Top Places to Visit in Morocco


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Located in the Maghreb region of North Africa, this country is officially referred to as the “Kingdom of Morocco”. From bustling Casablanca to the almost mystical city of Marrakech, each part of the country offers something unique and special for travellers of different demographics and interests.

At the same time, such a wide range of options can certainly be confusing (who would like to miss even one awesome place, after all!). So if you are planning a trip and wondering what are the best places to visit in Morocco, you can go through the article below and have a good starting point for your journey!

This article takes a closer look at the 10 best places to visit in Morocco as per various parameters to give you an experience of a lifetime.

Top Places to Visit in Morocco

Let’s start with a quick look at some of the top places to visit in Morocco-

Best Places to Visit in Morocco in Summer Best Places to Visit in Morocco Winter Best Places to Visit in Morocco with Family
Essaouira Marrakesh Marrakesh
Chefchaouen Fez Rabat
Meknes Essaouira Essaouira
Agadir Oujda Casablanca
Casablanca Tangier Chefchaouen

1. Casablanca

At the top of the list of the top places to visit in Morocco sits Casablanca, Morocco's largest city and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. This port city is situated on the Atlantic Ocean and has its unique historical charm and beauty. From the iconic Hassan II Mosque on the shore's edge to its crowded markets full of incredible goods, Casablanca is worth visiting for anyone looking for an immersive travel experience and is among the best places to visit in Morocco with family.

Here are some of the popular places in the city -

  • Hassan II Mosque: Located on the shore's edge, the iconic Hassan II Mosque is a must-visit attraction in Casablanca. The mosque is the largest in Morocco and the seventh largest globally. You can marvel at the intricate details of the mosque's architecture and enjoy stunning ocean views from the mosque's rooftop.
  • Place Mohammed V: Visiting Place Mohammed V is an excellent way to explore Casablanca. This famous landmark is located in the city centre and features a monument honouring King Mohammed V. You can also see the National Theater and its imposing statues of former colonial powers, including France, Spain, and Portugal.
  • Casablanca Medina: As per various travellers, no trip to Casablanca would be complete without a visit to the city's famous medina. This historic quarter, generally categorised into the new and old Medina of Casablanca, is one of North Africa's largest ancient Islamic cities, dating back to 1068 AD. You can explore the narrow alleyways, authentic handicrafts & souvenirs, and sample traditional Moroccan cuisine.
  • The Corniche: The Corniche is a picturesque waterfront promenade that stretches along the Atlantic Ocean in Casablanca. You can take a stroll or bike ride along the Corniche and enjoy stunning views of the ocean and the city's skyline. The area is also home to many restaurants, cafes and bars where you can relax and savour the local cuisine.

2. Marrakesh

Located near the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, the Red City of Marrakesh is full of life and cultural sites, with many attractions to explore from music festivals to souks and bazaars. Among the top places to visit in Morocco, this ancient Moroccan city dates back to the time of the Berban Empire. It is also renowned for its luxury in terms of grand hotels, spas, and traditional palaces.

Here are four top places to visit in Marrakesh -

  • El Badi Palace: Located in the heart of Marrakesh, El Badi Palace is an unmissable attraction for anyone interested in architecture and history. Built in the 16th century, this once-grand palace currently lies in ruins although you can still explore its ornately decorated walls and courtyards.
  • Koutoubia Mosque: The Koutoubia Mosque is a landmark of Marrakesh and one of the city's most iconic sights. A work of the 12th century, this beautiful mosque boasts a towering minaret and intricate decorations both inside and out. It must be noted that non-Muslim visitors are not allowed inside the mosque, although they can still admire its appearance from the outside.
  • Menara Gardens: Escape the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh by visiting the Menara Gardens, a sprawling oasis of lush greenery and serene lakes. Spanning over 100 hectares, the gardens offer pretty views of the Atlas Mountains and are perfect for a relaxing afternoon picnic.
  • Jemaa el-Fna: Travellers from across the globe flock to the busy and vibrant Jemaa el-Fna – located in the heart of Marrakesh's medina – to witness its captivating atmosphere. You can experience an array of offerings here such as fresh orange juice, exotic spices, snake charmers, magicians, and a night-time street food market with tasty local cuisines like tagine and couscous. A souk of merchandise stands on one side, with a hotel line on the other. For the cinephiles out there - a couple of scenes from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Man Who Knew Too Much were shot here!

3. Rabat

Morocco's capital and its fourth-largest city, Rabat is also one of the top 10 places to visit in Morocco. It is a popular destination for its blend of modernity and traditional Moroccan culture, with sites like the Andalusian gardens, Hassan Tower, and Udayas Kasbah making it a picturesque destination.

Here are some of the must-visit places in Rabat -

  • Kasbah Udayas: This 11th-century fortress is located in the heart of Rabat near the Atlantic coast and has magnificent views of the river. You will also find the renowned Andalusian gardens here. 
  • Hassan Tower: Also known as Le Tour Hassan, this grand tower was meant to be part of a massive mosque as per the planning of Yacoub al-Mansour but was eventually left incomplete. Standing alone on a hilltop, it's still an awe-inspiring sight – an impressive reminder of Morocco's past grandeur - and has exquisite carvings that you can view. 
  • Mausoleum of Mohamed V: With its rich history and beauty, the Mausoleum of King Mohammed V is a must-see destination for those wishing to immerse themselves in Morocco's cultural heritage. This place is of historical importance, as King Mohammed V was welcomed here when he made his return from Madagascar. It can also be of interest to art lovers, with this Mausoleum featuring incredible zellige tilework and a grand marble tomb. 
  • Moulay Bousselham: If a tranquil environment is what you're looking for, you should certainly come to this town's stunning beach and picturesque fishing boats. This is an excellent site for bird lovers as well, who can go on a boat ride at Merja Zerga National Park and watch water birds such as egrets, plovers, flamingos, herons, and more.

4. Fez

Fez is a charming city in the north of Morocco, home to the world's largest car-free urban area, Fes el Bali, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its narrow winding alleyways, ornate palaces, mosques, and traditional architecture, Fez is a picturesque destination that offers something for everyone, from tourists looking for culture and history to travellers looking for adventure, which makes it one of the top places to visit in Morocco.

Here are the major attractions of this place -

  • Fes el Bali: Fes el Bali sits in the oldest walled part of Fez known as the Medina. It is reportedly the largest car-free urban area in the world and is home to many historic buildings such as the Al-Qarawiyyin mosque, which was founded in the 9th century. You can explore this place on foot and see the bustle of various stalls, shops selling souvenirs, mosques, and more.
  • Bou Inania Madrasa: This 14th-century Madrasa (Islamic school) is one of Morocco's finest examples of Merinid architecture. It features intricate carvings and tile work. Before visiting this place, keep in mind that it is next to a mosque, meaning that the place is closed to tourists during prayer times.
  • Royal Palace of Fez: Called the Dar el Makhzen, this palace was built in the late 19th century and is still used by the Moroccan royal family. Although you are not allowed inside the Royal Palace of Fez as a visitor, you can admire its imposing gates and walls with exquisite Moroccan artwork from the outside. 
  • Borj Nord Museum: Located inside a historical fortress built by the Saadi Dynasty, the Borj Nord Museum offers a fascinating look into the military history of Fez and Morocco. It has been operating as a museum of arms and military since 2016 and contains more than 5,000 weapons, armour, and traditional handicraft that you can see.

5. Meknes

Meknes, the capital of Morocco's Meknes-Tafilalet region, is just an hour’s drive from Fez. It is often called the ‘Versailles of Morocco’ due to its majestic gates and great walls stretching far beyond the city limits. If you're planning your next getaway, include this incredible destination on your itinerary - it's certainly one of the top places to visit in Morocco!

Let’s cover the must-see places in Meknes -

  • The Moulay Ismail Mausoleum: You should certainly visit this Mausoleum in Meknes if you love history and art. This is the burial site of Moulay Ismail, who is credited with the creation of the city of Meknes in the 17th century. 
  • Lahdim Square: If you're looking for a budget-friendly sightseeing option in Meknes, head to Lahdim Square - located in the heart of the old city, with Bab Mansour gate overlooking it. Smaller than Jemaa el Fna in Marrakech, it's still bustling with activity from street performers and vendors selling their wares. 
  • Habs Qara Prison: To reach the Habs Qara Prison, you need to go to the Ambassador's Pavilion above ground, which served as a place where diplomatic meetings used to take place with representatives from other countries. You can buy your tickets there and get through a narrow set of stairs to the wide-open stone-arched space. 
  • Heri Es Souani: Originally designed to serve as food reserves during times of hardship, Heri Es Souani can be found in the heart of the Imperial City's palace and is nothing short of extraordinary. From the creativity of the artisans who created them to the marvels of water management and engineering, there is a lot to admire here for all visitors!

6. Chefchaouen

The sixth entry on the list of the top places to visit in Morocco is the small, blue city of Chefchaouen. Popularly referred to as the ‘blue pearl of Morocco’, it is known for its unique blue-washed walls that adorn the entire Medina. It's thought that Jews escaping the Spanish inquisition in the 15th century were responsible for bringing the distinctive shade of blue to Chefchaouen and making it stand out from other Moroccan cities.

Interestingly, the name Chefchaouen refers to ‘look at the horns’, which points to the two mountains nearby that form a structure that almost matches the description!

Discussed below are some places worth exploring while visiting Chefchaouen -

  • The Blue Medina: Chefchaouen's old town, also known as the Blue Medina, is a delight to wander through. Its narrow alleyways and blue-washed buildings are a photographer's dream. You can shop for souvenirs, try local street food, or simply soak up the atmosphere of this one of the top places to visit in Morocco.
  • Ethnographic Museum of Chefchaouen: The Kasbah Museum is a 15th-century fortress-turned-museum, which offers a fascinating insight into the history and culture of the town and its people. You can learn about the local crafts, see traditional costumes, and admire the intricate wood carvings and mosaics while there. 
  • Ras El Ma Waterfall: Just a short hike from the town centre, this majestic waterfall offers a refreshing respite from the summer heat. It has crystal-clear water and plenty of shady spots exist to relax, enjoy the scenery, and have snacks and refreshments.
  • Spanish Mosque: Located on a hill overlooking the town, the Spanish Mosque offers panoramic views of Chefchaouen and the surrounding countryside. Constructed in the 1920s, it is an abandoned mosque that nevertheless offers a peaceful setting and pleasant vistas that make it a popular spot for sunset watching.

7. Tangier

As a major port and one of the most vibrant cities in the country, Tangier boasts a cosmopolitan atmosphere that combines modernity with old Moroccan ways. Situated on the Strait of Gibraltar, it has plenty of attractions such as picturesque parks, beaches, and busy markets, where you can buy everything from Moroccan handicrafts to souvenirs.

Some of the renowned places to visit in Tangier include the following -

  • Hercules Cave: A well-known tourist attraction, the natural wonder of Hercules Cave is believed to be the resting spot of the legendary hero, Hercules. You can also admire the marvellous rock formations and capture photos of this cave, which is reported to have been mined at a point. This is indeed among the top places to visit in Morocco if you are looking for unique sea experiences.
  • American Legation Museum: This attractive building, constructed using Moorish-style stucco, was offered as a gift to the United States of America by Sultan Moulay Sulliman in 1821. For 140 years, it was the home to the United States Legation and Consulate. Although it had experienced some damage, today, the museum has been fully restored and houses the Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies, making it a trendy tourist destination.
  • Cape Malabata: Located six miles east of Tangier, Cape Malabata boasts stunning views of the Strait of Gibraltar and a picturesque lighthouse. The location also features a mediaeval-style castle built in the early 20th century, making it a must-visit spot for lighthouse enthusiasts.
  • Museum of Moroccan Art: Created in the palace of a former Governor, it is one of the most interesting museums you can find! This is a great place if you are interested in history or even aesthetic artwork, with the place featuring artefacts such as glass mosaic, marble of incredible colour, and more. 

8. Essaouira

Essaouira, a port city on the Atlantic coast, is an idyllic town known for its windy weather and magnificent sea views. This small city has been called ‘The White City’ due to its white-washed houses and old blue-painted doors and is one of the top places to visit in Morocco.

Take a look below for the key places to explore in this city -

  • Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah Museum: Located within the walls of Essaouira's Medina, this colonial house-turned-museum is certainly worth visiting. You can visit this museum for free and get to explore a range of artefacts and displays, including musical instruments, photographs, jewellery, prehistoric utensils, and armoury.
  • Medina of Essaouira: Among the must-see destinations in this city is the Medina of Essaouira, which is marked as a UNESCO World Heritage site as well. You can discover its picturesque whitewashed buildings, intricate alleyways, and bustling markets. For an immersive experience with locals and amazing ocean views, you can stroll through the medina and explore Moulay Hassan Square. 
  • Galerie la Kasbah: If you are an art fanatic, you must not miss this place while in Morocco! The gallery features works of art by Talbi, Atrach, Ali Maimoun, and other renowned Souiri artists. You can find themes of surrealism, realism, and impressionism in the artistic works here.
  • Essaouira Beach: If you are looking for a great spot to catch some waves and engage in camel riding, surfing, and other activities, look no further than Essaouira beach. This sandy stretch offers a wide promenade and is ideal for surfing and kitesurfing due to the strong Atlantic winds that result in great waves.

9. Agadir

Agadir is among the top places to visit in Morocco if you are searching for warm weather, lovely beaches, and picturesque views. A 10-kilometre-long coastline boasting golden sandy beaches makes it perfect for swimming and water sports.

The history of this place is remarkable. Even though a devastating earthquake in 1960 caused significant damage, the city was rebuilt and became a modern hub with numerous buildings, vibrant markets, and more.

Discussed below are some places worth checking out in Agadir -

  • Agadir Oufella Kasbah: For tourists looking to explore the history of Agadir, the Agadir Oufella, also known as ‘Granary on high’ - is an essential stop. Constructed in 1540 by Mohamed Ech-Cheikh, a monarch from the Saadian dynasty, this stronghold was erected to defend Agadir from Portuguese incursions. Offering dazzling views of the city and the ocean, it is among the most popular attractions of the city.
  • Taghazout Beach: Taghazout Beach is a popular spot for surfers around 20 kilometres north of Agadir. You can take surf lessons and rent equipment for some enthralling experiences or simply soak up the sun and revel in the view of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Agadir Birds Valley: This scenic nature park provides a tranquil atmosphere with many bird species, beautiful gardens, and well-maintained walking paths. If you need an escape from the daily chaos of life, this is an ideal destination to take in the region's natural wonders.
  • Crocopark: Agadir's Crocopark, around 14 kilometres to the east of the city, is a wildlife reserve meant to protect the now-extinct Moroccan crocodiles. You can observe and study these animals up close in a safe environment for these reptiles.

10. Oujda

Set in eastern Morocco, this hidden gem is packed with wonders—from traditional architecture and street markets to delicious food places and outlets. You can also explore the narrow alleys of the old medina or relax in the public bathhouses.

Here are some must-visits at Oujda -

  • Sidi Maafa Forest:  Situated beyond the boundaries of Oujda lies this spectacular natural area. Spanning an area of 12 km, it has convenient paths for hiking and places to relax and have a picnic. This forest is also popular as a place for activities such as jogging, cycling, and walking, as abundant trees and blossoms of various colours surround the paths.
  • Oujda Grand Mosque: This impressive mosque, besides being an important centre of worship in the city, has splendid architecture and a tranquil atmosphere that make it a spot worth visiting.
  • Lalla Aicha Park: Lalla Aicha Park, located in central Oujda, serves as a perfect refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. It has various pretty gardens, tranquil walking paths, and play areas providing a great place to take a calming stroll, jog, or sit and appreciate the lush landscaping.

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