit it in person or courier the form to the headquarters as well. Ensure that you have attached all the supporting documents with the form as well.

The Waiting Period

After submission, the AXA claim form generally only takes 5 days to get settled. In the meantime, you will receive regular text messages and alerts about the proceedings of the claim process. The insurance company will also alert you if there is a discrepancy in the form or the submitted documents so, make sure you keep tabs on the updates from the company.

Things to keep in mind about AXA Reimbursement Process

There are few things that you need to keep in mind when filing the AXA reimbursement claim form which is given as follows:

  • The AXA claim form has to be filled in either English or Arabic only.
  • Make sure that the form does not have any clerical or other kinds of errors. Even the smallest of errors can result in rejection of the claim application and prolong the settlement process. Not to mention, it will add up the cost as well.
  • Ensure that you have submitted all the required documents and every receipt for the services you are claiming for along with the AXA health claim form. The company generally notifies you if something is missing from the documents but then again, this will reset the process to square and push the claim settlement further away.
  • You have to file the AXA reimbursement claim within 90 days of receiving the concerned service. The claims submitted after this deadline will not be processed or approved.
  • If you received the treatment/services in a different currency than the one agreed upon then mention it in the AXA insurance claim form.

Few more Important Things to Know

  • The medical bills and receipts, just like the AXA reimbursement form UAE, have to be in either English or Arabic. If they are in any other languages, please get them translated by an official translator beforehand.
  • The payment of the settlement amount is made in the original currency agreed upon while taking the insurance policy in the beginning. If you want the payment to be in any other currency, make sure you have a prior agreement with AXA for the same.
  • If you have submitted your claim request online, you will need to keep the original receipts and bills with you for the next 12 months at least. AXA health insurance claim department can ask for them at any time within this period for verification purposes.


Filling AXA dental and medical claim forms is not as much of a hassle it may be perceived to be if you have all the right tools in your hands. Also mind that you download all the important documents like AXA reimbursement forms and AXA dental claim form only from the AXA website or a trusted source like, etc. Just make sure that you have all the documents and information handy before to have your claim submitted and processed in no time at all.

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