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Orient Car Insurance provides buyers with car insurance policies that provide financial protection against any physical damage caused to the car, third-party liabilities, and personal accident cover. The policies are tailored to meet the needs of the customer, with a variety of add-ons available like zero depreciation, return to invoice, engine protection, and roadside assistance. They also help buyers with cashless claims and roadside assistance. ...read more

Orient Insurance
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Compare & Save Up to 30%on Car Insurance
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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Established in Dubai, Orient Insurance Company has been delivering impeccable service for decades in the UAE. The company offers excellent insurance plans that are designed to cater to the needs of a modern customer whose demands are evolved. With every plan, you get to indulge in certain features and benefits that make your experience even more pleasurable with the company.

Let’s take a look at various plans and types of insurance policies offered by Orient Insurance

Types of Orient Car Insurance

Orient Car Insurance offers three kinds of car insurance services.

  1. Fleet Car Insurance: Fleet Car Insurance offers single insurance cover for multiple vehicles. This is the best kind of insurance plan for businesses that provide their cars for taxis or renting purposes.
  2. Comprehensive Car Insurance: Comprehensive Insurance offers insurance cover for the insurer to cover both their own and third-party damages. This type of insurance can be claimed against the damages caused due to an accident, fire, or natural calamities.
  3. Third-Party Car Insurance: Third-Party Insurance provides cover for the insurer to help them cover the third-party vehicle damages that have been caused by the insured vehicle.

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Features and Benefits Orient Car Insurance

Here is a list of features and benefits that Orient auto Insurance offers.

  1. Agency Repairs: Orient Insurance offers premium quality agency repair services for the first three years starting from the initial registration date of the vehicle. The best part about this feature is that you can get excellent services at a fraction of the cost.
  2. Roadside Assistance: Orient Insurance provides the policyholders with roadside assistance in case their car breaks down due to any reason. The company helps you tow your car to the agency and get it repaired.
  3. Personal Property Cover: Orient provides the policyholder with the cover against the damage caused to their personal property like a laptop, mobile phones, etc., in case of an accident, fire, or theft. The company offers insurance cover of up to AED 1,000.
  4. Cover in Oman: Orient provides the insurance policy that gets you covered in the Sultanate of Oman as well. You need not pay any extra costs to report a claim when you are in Oman.
  5. No Claims Discount: Orient Insurance provides the no claims bonus if your vehicle doesn’t meet with an accident throughout the year. You can claim this discount at the time of policy renewal.

Orient Car Insurance Inclusions

Here is a list of Orient Car Insurance policy Inclusions.

  • Damage to your own car: Orient Insurance provides cover for the damages caused to the insured vehicle. All you need to do is report a claim to the insurance company and they will help you reach out to the garage for vehicle repair. Orient Auto Insurance provides cashless benefits for the garages that fall under the company’s network list. It also offers roadside assistance for the insurers to help them tow the vehicle to the agency in case it breaks down.
  • Personal Belongings cover: Orient auto Insurance also provides a cover of up to AED 1,000 against the damage caused to personal belongings.
  • Windscreen Repair: Unlike other insurance companies, Orient provides the insured with cover against windscreen damages. They need not pay extra to get the windscreen repair.
  • Life Insurance Coverage: Orient Car Insurance provides life insurance coverage for a maximum of AED 100,000 for the insured individual.
  • Cover against Natural Disasters: Orient Motor Insurance provides the insurance cover against the damage caused due to natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, storms, etc.
  • Man-made disasters: Orient Car Insurance also provides insurance cover for damages caused due to man-made hazards like terrorism, strikes, fire, etc.
  • Theft of your car: Orient Car Insurance provides cover against the theft of your car. The company allows you to register a claim for an amount almost equal to the declared value as mentioned in your car insurance policy.
  • Third-Party Property Damage: Orient auto insurance provides insurance cover for third-party property damage in both comprehensive and third-party car insurance plans. If you want to buy a plan that covers both your and third-party car damages, you must go for a comprehensive insurance plan. On the other hand, if you only need a cover for third-party car damages, you can simply opt for third-party insurance only.
  • Third-Party Injury: Orient auto Insurance provides cover for third-party injuries and losses caused by the insured vehicle.

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Orient Car Insurance Exclusions

Here is a list of Orient auto Insurance exclusions.

  • Damage incurred during the war
  • Intentional car damage
  • Damage due to vehicle rollover
  • Damage caused by racing a car
  • Damage to electrical equipment

Documents Required to Buy Orient Auto Insurance

Here is a list of documents required to buy vehicle insurance in Orient:

  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Car Policy Registration Documents
  • Passport copy with the residence visa page

Documents Required to File a Claim

Here is a list of documents required to report a claim with Orient Car Insurance:

  • A filled up Claims form
  • High-resolution images of damage or loss
  • Police Accident Report
  • A cost estimate for damage repair
  • Proof of claim letter sent to a third party (if any)
  • A detailed inventory of damaged items (with the proof of cumulative value)

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How to Report a Claims with Orient Motor Insurance in the UAE?

Here is a simple process of getting the quote and finding the best insurance plan based on your needs.

  1. Report the Claim: You can call the company’s helpline at 19258 or send an email at MotorsClaim.OrientEgypt@alfuttaim.com to report the claim.
  2. Provide Your Documents: Once you have reported the claim and it gets acknowledged, you need to provide the essential documents like the police report, your insurance policy card, your Emirates ID, etc.
  3. Get the Approval: Once your claim gets approved, wait for the insurer to share the name and contact details of the agency you need to get in touch with. You can then contact the specific garage and send your car for repair.
How to File Your Car Insurance Claim in the UAE

How to Renew Orient Car Insurance in Dubai, UAE?

Orient Car Insurance in Dubai lets you renew your car insurance policy dubai in just a few simple steps:

  1. Provide Your Policy Details: Get in touch with the insurance company and provide your policy details like the policy number start and end date, etc.
  2. Review Your Policy Information: Review all the details of your insurance policy. Make sure you correct your personal information if you find it incorrect.
  3. Pay the Premium: Once done, you can pay the premium amount to renew your policy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orient Insurance

Q1. What is the difference between Comprehensive and Third-Party Car Insurance?

Ans. Comprehensive insurance offers insurance cover for damages caused to both your own and third-party vehicles. Third-party insurance, on the other hand, offers insurance cover only for the third-party damages caused by the insured vehicle.

Q2. What type of insurance coverage does Orient offer?

Ans. Orient Auto Insurance offers three types of car insurance plans, namely:

  1. Fleet Car Insurance
  2. Comprehensive Insurance
  3. Third-Party Insurance
Q3. What are the factors that impact the premium amount in Orient Motor Insurance?

Ans. The factors that affect car insurance premiums include the market value of your vehicle, driver’s age and driving history to establish driving behaviour.  

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