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Adamjee Insurance Company Ltd is involved in the business of general insurance in the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. The company got the status of Public Limited in the year 1960 and is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. In its general insurance sector, the company offers a wide range of products and hence one can expect to get products from health & accidents to marine & cargo.

Adamjee General Insurance products are broadly divided into the below categories:

  1. Engineering
  2. Health
  3. Fire & Property
  4. Marine
  5. Travel
  6. Motor
  7. Agriculture
  8. Miscellaneous

1. Engineering Insurance

The general insurance products that come under engineering insurance category are:

  1. Machinery Insurance
  2. Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurance
  3. Electronic Equipment Insurance
  4. Contractor’s All Risk Insurance
  5. Electronic All Risks Insurance

Machinery Insurance:

An insurance policy to provide industry effective insurance plans to the machinery and plat requiring repair or replacement because of unforeseen and sudden damage or loss.

  • Inclusions: If the cause of damage or loss is machinery or electrical breakdown, faults in the erection or at the workshop, faulty design of the machine, defects in material and casting, lack of skill, negligence, bad workmanship, and physical explosion.
  • Exclusions: Terrorism, war or warlike operations, riot, civil commotion, strike, nuclear reaction, wear and tear, radioactive contamination, fire, exchangeable tools, chemical explosion, lack of skill.
  • Other Related Products:
    • Content loss because of machinery breakdown
    • Content contamination because of machinery breakdown

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurance:

This insurance policy is developed for providing industry effective insurance plans for air or other pressure, plant under steam, like economizer, boiler, super-heaters, and other pressure containers and vessels that have valid inspection certificate provided by the competent authority. This insurance policy can also be extended to provide third-party bodily injury or property damage.

  • Inclusions: The reasons for damage or loss that are covered under this policy are collapse and explosion (other than fire) to the pressure vessels or boilers.
  • Exclusions: Terrorism, war or warlike operations, civil commotion, riot, nuclear reaction, civil commotion, wear and tear, radioactive contamination, the property of insured, individual tube failure.

Electronic Equipment Insurance:

An insurance that provides industry effective insurance plans to cover sudden or unforeseen physical loss or damage the electronic equipment requiring replacement or repair that have moderate to low power equipment.

  • Inclusions: The common cause of damage or loss covered under this insurance plan can be various electrical reasons such as short circuit, burglary, lack of skill, explosion, lightning, fire, negligence.
  • Exclusions: Riot, terrorism, war or warlike operations, nuclear reaction, civil commotion, theft, acts of God, theft, radioactive contamination, exchangeable tools, wear and tear willful negligence.

Contractor’s All Risks Insurance:

An insurance plan for industries that provides insurance cover against legal liability to third-party bodily injury and property damage, and damage to work of contract during execution of construction project.

  • Inclusions: The causes of loss or damage covered under this policy are lightning, fire, flood, explosion, windstorm, inundation, earthquake, burglary, and theft.
  • Exclusions: Riot, terrorism, war or warlike situation, nuclear reaction, civil commotion, strike, radioactive contamination, nuclear reaction, defective design/material/ workmanship.
  • Other Related Products:
    • Contractor’s equipment and plant insurance

Erection All Risk Insurance:

An insurance that provides industry effective insurance policy that provides coverage against material damage to the machinery, steel and plant structures, and third-party claims due to damage to third-party bodily injury or property damage arising during the execution of the erection project.

  • Inclusions: The cause of loss or damage covered under this plan are: lightning, fire, flood, explosion, earthquake, windstorm, theft, earthquake, windstorm, testing, short-circuit, negligence, burglary.
  • Exclusions: Riot, terrorism, war or warlike situations, nuclear reaction, civil commotion, cessation of work, radioactive contamination, defective material/design/ workmanship, civil commotion, mechanical or electrical breakdown, consequential loss, willful negligence.
  • Other Available Products:
    • Startup delay following EAR insurance
    • Equipment and contractor’s insurance

2. Fire & Property Insurance

The fire and property insurance policy offer compensation to the insured firm or person in the event of damage or loss caused to the property due to lightning and fire.

  • Inclusions: This insurance plan widely covers losses incurred due to lightning, fire, and explosion (caused because of the domestic boiler).
  • Additional or Add-On Cover: Strike, riot, explosion, malicious damages, atmosphere disturbance, fire, earthquake, aircraft damage, shock, impact damage, housebreaking and burglary, loss of rent, removal of debris, electrical clause ‘B’.
  • Exclusions: Burglary/ theft/ housebreaking, gross negligence, willful act, documents, loss of bullion. And the loss of currency, earnings, or business interruption, losses arising due to war or warlike situation, civil commotion, terrorism, insurrection, spontaneous combustion, biological or nuclear fission.
  • Other Available Products:
    • Property all risks
    • Terrorism
    • Comprehensive machinery insurance
    • The hotel owner's all risk insurance
    • Consequential loss because of fire or business interruption

3. Health

A leading health insurance provider of UAE, Adamjee Insurance in this category offers coverage to cater to the medical and health requirements of SME and corporate sector. The plan provides customized coverage to cover the requirements of employees of corporate and SME.

  • Advantages & Inclusion:
    • Optional major medical advantages
    • Benefits of hospitalization
    • Optional maternity cover
    • Optional outpatient coverage
  • Add-On Covers:
    • An insured can get international healthcare cover
    • One can opt for terrorism cover wherein an insured is covered against injury caused due to a terrorist attacks.
    • Accidental coverage is also provided, however, the limit of the coverage may vary.

4. Marine Insurance

The marine insurance provides coverage against damage to the machinery and shell of the vessel, cargo that is carried over the vessel, and protection against liabilities to transport shipping companies.

  • Marine Hull and Machinery Insurance
  • Marine Umbrella Liability Insurance
  • Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Hull:

The policy provides coverage against the losses and damage to the machinery and shell of the vessel because of the maritime perils.

  • Inclusions: The following perils, damages, and losses are covered under this plan:
    • Perils of the river, sea, lakes, and other navigable water, explosion, and fire.
    • Violent theft by a person, piracy or jettison
    • Lightning, earthquake, volcano eruption
    • An accident while loading, shifting, or discharging cargo or fuel
    • Breakage of the shaft, bursting of boilers, or other latent defects in the machine
    • Hull negligence of crew, master officers, or pilot
    • Negligence of charter or repairs
    • Master office barratry
    • Objects falling from the charges at the time of declaration of general average

Marine Cargo:

A marine insurance that provided protection against damage or losses pertaining to freight /cargo carried on the vessels.

  • Inclusions: The following risks related to marine cargo carried on the vessel are covered in this plan:
    • The ‘All Risk’ coverage against various damages and losses to the cargo during transit through the sea, road, air, or rail.
    • Restricted coverage is provided other than ‘All Risk’ while transiting through air, sea, rail, and road.

Marine Umbrella:

Under this insurance plan, the losses and damages pertaining to freight or cargo carried on the vessel.

  • Inclusions: The following benefits are included under this plan:
    • Vessel or ship operators
    • Road transport operator
    • Freight forwarders
    • NVOC
    • Carriers by air
    • Railway operators
    • Warehouse depot operators
    • The services related to shipping transportation
    • Terminal operators

5. Motor Insurance

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, it is mandatory to have motor insurance in UAE. The Admajee General Insurance Company in its motor insurance plan provides protection against financial losses incurred due to theft or damage to third-party liability or to the own vehicle.

  • Inclusions: The comprehensive plan of motor insurance policy provides an insured maximum coverage against accidental damage or theft to third-party liability or own vehicle.
  • Claim Process: Follow the below-mentioned steps to file a claim with Adamjee Car Insurance plan:
    • Contact the Motor Insurance department of the company through email, call, fax, or letter as soon as possible.
    • Apart from this, the insured must inform the local law enforcement authorities as early as possible.

6. Travel Insurance

Traveling is fun, but one should always be prepared for the worst in his/her life as an unexpected situation can occur any day any time. Therefore, if some unforeseen situations like baggage loss, sudden illness, or end moment trip cancellation incur, one may come across the heavy monitory loss. Therefore, in order to overcome such a situation while traveling, it is suggested to have a travel insurance plan.

- The ‘Go Safe’ insurance policy of Adamjee General Insurance offers a claim settlement feature in overseas locations as well.

- The company with the help of ‘SOS' provides worldwide customer support service round the clock.

  • Inclusions: The inclusions of this policy are:
    • In case of trip curtailment, hotel accommodation is arranged.
    • Worldwide embassy and consulate referral. Inoculation and Visa services.
    • Transport arrangement in case of medical emergency.
    • Recovery assistance in case of luggage and passport loss and availability of emergency cash.
    • Delivery of the medicines those are not available at the destination.
    • 24X7 international claim settlement hotline.
    • Simple and quick claim processing
  • Eligibility: The eligibility criteria for taking this insurance plan are:
    • Any individual falling in the age group of 6 months to 65 years is covered.
    • Any individual falling in the age group of 65 years to 85 years is insured with extra premium.

7. Agriculture Insurance

Under this insurance plan, the following policies are covered:

  • Crop Insurance
  • Livestock Insurance

Crop Insurance:

The agriculture sector is one of the largest sectors and to provide insurance coverage to it, a crop insurance policy is introduced by the Adamjee Insurance Company.

  • Benefits and Inclusions: The insurance company refunds the loan taken from the bank in case of damage of the corps. The farmers get financial help for cropping.

Livestock Insurance:

In order to meet the requirements of the farmers, the company has introduced this insurance policy.

  • Benefits & Inclusions: The benefits and inclusions are:
    • To protect livestock
    • The plan gives the payment to the owner in case of death of livestock according to the guidelines.
    • Livestock care
    • Availability of professional veterinary doctor

Notes: These policies can be customized as per the needs of the insured.

8. Miscellaneous

The miscellaneous insurance plan covers various insurance plans that include a group health plan, public liability cover, personal accident cover, insurance for financial institutions, liabilities of the employers, aviation industry, etc.

The wide range of miscellaneous insurance plans covered is:

  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Bankers Blanket Bond
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Plastic Card Insurance
  • Event Insurance
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance
  • Workmen’s Compensation
  • Aviation Hull and Liability Insurance
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance

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