Adamjee Car Insurance

Adamjee Car Insurance

Adamjee Insurance Co. Ltd. is one of the leading GI (general insurance) providers in Pakistan. Adamjee Car Insurance Company has expanded its business to the United Arab Emirates as well. AICL has an extra-edge over its competitors, thanks to its voluminous assets, sizable reserves, notable paid-up capital, diverse portfolio and spiking growth rate.

Adamjee Insurance Company offers motor insurance that provides a financial cushion to car insurance buyers. It fulfills their legal liability of buying car insurance in UAE. In addition to that, it safeguards them against any monetary loss arising out of an accident or theft.

Why Buy Adamjee Car Insurance?

Adamjee Insurance Company Limited aims to provide a much-needed peace of mind to every insurance buyer. It offers hassle-free claims experience to keep its car insurance policy buyers happy and satisfied.

As per the law, it is mandatory for every vehicle owner to buy car insurance in Dubai. Adamjee Insurance Company formulates insurance policies to fulfill the insurance needs of its car insurance buyers. In the hour of need, it provides an extra layer of security against financial burden caused due to any third-party liability, vehicle theft, any damage to the vehicle due to a road mishap etc.

Benefits and Coverage of Adamjee Car Insurance UAE

Adamjee comprehensive car insurance policy offers the maximum insurance coverage, maximum benefits & features and a seamless pre- and post-insurance processing.

Mentioned below are the benefits and coverage of Adamjee Insurance Dubai:

  1. Third-Party Coverage - In case of an accident, it fulfills policyholder’s third-party liability (if any loss or damage is caused to a third party)
  2. Competitive Premium Rates - It offers car insurance plans at a reasonable insurance premium
  3. Largest Dealer Network Support Across the Country - To provide all-inclusive services, the insurance company offers the largest dealer network support across the country
  4. Accidental Damage Coverage - In case an insured vehicle is damaged due to an accident, a pre-decided insurance coverage is provided
  5. Theft Coverage - In case the insured vehicle is stolen, a pre-decided insurance coverage is provided
  6. SMS Alerts - When a claim is lodged, SMS alerts regarding the new developments in the claim process are sent to the policyholder
  7. Around the Clock Customer Support - A policyholder can dial 0800-00242 (toll-free) and seek assistance 24*7

Value Added Services (VAS)

Here are the value-added services offered by Adamjee car insurance -

  1. Instant Policy Issuance - While purchasing online car insurance in Dubai with Adamjee, a digitally signed insurance policy is issued instantly and is sent to the policyholder's email account.
  2. SMS Confirmation - In case a policyholder doesn’t get an instant car insurance policy; he/she wouldn’t have to worry at all. By default, an SMS confirming the transaction is sent as soon as the payment is received by the insurance company.
  3. Renewal Reminder - In case the policy’s renewal date is around the corner, gentle reminders are sent to the policyholder.

Claim Process of Adamjee Car Insurance UAE

Mentioned below is the claim process for Adamjee auto insurance:

Step-1 In case of theft, report the incident to the police without any delay

Step-2 Inform the Motor Insurance Department of Adamjee Insurance Co. Ltd. about the damage/loss

Step-3 Duly fill the claim form, attach/upload required documents and submit it online


Here is your checklist.

1. Don’t just blindly go for agency repairs feature. This is because:

  • Agency repair cover is offered for a few years only
  • It will cost you a lot of additional premium
  • Other premium garages offer the same service at a comparatively reasonable price. Agency repair is a good option only when you own a high-end luxury car which has to be repaired by experts/dealers to maintain optimum performance.

2. Measure your insurance needs against the coverage that is being offered.

3. Make sure you go for a plan that offers a wide network of insurer-authorized garages, high-third party liability cover, personal accident cover and various value-added

4. In case add-on services are too expensive and inflate the insurance premium, start screening for the add-on covers that you really need and unselect the ones that you don’t.

5. Compare the insurance policies/providers online.

If you need claim assistance, you can dial + 971 4 2752300 and get receive customer care support. You can write to- info@adamjeeinsurance[dot]com This is the official email id of Adamjee Insurance.

Adamjee motor insurance offers comprehensive insurance car insurance that offers third-party liability coverage, accidental damage coverage, theft coverage, and own-damage coverage.

Yes, you can buy car insurance online in a matter of few seconds.

Add-ons are optional and can be opted to enhance the basic insurance coverage. If the basic car insurance coverage is adequate for you, you don't necessarily need to opt for add-ons.