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Noor Takaful is here to provide you with comprehensive car insurance solutions to help you cover for the loss and damage your and the third party car incurs. When you purchase Noor Takaful car insurance, you get access to cooperative customer service and fast claim processing service in case of an accident. Purchase this car insurance for maximum coverage! ...read more

Noor Takaful Insurance
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  • 24 * 7 Roadside Assistance
  • Valet Parking Cover
  • CAFU Fuel Voucher
Compare & Save Up to 30%on Car Insurance
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Mitsubishi
  • Ford
  • Other

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Noor Takaful helps you discover the Car Takaful that gives you some much-needed peace of mind behind the wheel. As per law, Car Insurance in the UAE is mandatory. If you’re a car owner, you must buy a car insurance policy for your cars plying on the UAE roads.

Why Choose Noor Takaful Car Insurance?

Noor Takaful provides insurance solutions against a wide variety of losses or damages. Its fast and smooth customer care support ensures that insurance buyers are happy with the company’s services. Its ‘round-the-clock roadside assistance service provides relief when an insured is stranded. 

Agency repair is a must-have feature of vehicle insurance in UAE. Therefore, it provides repair services at the workshop of the authorized dealer. The insurance provider extends insurance coverage to the passengers.

In addition to this, Noor Car Takaful comes with a complimentary CAFU fuel voucher which includes a wide range of exclusive benefits right from CAFU fuel worth AED 100 and no claim discount to complimentary car wash and drive & passengers coverage.

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Noor Takaful Car Insurance Inclusions

  • Accidental loss and damage cover
  • Standard Agency Repair Cover
  • No claims discount for maintaining claim free record with Noor Takaful or the previous insurer
  • Accidental loss or damage cover in case of natural calamities like flood, earthquakes
  • Emergency medical expenses cover
  • Personal belongings cover in case of loss or damage due to accident or fire
  • Car windscreen and damage cover
  • Valet parking cover

Noor Takaful Car Insurance Exclusions

Here are the scenarios that aren’t covered by Noor Takaful Insurance company -

  • Willful Violation of Law - If a car is damaged or any bodily injury is caused as a result of willful participation in an act resulting in a violation of law.
  • Driving in an Intoxicated State - If the driver is driving under the influence of intoxicants such as drugs, alcohol or any narcotic substances.
  • Driving without a Valid License - If the driver is driving without a valid driving license.
  • Damage Caused Outside the Insured Geographical Territory - Any damages or losses occurring outside the geographical territory as specified in the Takaful certificate.
  • Damage Caused by Natural Calamities -  The accidents which have caused, occured, results or are related directly or indirectly to natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, tornados, earthquake, or volcanoes.

Noor Takaful Car Insurance Plans

Here is the insurance coverage offered by Noor Takaful Car Insurance.

Cover Coverage Comprehensive Coverage Third-Party Coverage
Third-Party Property Damage It covers the car owner’s legal liability for any third-party property damage. AED 2 Million AED 2 Million
Damage or Loss to Car It covers any accidental loss/damage to the insured car. Up to the value of the car No
Third-Party Bodily Injury It covers the car owner’s legal liabilities for third-party property damages. Sum awarded judicially Sum awarded judicially
Agency Repair (Standard) It covers the insured car’s repair at the authorized workshop of the dealer in order to repair any damages due to an accident. 3 years No
Emergency Medical Charges It covers medical costs incurred by any occupant of the insured car, who’s injured due to an accident. AED 4,000 No
24 * 7 Roadside Assistance It covers accidents as well as emergency breakdown recovery of the insured car around-the-clock. Along with that, it covers the expenses for registration services on an annual basis. Yes No
Personal Belongings It covers loss/damage caused to the personal belongings of the insured in the insured car due to a road mishap, fire, etc. AED 4,000 No
No Claims Discount For a claim-free year, the policyholder is rewarded with a special discount at the time of renewal. Yes No
Natural Disasters It covers any accidental damage or loss to the car that is caused by natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, floods, etc.  Yes No
Valet Parking It covers any accidental damage or loss to the insured car when it’s driven or parked by an authorized driver of a restaurant/hotel or similar business.  Yes No
New Car Replacement After an accident, if the insured car is declared a ‘total loss’, a replacement car of the same value or model (whichever is lower) of the insured car (depending on the availability) is provided. Up to 6 months No
Excess Waiver for Windows or Windscreen Damages It covers accidental damages caused to the windows or windscreen of the insured car, along with any damages caused by the damaged glass to the car’s body.  AED 3,500 No
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Optional Covers:

Cover Coverage Comprehensive Coverage Third Party Coverage
Oman Extension It covers the insured car on a temporary basis for a single trip of 60 days. This cover is applicable only if it is being driven the car owner or a driver authorized by car insurance in the Sultanate of Oman. Yes No
Hire Car It provides a replacement in case the insured car meets with an accident. Up to a period of 7 days No
Personal Accident Cover for Driver as well as Passengers In case the car owner or the passengers are injured/die while getting in/out of the insured car or in case of an accident, compensation according to the policy T&C is provided. Yes No
Off-Road Insurance Cover It covers the insured car when it is driven off-road by the owner or a driver authorized by the owner. If the car is used for participation in a racing event, competitive event or sand dune-bashing, the insurance coverage ceases to exist. Yes No
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These optional covers can be availed with the basic Noor Takaful car insurance plan for an extra contribution. For more details, refer to your certificate schedule. The certificate has all the terms and conditions applicable to the covers including extra benefits (if any) or amendments (if applicable).

Add-on-Covers in Noor Takaful Car Insurance

  • Personal accident benefit for passengers & drivers
  • Oman extension cover
  • Off-road coverage
  • Car hire service

How to File a Claim for Noor Takaful Car Insurance in UAE?

Noor Takaful’s car insurance claim filing process is very easy and convenient. Before you file a claim, read the certificate carefully and make sure that the incurred damages are covered. For instance, damages due to accidental collisions, fire, overturning, external explosion, theft, any malicious act or self-ignition, legal liability and related costs, third-party liability, property damages, and bodily injuries are covered unless it is specifically excluded.

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Here are the steps to be followed to file a claim hassle-free.

Step 1: Get the police report and cross-check that all the details mentioned in the police report are accurate.

Step 2: Get in touch with Noor Takaful using the helpline number 800 825 2385 and report your claim. The helpline is available from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. For the smooth processing of your car insurance claim, the customer care executive will record the details relevant to the incident. After that, the customer care executive will follow the procedures mentioned below.

  • Confirm whether your certificate covers the reported incident.
  • Inform you of the amount you have to pay from your own pocket.
  • Confirm that you have followed all the steps involved in your claim filing.
  • Assist you with which garage to go to.

Note- It is recommended that you report any accident/damage to your insured car to the car insurance provider as well as to the police as soon as possible, even if you aren’t registering a claim under your certificate. Once you have reported the claim, you will get the necessary details such as claim reference number and details of the assigned garage via call.

Step 3: You have to send your vehicle to the assigned garage. Once there, you need to provide the garage service advisor with the following details:

  • Your claim reference number.
  • Original copy of the police report.
  • A photocopy of the driving license of the person who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident
  • A photocopy of the car’s registration

After the garage provides you with an estimate of repair expenses, the auto insurance provider will get in touch with you to inquire whether you have approved your vehicle’s repairs at the assigned garage or if you wish to request estimates from other garages impanelled with Noor Takaful Car Insurance.

Download Noor Takaful Car Insurance Claim Form

Noor Takaful Car Insurance Contact Number

Whether you want to initiate a claim or get some help regarding your policy coverage, you can reach out to the customer service department using the Noor Takaful contact numbers. Given below is a complete list of Noor Takaful certified workshops phone numbers for each emirate. You can choose to pick any of the nearest workshops to get your car repaired in case of a claim.


Noor Takaful Car Insurance Contact Number

Fax Number

Al Khabaisi, Deira, Dubai



Al Qusais, Dubai



Al Quoz, Dubai



Abu Dhabi



Al Ain



Sharjah Branch



Ras Al Khaimah



Noor Takaful Roadside Assistance Number

When stuck in a roadside emergency, you can use the Noor Takaful roadside assistance number to get immediate help. Either use the Noor Takaful toll-free number 800 825 2385 or the IMC toll-free number - 600 50 50 57. IMC or International Motor Club is the official roadside assistance company for Noor Takaful. You can use either of the two contact numbers to get the assistance you require when needed.

Noor Takaful Car Insurance FAQs

Q1. What Exactly is offered in a comprehensive car insurance certificate?

Ans: Comprehensive car Insurance certificate provides coverage against damages, losses, & third-party liabilities. Let’s take detailed look at these covers.

  • Damages- Damages caused to your car due to overturning, accidental collision, fire, self-ignition, theft, a malicious act or external explosion are covered, unless it specifically excluded.
  • Legal Liability- It covers legal liability and agreed expenses/costs against third-party property damage/ bodily injury caused by the insured car, unless it is excluded.
Q2. I have a third party liability certificate. What does it cover?

Ans: It provides the most basic coverage and is compulsory, according to the law. Third-party liability provides insurance to you against the following-.

  • Bodily injury or death of any third party.
  • Damages caused to third-party property.
Q3. My vehicle is 6 years old. Can I get comprehensive coverage for my vehicle?

Ans: Comprehensive coverage can be availed for up to 7 year old automobiles. Automobiles over 7 years old can be referred to Noor Takaful’s motor team for reviewing each case keeping your insurance in mind.

Q4. What are the benefits that I can avail with my Takaful certificate free of cost?

Ans: Listed below are the benefits that can be availed with your Takaful certificate.

  • Natural Calamities Coverage
  • Coverage against strikes, civil commotion or riots
  • Loss of personal belongings up to AED 4,000
  • Excess waiver for windscreen damages up to AED 3,500
  • Emergency medical charges up to AED 4,000
  • Extended legal liability towards owner’s family members
  • Third-party property damages up to AED 2,000,000
  • Valet parking coverage
Q5. What is a deductible/excess?

Ans: The deductible or excess is the insured’s contribution for non-recoverable claims in case of an accident. Usually, non-recoverable motor claims occur when an accident is caused by the insured individual. Auto insurance in UAE comes with a deductible/excess.

Q6.In case I sell my car, can I transfer my Takaful to the new buyer of my car?

Ans: The Takaful contribution is formulated by many factors and the driver’s expertise is one of them. Since driving expertise is individualistic, transfer of Takaful isn’t permitted.

Q7. Can I cancel my Takaful certificate?

Ans: A Takaful certificate can be canceled specifically during the instances mentioned below.

  • De-registration of the automobile.
  • Any issue with number plate certificate.
  • Ownership transfer of the plan.
Q8. What are the documents that I need in case I’m involved in a road accident and want to file a car insurance claim?

Ans: In such a case, you need to submit the following documents.

  • Duly filled claim form
  • A photocopy of your driving license
  • A photocopy of your registration card
  • Police report (original) If you need any help, you can call their helpline for clarifications.
Q9. What is No Claims Discount?

Ans: No Claims Discount is the discount rewarded on overall Takaful contribution if you don’t file any claims.

Q10. How can I obtain a copy of my Takaful certificate wording?

Ans: You can log on to https://www.noortakaful.com and download Noor Takaful’s wordings from the Download Center.

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