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Zurich life insurance fulfils all the requirements one can hope for from a good life insurance plan. Zurich Life InsuranceA life insurance policy can do many great things for an individual. From paying off one’s outstanding debts to keeping a secured roof over their family members, funding one’s child’s further education to providing an income stream for a spouse to live on, and even keeping the family business within the family. In its true essence, it can get an individual ready for life and its many adventures.

Zurich life insurance helps in providing financial help to the beneficiaries of the policyholder who depends on him or her in case he or she is not around anymore. Just like one does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to insure their home or insure their prized possession (i.e. car). Similarly, there should be no hesitation when it is time to protect the ones who depend on them financially.

Types of Zurich Insurance

The following are the types of life insurance plans offered by Zurich insurance:

1. YourLife

This Zurich life insurance plan is an instant, affordable, and simple life coverage policy designed to protect the loved ones of the policyholder against any financial implications after the demise of the insured. It does not require one to undergo any medical tests or examinations and it covers them for the selected tenure online in 3 simple steps. It is open to all UAE residents and the cover starts at less than AED 2 per day.

This Zurich life policy comes in easy packages with different scopes of covers. The cover one may require depends on factors like the size of the family, their income, or any existing loans.

The amount of coverage that one needs to opt for can easily be calculated using the Zurich Life Insurance Needs Profiler tool.

2. International Term Assurance (ITA)

For someone who has not built enough wealth to protect his or her family members financially if something unfortunate were to happen to him or her, then opting for a Zurich term insurance policy can be the right choice. The following are the reasons why one should opt for this coverage offered by Zurich Insurance:

  1. If the policy seekers need a plan to protect themselves or their family members for a fixed period of time, they should consider buying the Zurich term insurance plan.
  2. If the policy seeker wants to opt for protection for a mortgage or a loan.
  3. If the policy seeker requires a simple yet effective policy to manage that at the same time does not have any cash value.

The right decision on the amount of coverage that one may require can be made using the Zurich Protection Calculator. This tool helps in getting an estimate of the right coverage amount that a policy seeker may require from their Zurich term insurance plan.

3. Zurich Futura

This is a life-time insurance coverage that provides a variety of covers: life, free terminal illness, as well as free aeroplane cover. Additionally, this plan offers a variety of extra cover benefits such as Zurich futura critical illness cover that includes terminal diseases like cancer, permanent and total disablement, fixed income, family income, accidental death, waiver of premium, and hospitalization.

The new customers of Zurich Futura can benefit from a medical 2nd opinion from the best doctors. The policy seeker has the benefit to choose between the Zurich term insurance cover and whole life insurance cover basis on their needs. The following are the reasons why one should opt for this coverage offered by Zurich life Insurance:

  1. Leaving a financial legacy
  2. Protecting loved ones financially in case of unforeseen occurrences
  3. Additional coverage benefits to fit one’s protection requirements
  4. The flexibility of changing the policy later
  5. Protection policy that builds cash value over the course of time

Zurich futura is a flexible whole life insurance plan that is a unit-linked protection policy. It facilitates any changes to the benefits depending on the policyholder’s current circumstances. This is not an investment policy but despite that the choice of funds certainly plays a significant role in maintaining the levels of benefits. Needless to say, that the primary function of the funds one selects is to make sure that the benefits are maintained until the time they need them. The Zurich Futura Insurance review gives confidence to the claim that its benefits protect not only the policyholder but also their family. This policy also protects businesses against any financial loss due to a critical illness, accident or even death. Some of the critical diseases included in the  Zurich Futura critical illness list are:

  • Aorta Graft Surgery
  • Benign Brain Tumour
  • Blindness
  • Cancer
  • Coma
  • Deafness
  • Dementia
  • Encephalitis
  • Liver Failure
  • Lung diseases
  • Heart Failure
  • Kidney Failure

Things to remember when choosing Zurich Futura:

  • Pay the premiums outlined by the policy regularly
  • Offer instructions regarding where the premiums are to be invested
  • Provide all the necessary information sought by your policy provider during the application process
  • Answer all the questions asked carefully and with utmost honesty
  • Inform the policy provider of any changes in your health status or any relevant information about family history
  • Make sure to inform the insurer of any change in address
  • Seek professional advice before making any changes to the policy
  • Make sure that you fully understand aspects regarding your funds or the policy, especially the risks

Risks one should know that are associated with Zurich Futura:

Doing a Zurich Futura review informs us of the certain risks that anyone wanting to choose this policy must be aware of:

  • Choosing Futura is a long-term commitment which means that any missed payments can cause the policy to lapse causing all its benefits to end
  • It is flexible and therefore allows one to select from a wide range of funds. All funds come with their own individual risk rating therefore it is important to fully understand which funds are best suited according to your financial profession.
  • The policy’s value is directly related to the fund selection. The fund’s value could go up or down and so one should be prepared for the fluctuations
  • In case one chooses a volatile fund that has a higher risk rating, reaching the estimated growth might be difficult
  • If the policy holder decides to withdraw and the policy does not cover the benefit charges, the policy might lapse
  • In the event of the discovery of inaccurate or false information supplied in the application, one might not be eligible for the benefit claim

The right decision on the amount of coverage that one may require can be made using the Zurich Protection Calculator. This tool helps in getting an estimate of the right coverage amount that a policy seeker may require from Zurich Futura.

4. IDTA or International Decreasing Term Assurance

Financing one’s home is most likely among the major financial commitments that a policy seeker and their family members can ever make. But often, people tend to overlook this important financial goal and don’t focus on considering how their mortgage payments would be settled if they were no longer around.

The International Decreasing Term Assurance (IDTA) plan offered by Zurich Life Insurance along with their Zurich critical illness plan is set out to protect one’s mortgage repayments and any other outstanding loans. The following are the reasons why one should opt for this coverage offered by Zurich Life Insurance Mortgage cover:

  1. If the policy seekers need a plan to protect themselves or their family members for a fixed period of time.
  2. If the policy seeker wants to opt for protection for a mortgage or a loan.
  3. If the policy seeker requires a simple yet effective policy to manage that does not have any cash value.

The right decision on the amount of coverage that one may require can be made using the Zurich Protection Calculator. This tool helps in getting an estimate of the right coverage amount that a policy seeker may require for their Zurich life cover.

Zurich Critical Illness

The Zurich critical illness insurance by Zurich cover is an optional add-on benefit that is available to the policy seeker with most of the life insurance policies. Under this add-on coverage, there is a sum assured that is paid out as a lump sum if the policyholder is diagnosed with one of the illnesses from the Zurich critical illness list. Zurich covers a wide range of illnesses including heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

  • Why Do I Need This? - The reason behind policyholders requiring this cover is that it is designed to protect them and their family members from the impact that the illnesses, such as heart attack or cancer that are included in the Zurich critical illness list can have, and provide the dependents with a financial net during a crisis. Zurich international life Futura plan is one of the best insurance policies to cover any critical illness.
  • Free Coverage for Children - Zurich not only provides coverage to the policyholder but also offers children’s critical illness cover free for up to 3 children, when the policyholder opts for a critical illness add-on benefit with Zurich life insurance Dubai.
  • The Employer of the Policyholder Might Not Offer Coverage for Critical Illness - It is important for one to thoroughly go through the benefits offered by his or her current employer, because while most of the employers in the market offer life insurance coverage, very few of them include critical illness benefit unlike Zurich Futura.
  • More Likely to Claim - Another reason that makes it sensible to opt for add-on Zurich critical illness coverage is that as per the ABI – Association of British Insurers, the policyholders are 5 times more likely to file a claim on critical insurance coverage as compared to life insurance coverage before the age of 65 years.

Zurich Life Insurance Mortgage

Buying a home is a dream that every individual works hard to manifest. Once this dream turns to reality, it is a prized possession that everyone wants to protect at all cost.

The United Arab Emirates has seen a rise in the number of people buying houses, in recent times. With this increase in property sales, the corresponding mortgage industry is also growing. Most banks and financial institutions in the region are competing to offer the most lucrative mortgages to their customers. But just like every individual seeks to protect their finances, homebuyers are also keen on securing their property in case they are unable to pay their mortgage payments in the future.

While taking out a mortgage, property owners are needed to provide proof of having a life insurance plan. Sometimes banks work in association with insurers but since the cover offered is not the most  flexible, people prefer to get their own cover.

Zurich life mortgage cover is an appealing addition to the Zurich life insurance plan. It offers great many flexible policies that provide numerous advantages that allow the insured to put their financial stress in the backseat. Futura is one such policy from Zurich International Life that offers comprehensive benefits of a whole life plan. It is an extremely flexible policy that allows the policyholder to make alterations to their policy’s protection plan so that it is in alignment with their current circumstances.

Futura is Zurich’s life insurance to cover mortgage that comes with the following features for mortgage protection:

  • Competitive rates of premium
  • Cover mortgage liabilities that accompany the ownership of a property
  • Can be used to offer cover for other liabilities as soon as the mortgage is paid off 
  • Flexible enough to allow policyholders to add more benefits as and when needed
  •  From the third year onwards 93 percent of the premiums are allocated offering a future encashment value
  • Once the encashment value it built, there is also the option to take out partial withdrawals in order to help pay off the mortgage earlier

Looking at the Zurich futura insurance reviews one cannot deny the ample benefits that this insurance provides.

How to apply for Zurich life insurance to cover the mortgage?

Making decisions about which life insurance policy to choose and how much protection one needs can be overwhelming. One does not have to make these decisions alone. Zurichlife.ae has several tools to make this process easier. For instance, their customer dashboard. Their customer dashboard is a guide that gives an overview of all that Zurich has to offer. Simply go to their official website at zurichlife.ae to get a glimpse of all one needs to know about their policies.

Get in touch if their policies seem enticing by talking to your financial advisor or broker or write to them directly at customerservices@zurich.com. One can also visit their official website or call at +971 4 363 4567 from Sunday to Thursday, between 8am to 5pm.

Key Features of Zurich Life Insurance UAE

Regardless of whether the policy seeker is an individual with family members dependent on his or her income or he or she is single with no dependents – there are numerous features of Zurich international life insurance that make it a good choice. Some of these features are briefly mentioned below:

  • To Get Rid of Financial Stress - It is important for one to know whether or not his or her family will be able to manage financially if they were no longer around to take care of them. A Zurich life insurance policy can help in paying off any school fee, rent, or other daily expenses to ensure that the policyholder’s family is not left in any sort of financial stress after their demise.
  • Existing Debts or Loans - Student loan, personal loan, home loan, car loan, credit card expenses, it can be a lot to settle. Zurich Life insurance UAE helps in protecting one against these expenses to ensure that the family members are not left behind to bear the bill all by themselves in the midst of struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one. for them.
  • Protecting a Home using Zurich life insurance mortgage cover - Life insurance can be a good form of mortgage protection. If the policyholder faces an unexpected demise, his or her family can manage to pay off any existing mortgage balance and stay in the home without any stress by picking up the Zurich life insurance to cover mortgage.
  • Funding a Child’s Education - The greatest gift one can give their children is the benefit of quality education. The lump-sum pay out received from a Zurich life insurance policy can be invested in funding a child’s further education, allowing them to build a prosperous life for themselves
  • Replacing Lost Income - If both partners at are employed full time and one of them passes away unexpectedly, a life Zurich insurance policy can help cope with and replace the lost income so that the family members can sustain their current lifestyle.
  • Additional Benefits of Zurich Insurance - Apart from the basic life insurance policy and the additional Zurich critical illness cover, Zurich Life Insurance offers a wide range of choices for optional covers that can be added to the base policy for additional peace of mind if one is unable to work due to unforeseen circumstances. Below mentioned are the reasons why one would require the various add-on coverage benefits:
  • Payment of Insurance Premium - The Waiver of Premium benefit offered by Zurich insurance helps policyholders by paying the premiums on their life insurance policy till the end of the payment term of the policy so that they do not have to worry about their life cover when they might require it the most.
  • Help Adapt to a Disability - No one knows what the future beholds. Any unforeseen accident can have tragic consequences causing partial or permanent disability. The Permanent and Total Disability benefit offered by Zurich international helps policyholders pay for the changes that they might be required to consider.
  • Help Dependents in Managing Daily Expenses - Zurich’s Family Income Benefit helps the policyholder by replacing his or her income in case he or she is seriously ill or faces any sort of disablement, making Zurich life insurance UAE one of the best insurance providers in the country.
  • Provide Support While the Policyholder is Recovering - The Hospitalization Benefit offered by Zurich life insurance covers the expenses of the policyholder while he or she is at the hospital so that the primary focus for him or her can be getting better.
  • Coping With the Loss of a Limb - The Dismemberment Benefit offered by Zurich life insurance Zurich pays out a sum assured to help the policyholder in case he or she faces an event of loss of sight or loss of a limb.

However, as disheartening as it is to think about these unfortunate occurrences, the reality is that they occur almost every day in someone’s life – which makes it important to consider them and the likelihood of them happening. Zurich’s life assurance guarantees the peace of mind one needs when it comes to future planning.

Zurich Life Insurance Policies 

Zurich Life Insurance Policies


Key Features and Optional Coverage of Zurich insurance UAE


Key Benefits of Zurich life insurance UAE



  • Three coverage options provided by this Zurich life insurance plan are available:
  1. YourLife Essential (only life cover)
  2. YourLife Plus (life cover along with accidental death benefit)
  3. YourLife Complete (life cover along with accidental death benefit and aeroplane cover)
  • Policy term of 5, 10, or 15 years
  • Open to all UAE residents (aged between 18 and 50 years)
  • Cover starts at less than AED 2 per day
  • Optional additional benefits by this Zurich international life insurance:
  1. Accidental Death Benefit
  2. Aeroplane Cover
  • Instant
  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Simple packages with different scopes of coverage 


Zurich Futura

  • Provides a range of covers: life cover, free aeroplane cover, and free Zuric critical terminal illness benefits
  • Some Additional Optional Benefits:
  1. Zurich Futura Critical Illness
  2. Permanent and Total Disability  
  3. Cancer Cover
  4. Family Income
  5. Fixed Term Income
  6. Accidental death
  7. Dismemberment
  8. Hospitalization
  9. Waiver of Premium
  • New customers can avail a free medical 2nd opinion from the best of doctors
  • Flexibility in choosing Zurich term insurance life vs. whole life cover
  • Plan can be tailored to cover the policyholder, a spouse, or a business partner in the present and if anything changes, in the future
  • Guaranteed continuation for the lifetime of the plan and the Zurich critical illness list has a special cancer-only cover
  • A free medical second opinion gives peace of mind
  • Free children’s critical illness insurance by Zurich  
  • Range of additional options to increase the scope of coverage
  • Ability to increase the cover in case of specific life events like childbirth, wedding, etc.
  • Immediate payment of an advance of up to USD 7,500 in case of death to cover funeral expenses


International Decreasing Term Assurance (IDTA)

  • Term of up to 35 years
  • Available on a single or joint basis to the policy seekers of Zurich insurance
  • Individuals must be aged between 18 and 74 years (maximum age with optional coverage is 59 years)
  • Some Additional Optional Benefits:
  1. Zurich Critical Illness Cover
  2. Permanent and Total Disability
  3. Waiver of Premium
  • Peace of mind knowing that one is protected from the uncertainties of life
  • A wide range of additional optional coverage options to choose from that can help in protecting the policyholder’s income
  • Complimentary Term of Zurich critical illness cover and after signing immediate coverage is provided


International Term Assurance (ITA)

  • Available to individuals on a single or joint basis
  • Minimum age: 18 years; Maximum age: 74 years
  • The maximum age for a Zurich life policy with an additional benefit: 59 years
  • Premiums can be paid monthly or yearly
  • Term of this Zurich life insurance plan: 5-35 years
  • Some Additional Optional Benefits:
  1. Zurich Critical Illness cover
  2. Permanent and Total Disability
  3. Waiver of Premium
  • Peace of mind knowing that one is protected from the uncertainties of life
  • A wide range of additional optional coverage options are offered to choose from that can help in protecting the policyholder’s income
  • Complimentary Term of Zurich critical Illness cover and after signing immediate coverage is provided


Contact Details of Zurich Life Insurance

Zurich International has many branches across UAE. Here are ways one can contact them:

Zurich insurance Dubai

Address: Unit #601, 6th Level, Building no.6, Emaar Square, Dubai, UAE

Tel: +971 4 363 4567

Email: helppoint.uae(@)zurich.com

Zurich insurance Abu Dhabi

Address: Tourist Club Area, Street no.10, Abu Dhabi Trade Center, East Tower, 7th Level, Office #1

Tel: +971 2 41 86 100

Email: helppoint.uae(@)zurich.com

Zurich life Bahrain

Address: Floor 27, Almoayyed Tower, Seef District, Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 1756 3321

Email: helppoint.bh(@)zurich.com

Zurich life insurance Qatar

Address: Qatar Financial Center Tower, West Bay, Doha, Qatar

Tel: +974 4428 6322

Email: helppoint.qa(@)zurich.com

Zurich Life Insurance - FAQs

Q1. Can I transfer my Zurich policy’s ownership?

Ans: Yes, the original policy’s ownership can be transferred to another individual by sending Zurich an original and completed Deed of assignment form. There also needs to be some valid proof provided to confirm the identity of the new owner of the policy. This process usually takes up to 10 business days after which the Zurich life insurance UAE will be transferred.

Q2. Who can make premium payments on my Zurich life insurance policy?

Ans: Premium payments can be made by any of the policy owners and if they are unable to do so, Zurich international life insurance accepts payments from an acceptable 3rd party. 

Q3. How can I make a claim on my Zurich life insurance, Zurich critical illness, or disability coverage?

Ans: A claim can be filed via phone (+971 4 363 4567 or +44 1624 691111) or via email (benefit.claims(@)zurich.com). For more information check out the official website of Zurich life insurance UAE.

Q4. Can I take a premium holiday on my Zurich life insurance?

Ans: Yes, premium holidays can be requested in case of some of the products offered by Zurich insurance by sending Zurich a duly filled up form for requesting a premium holiday through the registered email address. This process generally takes up to 5 business days and as soon as clear and complete documentation is received, it will be approved.

Q5. What should I do if I have misplaced my Zurich international policy documents?

Ans: You can request for a new set of policy documents by emailing Zurich insurance UAE a completed form for Lost policy declaration and indemnity through the registered email address.

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