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Travelling is like an all-ages piano lounge - there is something for the kids, something for the young ones, something for adults, and something for our elder generations as well. Whether you are 26 or 76, once you are aware of the pleasures of exploring a new place, you are more likely to crave those experiences again. However, while travelling has its highs, a few unannounced troubles may present themselves even when you are having the time of your life. 

For this reason, it is essential to have proper travel insurance in place before you set out on your journey. This is especially relevant for children and older folks. This piece will explore travel insurance for 70 plus travellers in the UAE, the available plans, the basic benefits you can get, and more. 

Let’s get started. 

Benefits of Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens 

Covers Medical Emergencies:

Medical emergencies are a hassle at any age and the risk of falling into one is always there. However, as an old individual, you are at an even bigger of facing a medical emergency when you are older and your immune system is less strong than before. Moreover, falling suddenly ill in a new place in a foreign country could aggravate the situation to be one of the worst-case scenarios one may face. In situations like this, travel insurance for 70 years old individuals plays a rather important role. Travel insurance ensures that you always have access to proper medical care, which makes travelling in old age less of a risk. 

Provides Financial Protection:

The first and foremost reason for buying a travel insurance plan, or rather any kind of insurance plan, is to ensure financial safety for yourself. Travelling to a foreign country is not an easy feat. A lot of planning and money goes into it. You may have to spend a bit extra to ensure comfort and safety when travelling after 70 years of age. Travel insurance for 70-year-olds ensures that all the money you have spent on your travel arrangement does not go to waste if you are unable to go on the trip. 

Repatriation Expenses Coverage:

Travel insurance for 70-year-olds also covers repatriation expenses for medical reasons. If you are unable to get the required medical treatment in the country you are visiting at the moment, you can make arrangements to come back home and have your insurance plan cover them. Repatriation cover may also take care of repatriation of mortal remains if an insured traveller meets their demise on the trip. 

Baggage-Related Cover:

Losing your luggage in a new place or losing it at the airport itself can prove stressful when you are miles away from home. Your travel insurance for 70-year-olds provides financial compensation for lost luggage as well as means to get necessary supplies when on the trip. 

Flight-Related Cover:

Whether your flight has been delayed or you miss the next flight due to the connection flight being cancelled, your travel insurance plan will always prove beneficial. If you happen to miss any of your flights or have a delayed flight situation at hand, your travel insurance for 70-year-olds will offer the necessary compensation for it.


Travel Insurance Plans for Over 70 Years of Age

Considering the level of risk, not many insurance providers in the UAE offer proper travel insurance for 70 years older and older travellers. However, we have shortlisted a travel insurance plan that covers 70+ travellers and offers comprehensive benefits at the same time. 

Plan Name  Medical Cover Max Duration Starting from Price
Alliance Insurance AED 150,000 90 days/trip AED 33
Orient Insurance AED 150,000 92 days/trip AED 183
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Let’s cover all the important details of this plan:

Orient Travel Senior Annual Plus

This exclusive plan from Orient Travel Insurance offers highly comprehensive benefits with a transparent purchasing and claim settlement process. Given below are some of the key features of Orient Travel Senior Annual Plus for 70+ travellers:

  • Offers coverage for travellers up to 79 years of age - the minimum age required for this plan is 65 years. 
  • Provides coverage for emergency medical treatment requirements - this includes your hospitalisation expenses as well as expenses for tests and medical procedures performed.
  • The medical coverage of this travel insurance for 70 plus individuals is limited to USD 50,000 and includes situations related to emergency medical treatment and medical evacuation. 
  • Provides cover for emergency dental expenses for up to USD 500 
  • Covers both international (outbound) and domestic (inbound) trips
  • Provides trip-related benefits like baggage loss, baggage delay, flight delay or cancellation, and baggage loss
  • Trip cancellation and curtailment are also covered for the specified cancellation reasons

How to Apply for Travel Insurance for Over 70 Years of Age?

Applying for your travel insurance for 70 plus individuals is a swift and straightforward process with available online and offline options. You can apply for and purchase your travel insurance plans with us, i.e.,, branch offices of the provider, or via your insurance agent.

Following are the steps you can follow for both online and offline application procedures:

Online Platforms

There are two ways you can apply for your travel insurance for 70-year-olds online: 


  • Visit and head to the travel insurance home page. 
  • Fill out the lead form available on our website using some of your basic details like name, travel dates, travel location, etc. 
  • Once you submit this lead form, you will get all available travel insurance plans for 70-year-olds as per your provided data. 
  • Compare and choose the best options from the list and move forward to make your purchase. 
  • Open the application form by clicking on ‘apply now’ and fill in the required info. Add the requested documents and finish the application.
  • Pay the premium as applicable and complete the procedure.

Via the Insurance Provider Website

  • Go to the provider website and find the travel insurance corner there. 
  • Locate the plan that you want to purchase and move forward to fill out the application form.
  • Add the required information on the form and then proceed to add your required documents. 
  • Pay the premium as displayed by the provider and finish the process. 
  • You will receive your travel insurance for 70-year-olds documents via email at your registered email address. 

Offline Platforms

Bank branches and insurance agents are two ways you can use to apply for your travel insurance for 70-year-olds offline. Following are the steps you can follow to buy travel insurance offline in the UAE:

  • Visit the branch of your provider and connect with an executive there. 
  • Ask for an application form for travel insurance plans. Fill out the required details on the form and add the necessary documents. 
  • Submit the form and pay the premium to finalise your purchase. 
  • Your policy documents will be delivered via mail or courier to your residence. 

Note: If you have an insurance agent, you can ask them about the plan you wish to buy. They will bring you the necessary forms and submit the documents for you. Make sure that you have all the required documents for the submission on hand for offline applications. 

Documents Required to Purchase Travel Insurance for 70-Year-Olds

  • Passport of the applicant – for both UAE nationals and residents
  • Emirates ID - for both UAE nationals and residents
  • Resident visa - for UAE residents only
  • Travel bookings, documents, tickets, etc. 

How to Claim Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plans?

Sending in claim applications for your travel insurance for 70 plus folks is rather easy. You can easily submit your claim online via the claim submission portal of your insurance provider. Just keep in mind that the documents you will be required to submit may change as per the kind of claim you are making or the benefits you are claiming from. 

Given below are the common steps you will be following while submitting claims for your travel insurance for 70 plus individuals:

  • Contact the police if the claiming incident involves lost luggage, accidental damages, or theft. File a proper police complaint and get a copy of the report.
  • Call your insurance provider and inform them know about the claim you would like to submit. Ask the executive you connect with for a claim form.
  • Once you have obtained the claim form, fill it out properly, add the required documents with it, and submit it on the online submission portal. 

Here are a few things you should keep in mind about travel insurance claims:

  • Most providers have a deadline for all trip-related claims. The deadline in such cases may range around 30 days. This means you will have to submit all claims within 30 days (more or less as per the norm) of returning from your trip. 
  • In case you find yourself stuck in a medical emergency, contact the hospital first and then your provider. You will get approval for the emergency treatment when you are at the hospital. 
  • Get a verbal pre-approval from your insurance provider before you submit the claim form to increase the chances of settlement. 

How to Buy Cheap Travel Insurance for over 70 Years of Age?


Comparing all the available alternatives is the key to buying the best insurance plan, whether it is travel insurance for 70-year-olds or any other one. To compare your travel insurance plan options properly, you can visit our website, obtain quotes and compare the key benefits of each plan on the spot. Once you have found adequately comprehensive yet cheap travel insurance for 70 plus individuals, process your purchase on the same platform in a matter of minutes. 

Buy Online:

Purchasing your travel insurance for over 70-year-olds online can be beneficial in terms of both cost and transparency of benefits. Several providers offer exclusive discounts for plans bought online. This can include special online purchase discounts as well as seasonal and occasional discounts. 

Purchase Early:

The sooner you purchase your travel insurance plan, the cheaper you will get it. When you purchase your travel insurance close to your travel dates, the price increases. However, when you buy your travel insurance for over 70-year-olds further from your travel dates, you can get the cheapest possible plans. Ideally, buy your cheap travel insurance for over 70-year-olds when your book your flight tickets and accommodations. 

Take Necessary Benefits Only:

It is highly likely that the plans you choose will have more benefits than you require. However, it is recommended to make a list of your requirements first and then toggle through the available plan options. Match the offered features with your list of requirements and then choose the one that matches the most. Buying cheap travel insurance for over 70-year-olds is fairly easy with such a practice. 

Best Travel Insurance Providers

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How can I submit my claims for travel insurance for over 70 years of age?

You can use the online claim portal of your provider to submit your travel insurance claims or make an offline submission.

Can I buy my travel insurance for 70 plus online?

Yes, buying your travel insurance for 70-year-olds is possible. You can buy the plans from our website as well as the provider's website. 

Is it possible to extend my travel insurance for over 70 years old folks if my travel plans change?

Yes, depending on your plan and the provider, you can easily extend your travel insurance plan to match your vacation dates.

Is trip cancellation covered for any reason in my travel insurance for 70 plus?

No, only a few pre-specified reasons are covered for trip cancellation and curtailment claims. Your policy documents will mention these specific reasons. Only emergency and unexpected reasons are generally covered here.

Do I need a police report to file claims for my travel insurance for 70 years old?

Yes, a police report will be required for some claims as per their nature. All claims related to lost items, thefts, accidental damages, and injuries, for instance, must be filed with a police report of the incident. On the other hand, other claims like flight cancellation, trip curtailment, etc., can be filed without a police report. 

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