List of Visa Free Countries for UAE Residents


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After a long time of staying home and the travel industry slowly returning to normal, the UAE residents are enthusiastic about travelling outside the country for a holiday. Obtaining a visa can be a tedious and lengthy process if you’re planning to go abroad, and it might derail the plan even before starting the long-desired trip. That is precisely why you can consider visiting countries that do not require a visa for travelling. Let’s take a look at the list of visa free countries for uae residents open for tourists. These countries, that allow visas on arrival for UAE residents will reduce the hassle of applying for a permit before commencing the journey.

Visa free Countries For UAE Residents

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Here is the list of travel destinations for people holding UAE passports in visa-free countries.

Sri Lanka: 

Sri Lanka should be on your destination list if you want to get away from the hottest month in UAE. Sri Lanka is a small island country in the Indian Ocean, just below India. It is a country that you are allowed to visit without a visa. Sri Lanka has a unique mixed landscape that you will enjoy. There is an abundance of beaches, mountains, and wildlife. The culture of Sri Lanka is also unique, with the majority of Buddhists, Christians, and Muslims living harmoniously. The food of Sri Lanka is one of the culinary delicacies you must try. 

Is Travel insurance required for Sri Lanka visit from UAE?


Azerbaijan, also known as the 'Land of Fire', is nestled in the heart of Europe and Asia. UAE and Azerbaijan changed their travel policies in 2018, because of which you can travel to Azerbaijan and get a visa there on arrival. You will find the perfect amalgamation here: its rich cultural heritage that flanks many centuries to its modern architecture. Azerbaijan's capital city has been one of UNESCO's world heritage sites, which you should visit along with the blue beaches of the Caspian Sea. Because of the good relationship between the two countries, there is a 30 days visa on arrival for UAE residents. 



Every year Malaysia attracts tourists from all around the world and from every age group. Malaysian culture is dominated by Chinese, Malay, and Indian people, with traits of all three. Here you will find peaceful beaches, a serene temple, and also the sky scrappers embellished with modern technology. If you wish to have a cultural treat, this is a must visit. Malaysia grants a visa on arrival for UAE residents for 90 days. 

Is Travel insurance required for Malaysia visit from UAE?

The Maldives: 

The Maldives has beaches that are most visited among all the beaches in the world. This small archipelago country grants 30 days on arrival visas to tourists with UAE passports. These beaches are famous for their white sand and crystal blue water. Here you will find various water sports that you can try to satisfy your adventure bug and then relish the seafood to satiate your taste buds. The exotic spas and resorts away from the city's heart will provide you with a much-needed break from the fast life. The Maldives is blessed with large beaches and a clean ocean. Therefore, the marine life here is also a treat for you. 


It is another island country that offers UAE residents a visa of 90 days on arrival. Mauritius is a perfect place to relax in hazy sunshine and the beaches. The vacation in Mauritius is also extended to the museums, amusement parks, shopping centres, and restaurants, among other places, where you can spend quality time with your loved ones. If you are newlywed or wish to spend a memorable time with your partner, you should definitely consider Mauritius as your holiday spot. 


It is among the first countries that embraced Christianity. You will be absorbed in its religious places like churches and marvel over the natural beauty that adorns Armenia. It has many monasteries and museums steeped with the cultural history and heritage of the ancients in European Christianity. Armenia offers visas for up to 180 days to UAE citizens. 

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is a cultural melting pot for tourists around the world. To UAE citizens, it grants 30 days of on-arrival visa. The place is a technological as well as a natural marvel. In Hong Kong, you will be able to soak in exotic nightlife, and on days you can visit places like Victoria peak, Disney land, and Ocean Park. Hong Kong also offers unique, authentic cuisine. Aside from this, you will also be able to get food from across the world on the mainland. 

Is Travel insurance required for Hong Kong visits from UAE?


Indonesia is a tropical paradise. There are beaches, delicious food, wildlife. It is one of the few countries where there still are active volcanoes. Indonesia inhabits some of the endangered wildlife that you can witness in the tropical forests. The country is made up of over 17500 islands. Out of them, Bali is the most visited island. The capital city Jakarta is a testament to the lifestyle and the cultural fusion that dominates Indonesia. There is a 30 days visa on arrival for UAE residents. 

Is Travel insurance required for Indonesia visits from UAE?


Seychelles, an African nation, is among one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. It has beautiful beaches and warm weather that is favourable for the tourists visiting it. It is an archipelago of 115 islands. You are offered 90 days of on-arrival visa upon visiting Seychelles. 

How long does it take to get an on-arrival visa?

Depending upon the crowd at the office, the time may vary. But the procedure takes only 10 minutes to finish.

What is the procedure for an on-arrival visa?

To avail of an on-arrival visa, you must fill and submit the form along with the required documents at the airport.

Can the on-arrival visa be rejected?

On-arrival visa is usually never rejected. If the airport authorities notice suspicious and unlawful behaviour from your end, then only it may get rejected.

Is a visa required for children?

Yes, visa is mandatory for everyone to visit another country, even the newborn babies.

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