Most Incredible Places to Visit in Georgia


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Georgia is a beautiful country located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. It is a place of charm, with a varied landscape of rolling hills, snow-capped mountains, and lush forests. Georgia is also a country of culture and history, with stunning architecture, diverse cuisine, and vibrant nightlife. 

Georgia is a great destination for travellers looking for a dose of adventure, culture, and relaxation. From the capital city of Tbilisi to the beautiful Black Sea coastline, and the stunning mountain villages, Georgia has something for everyone. 

The list of the best places to visit in Georgia is vast and includes the picturesque mountain villages of Svaneti and Kazbegi. Here, you can experience an authentic Georgian experience, with rustic villages and ancient churches, as well as stunning alpine scenery. 

In Tbilisi, you can explore the cobbled streets of the Old Town and visit the grand National Museum of Georgia. Along the Black Sea coast, you can also explore the vibrant resort towns of Batumi and Gagra, with their sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, Georgia has something for everyone. 

Find Out the Best Places to Visit in Georgia (Country)

We have curated a list of places to visit in Georgia so that you can make the most of your trip to this Caucasian country -

Places to Visit in Winter Places to Visit in Summer Places to Visit with Family
Tbilisi Mtskheta Svaneti
Vardzia Chiatura Sighnaghi
Kazbegi Batumi Khevsureti

1. Visit the Emerging European City - Tbilisi

The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi warmly greets its visitors every year. What makes the city one of the best places to visit in Georgia is its incredible history, vibrant culture, well-preserved traditions, and innumerable outdoor activities. 

Here are the top attractions that you should check out in the city -

  • Old Town - Explore this culturally rich town for its simplicity. You can stroll in the cobblestone streets and hike mediaeval fortresses, and caravanserais. Here, you can also visit some spiritual sites like the Orthodox, Armenian Apostolic, and Catholic churches.
  • Simon Janashia Museum - This place has Georgia’s most remarkable archaeological collections from the Bronze Age up to the 20th century. Some highlights of the Simon Janashia Museum are Georgian gold, coins, intricate jewellery, and skull fossils.
  • Theatres - Georgia is not only famous for its fine art but for its performing arts in theatres as well. You can visit the National Opera and Ballet Theatre to watch famous Georgian plays in English, Georgian, and Russian. Other theatres you can visit include Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theatre, and Tbilisi Concert Hall.
  • Markets - The capital city has everything from trading centres to malls and popular designer stores. At the Dry Bridge, you can visit the flea market if you want to purchase conventional souvenirs and handicrafts and some genuine artwork. 
  • Narikala Fortress - This place was once a Persian citadel. It was established in the 4th century and its structure was expanded in the 7th, 16th, and 17th centuries. You can hike to the fortress and get a picturesque view of the capital city.

2. See the Hub of UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Mtskheta

What makes Mtskheta one of the most popular places to visit in Georgia is that it is the hub of exceptional mediaeval religious architecture and untapped natural beauty. UNESCO, in 1994, declared the historical monuments of Mtskheta a World Heritage Site. 

Some of the places worth visiting over here are -

  • Jvari Monastery - Located in conjunction with the Aragvi and Mtkvari Rivers is Jvari Monastery. This is an old church whose foundation goes back to the 6th century. You can visit the Monastery for its intricate architecture and figures of the major historical and religious people.
  • Svetitskhoveli Cathedral - This is the second largest church in the country and is worth visiting as a gem of Middle Age architecture. The cathedral is known to have Jesus Christ’s robes beneath the nave. 
  • Samtavro Monastery - This is a mediaeval monastery that was constructed in the 11th century. As a monastic complex, it has 4 major parts -  the main transfiguration church, a belfry, the church of St. Nino, and the surrounding wall. 
  • Shio Mgvime - This monastery is known for its legendary caves where a monk named Shio lived. In this monastery, you can visit a church devoted to Virgin Mary. Located near the monastery complex is the village of Skhaltba. You can tour the village for its unique structure. 

3. Tick off Svaneti from Your Bucket List

The number of things to do in Svaneti, Georgia is so incredible that this place ought to be included on everyone's trip wish list. The Svaneti region is quickly rising to become the best places to visit in Georgia due to investments in tourism and a clean-up program by President Saakashvili. 

Here are some places you should visit in Svaneti -

  • Mestia - Mestia is widely popular for its incredible, breathtaking scenery and the sheer variety of historical sites. Amazing and unforgettably beautiful features of Svaneti include Shkhara, a waterfall that cascades from the rocks, the highest peak in Georgia - the Peak of Ushba, and alpine lakes that are almost as blue as the sky. Visit Lamaria, Iprali's Archangel Church, Ushguli, Mulakhi's Temple of the Saviour, and other places nearby.
  • Svan Towers - Previously, residents utilised the Svan towers as defence fortifications. They were actually fortified homes where native warriors guarded their families and lands. With the earliest constructions here reportedly dating to the sixth century, you can explore the monument for its fascinating history.
  • Ushguli - While Ushguli is accessible on foot or by car, 4WD is still advised. This is because it is a region that includes four smaller settlements and is located 2,200 metres above sea level. Everything is much more stunning when old stone houses are flanked by Caucasus mountain peaks that are covered in snow.
  • Glacier Hiking - The hiking is fantastic at Svaneti. There are numerous glaciers that may be explored in addition to the amazing hiking paths, breathtaking vistas, and landscape that it offers.

4. Vardzia

You will be spellbound after exploring the charming village of Vardzia, one of the best places to visit in Georgia to visit due to its exquisite beauty. The spectacular and intricate steep excavations of Erusheti Mountain can leave you in awe as you stand outside the well-known caverns of Vardzia. Your attention will then wander to the nearby settlement, which has a raging Mtkvari River and a stunning mountain backdrop. 

Here are the top places to explore in the village -

  • Khertvisi Fortress - One of Georgia's oldest fortifications is Khertvisi. The stronghold is perched on a mountain that seamlessly blends the past and current. Little rural homes for locals are located at the base of the mountain, and hundreds of metres above them rises the formidable fortress wall.
  • Tmogvi Fortress - Georgia's Samtskhe-Javakheti Region contains the Tmogvi Citadel, a fortress close to the settlement of Tmogvi in Aspindza Municipality. On the left bank of the Mtkvari River, sometimes called the Kura River, the fortification is perched atop a sizable rocky outcropping. If you are up for an adventure, note that while it is not easy to climb the cliff and get to the ruins, your endeavours will be duly rewarded with the stunning scenery of the gorge below.
  • Tsunda Church - The church is perched on a rocky outcrop close to some lovely terraced gardens and natural hot springs, which give you the chance to go hiking and tour the neighbourhood.
  • Vanis Kvabebi - This was an underground monastery that existed four centuries before Vardzia. Although less known, it is almost as fascinating as Vardzia itself. After being abandoned for many years, a small group of monks recently moved back into the caves at the lower left of the complex. There are several wooden ladders built into the rock that you can use to ascend to the small, white-domed chapel located high up the cliff.

5. Explore the Town of Quirky Cable Cars - Chiatura

Chiatura was established as a result of the discovery of manganese and iron ore reserves in the region by Georgian poet Akaki Tsereteli in 1879. Following significant investment, Chiatura's mines were responsible for 60% of the world's production by 1905. This mining town, also known as Air Venice, is among the top places to visit in Georgia for urban explorers and photographers. \

Here are some enjoyable things to do and locations to go to if you want to explore this town -

  • Ride the Cable Cars - In Chiatura, there are 4 new cableways with a combined length of nearly 3,500 metres. They all leave from Central Cable Car Station, a brand-new, contemporary lower terminal structure. It is situated close to the museum in the town centre. Lezhubani, Mukhadze, Sanatorium, and Naguti are the four distinct divisions.
  • Katskhi Pillar - A tiny monastery sits atop the 40-metre-tall limestone monolith known as Katshki Pillar. The boulder, known as the "Pillar of Life," is veiled in legends and fables and is believed to have served as a mediaeval hermitage as early as the ninth or tenth century. The current chapel is devoted to the Christian monk Maximus the Confessor, and the modest compound also includes three hermitages, a burial vault, and a wine cellar.
  • Chitura Regional Museum - The neighbourhood museum for Chiatura is housed in a grand, colonnaded structure on the main drag, right next to the brand-new Central Cable Car Station. The museum features some intriguing exhibits, such as vintage maps showing the extent of Chiatura's manganese exports to Europe and Asia, authentic oil lamps and equipment, and photos from the 1920s that depict the miners of Chiatura at work.
  • Temur Maghradze Stadium and Swimming Pool Mosaic - This is the home field of FC Chiatura, the 2020 Liga champions and 1975 Georgian Soviet Champions. The club's previous name, Magaroeli (which means "miner"), paid homage to the community's primary business.

The complex's indoor pool is located in the following structure - both sides of the indoor pool feature Soviet-style mosaics: the eastern end features a straightforward geometric pattern with a red sun, and the shallow end features a highly detailed wall-to-wall vista showing two figures sitting in underwater scenery.

6. Sighnaghi

Visit Georgia's well-known wine region, Kakheti, and develop a connection with the quaint city of Signagi for your trip to be full (also called Sighnaghi). Georgians refer to it as "the city of love" because of its quaint cobbled streets, lovely older brick structures with red roofs, and breathtaking views of the Caucasus mountains from its highland location. 

You should explore this place to visit in Georgia for the following -

  • Wine Tasting at 3 Amazing Wineries - Cradle of Wine, Pheasant's Tears, and OKRO'S are three fantastic wineries in Signagi that you shouldn't skip. One of the finest vineyards in the area is Pheasant's Tears, where you can reserve a table for dinner after sipping some of their handcrafted wines in the courtyard! 
  • Stroll Down the Cobblestone Streets - Signagi's labyrinthine streets are lovely and mesmerising to get lost in. You may still see remnants of a 5 km wall built by King Erekle II in the 1770s when the city was a fortress. You can either walk the streets to see all the colourful decorative porches or climb the tower to witness stunning valley vistas.
  • Shop in the Street Market - You can find sellers lined up on the main street in the city's centre selling goods including rugs, jewellery, souvenirs, coloured socks, shoes, and bags. So if you want to purchase gifts, make sure to come to this location. 
  • Unwind at Cafe Qedeli - The delightful Art Cafe Qedeli runs its business for a good purpose. The cafe employs artists with impairments and sells their works. A fantastic atmosphere is created by the vintage furnishings, enjoyable music, and superb coffee. 

7. Kazbegi

Kazbegi (now Stepantsminda), which offers breathtaking landscapes along with amazing Georgian customs and friendliness, draws an increasing number of tourists every year. Kazbegi, one of the most impressive mountain peaks in the Caucasus range, along with other magnificent mountains make this region one of the must places to visit in Georgia and an excellent location for rock climbing.

As a traveller, you can explore the region for -

  • Stepantsminda - This village is perfect for those of you who are into trekking and mountain climbing. It has a lot in store for history buffs as well, as they can tour and explore the Stepantsminda Historical Museum. The museum is famous for being home to Alexander Kazbegi and houses his literary works and personal belongings. 
  • Gergeti Trinity Church - Located at the top of Kazbegi mountain, Gergeti Trinity Church is a beautiful church whose construction dates back to the 14th century. 
  • Dariali Gorge - This is a lush green gorge along the Tergi River. Dariali River Gorge features slant cliff faces, middle-aged Georgian watchtowers, wildlife, and waterfalls. All these natural features make this region a perfect place for you to explore on foot. 
  • Sno Valley - Sno is a popular cultural hub in the Kazbegi region. You can check out the Sno Fortress which is surrounded by a circular wall with a pyramidal tower in the centre, and visit the region’s church as well. 
  • Kazbegi National Park - This national park is a habitat of a plethora of endemic animals. Some animals that you can spot here include brown bears, east Caucasian tur, chamois, martens, rabbits, wild cats, mice, shrews, squirrels, and more. The vegetation here covers a variety of red-listed wild herbs, alpine, subalpine flora, and woody plants. 

8. Take a Cultural Trip to Batumi

If you want to enjoy a beachy holiday in Georgia, Batumi is ‘the’ place to be. This is an adorable old town with a blend of modern and ancient architecture. What makes this town one of the best places to visit in Georgia is its delectable and fresh seafood. Explore the region for its dense vegetation, scenic landscapes, and a national park. 

Here is the list of places worth exploring in Batumi -

  • Old Town - Wander around the culturally vibrant town that has classic Italian-style outdoor cafes, boutique stores, and enchanting mosaic works. While roaming around in the Old Town, don’t forget to get a view of the statue of Medea at Europe Square.
  • Intake the View of Art Nouveau Architecture - Your visit to Batumi can become an enriching one when you explore its remarkable art nouveau architecture. Some buildings boasting this type of architecture are Cinema Apollo, 25 Memed Abashidze Ave, and more. 
  • Admire the Soviet Mosaics - Batumi is a great place to explore some Soviet Mosaic masterpieces, one of the best being that of Neptune at Akhmeteli Street or near the Dolphinarium. 
  • Statues of Ali and Nino - These statues get their name from the popular Caucasian book ‘Ali and Nino’ by Kubra Said. The statues move and change their positions every few minutes, which creates a fabulous spectacle to watch. 

9. Khevsureti

This is a historical province in the Dusheti district of eastern Georgia. It takes pride in its rich cultural heritage and vibrant and meaningful customs and traditions. What makes Khevsureti one of the best places to visit in Georgia (country) are its tourist destinations like -

  • Shatili - This village is a living example of mediaeval Georgian architecture. Explore the village for its cluster of defensive towers and alluring slate houses.
  • Mutso - Situated on a rocky mountain summit, Musto is an abandoned village that continues to offer a magnificent sight of the province. 
  • Tanie Lake - This is a hidden gem of Khevsureti that has a picturesque view. You can roam around the lake and see the towering alpines, expansive meadows, lush forests, and roaring rivers. 
  • Lebaiskari - This mediaeval Georgian structure is a 5-storey tower with a wooden staircase connecting every floor. It features a pyramid-form roof while the ground floor is a stable. This monument is a classic example of the residential, house-fortresses that were prominent in the mediaeval period.

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