8 Stunning Places to Visit in Hungary for a Perfect Vacation!


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Hungary is one of the most highly admired tourist destinations due to the presence of picturesque castles, thick forests, mesmerising lakes, mysterious caves, and other endless spots. While Budapest, its glittering capital, is one of the best places to visit in Hungary, you can find many more sites for your trip!

All these myriad places to visit here have made Hungary one of the most popular tourist sites in the whole of Eastern Europe. This is further enhanced by facilities for commuting, with Hungary being well connected by flights.

Let’s dive into the best places to visit in Hungary!

Top 8 Places to Visit in Hungary

Here is a list of the best places to visit in Hungary as per various parameters -

Best Places to Visit in Hungary in Summer Best Places to Visit in Hungary in Winter Best Places to Visit in Hungary with Family
Budapest Budapest  Budapest
Tihany Eger Sopron
Pecs Esztergom Szeged
Tokaj Szeged Eger

1. Budapest

Budapest is among the top places to visit in Hungary if you are intrigued by its history and progress in modern times. Known as 'the Paris of the East' due to its natural serenity and romantic aura, Budapest can be considered a union of two halves of Buda and Pest that are separated by the Danube river but are blended into a magnificent metropolis.

You can find a large number of baths present here that are fed by natural hot springs lying beneath this city's surface. Besides such world-class spas, Budapest is also a paradise for foodies and art lovers.

Let’s look at some of the most popular destinations in this city -

  • Buda Castle - Sitting on the top of Castle Hill and overlooking the river Danube, it comprises a number of important mediaeval monuments, museums, churches, chapels, massive courtyards, and more. Though most of the castle is restored now, it had witnessed severe damage during World War II. You can visit the courtyards all day long and enjoy the illuminated castle at night. If you are into art, architecture, or history, this is THE place for you!
  • Danube Promenade - You can enjoy a pleasant riverside walk and enjoy views of the majestic river as it is one of the vantage points to admire views of the city's stunning architecture. You can admire the views of the city by taking a boat cruise along the Danube as well. While strolling along the banks, you will come across the ‘Shoes on the Danube Bank’ memorial for the Jews who were shot there in World War 2. 
  • St. Stephen’s Basilica - This cathedral is dedicated to St. Stephen, the king of Hungary who is also considered the state’s founder. On visiting this cathedral, you will get to witness the panoramic view, impressive architecture, and intricate beauty of the interiors. The most impressive work is visible in the five-part Venetian mosaic in the sanctuary, which represents the allegories of the Holy Mass.
  • Hungarian Parliament Building - Among the main highlights of a walk around Budapest's cobbled streets is the pleasing sight of the parliament building. One of the most attractive quarters in terms of architecture, this neo-gothic building was opened in 1886 to mark the 1,000th anniversary of the country.

You can explore this place and get a 45-minute guided tour exploring the building (when the government is not sitting).

2. Tihany

Situated on the north coast of Balaton Lake, Tihany is among the best places to visit in Hungary due to its incredible natural beauty and tranquil ambience. Besides being home to ancient architectural treasures, Tihany is also home to an Abbey which has records of the first Hungarian language found. The annual Lavender Festival, meanwhile, draws various tourists from across the world who come to pick flowers and enjoy sample delicacies scented and flavoured with lavender.

  • Lavender House - This is a must-visit location on the shores of the lake if you wish to explore lavenders as well as the peninsula's history. You can also collect souvenirs for your loved ones from various gift shops here, which sell essential oils, handmade soaps, and various lavender-rich articles.
  • Tihany Echo - This is an interesting place to visit in Hungary where you can experience the 7X echo while having a stunning panoramic view of Lake Balaton. Mentioned in numerous poems, it is one of the most serene places to be in on a quiet windless evening. As per written records from the 19th century, the sound from Tihany Echo reverberates up to 15 syllables. 
  • Paprika House - If you are fond of paprika, you certainly shouldn’t miss out on the Paprika House, with a quirky outdoor décor of pepper hanging, that sells some of the world's best paprika. All types of paprika-infused products like oils, sauces, and smoked paprika spice, are also available here. 
  • Ortorony Lookout Tower - To get the best views of everything near Lake Balaton, you should visit this three-story tower. You can check out the absolutely stunning views of lavender fields, Balatonudvari village, Balatonfoldvar resort on Balaton shore, Balatonfured spa town, and so on.

3. Pecs

Pecs is among the most picturesque places to visit in Hungary with its scenic beauty, mediaeval structures, magnificent museums, and historic religious buildings. On top of this architectural beauty, Pecs also offers a hubbub of pubs, bars, cafes, and nightlife. All in all, it is a marvellous getaway for both tranquillity and chaos.

  • Pecs Cathedral - This cathedral was built in the foundation of an early-Christian Basilica belonging to the 4th century. With a mix of Romanesque, Renaissance, Gothic, and neo-Romanesque styles of architecture, it also has a touch of the Ottoman era. The interiors of the church are bright and colourful while the basement is picturesque and symmetrical with its perfect arches.
  • Mosque of Pasha Qasim - This place of worship was constructed in 1580 and bears the hallmark of Ottoman architecture in its alternative rows of light and dark stones on the arches and plaster decoration. You will also come across some inscriptions from the Koran. What makes it even more interesting is that this structure currently serves as a catholic church.
  • Pecs Synagogue - Among the most remarkable synagogues in Europe, it was built-in the Hungarian romantic style in 1869. A thing that catches attention outside the building is a clock present above the entrance with the Hebrew sentence 'The House of worship for all people’ above.
  • Victor Vasarely Museum - This museum contains work from various periods of Victor Vasarely's artistic career. Besides a room here where you can watch a documentary, it also features optical art in rooms filled with drawings, paintings, large tapestries, and 3D pieces like his chess set. You can also get to admire his chess-related and zebra artworks here. Overall, this place provides a unique experience that you must have at least once!

4. Tokaj

Tokaj is one of the best places to visit in Hungary if you are a wine connoisseur. Notably, this is the place where 'Tokaji aszu', reportedly the world's oldest botrytised wine, is produced. Being preserved as Tokaj Wine Region Historic Cultural Landscape, it is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well.

Besides wine, Tokaj is also popular for its excellent views of the Zemplen hills, ancient structures, recreational areas, museums, and more.

Check out some of the most famous tourist spots present in this town -

  • Great Synagogue - In terms of architecture, this synagogue’s red brickwork and impressive towers almost touch the sky. It is one of the largest synagogues after the one in New York City. It also has a 'Tree of Life' memorial that has names of thousands of Hungarian Jews who were killed in the Holocaust. 
  • World Heritage Wine Museum - This museum celebrates the world of wine in this town. You can get to learn a lot about Hungary’s world-famous wine and all the traditions and activities related to wine production. You can also try a fun activity in the scent test, where you can check out the power of your nose. 
  • Tokaj Museum - Built within an 18th-century mansion, you can learn about the production of wine, view the art of the local artists, and admire beautiful pieces of liturgical art here. 
  • Boldogko Castle - With its construction beginning some time before the Tatar invasion, this castle surely has many magical and interesting things to immerse you for some time. You will get to view ancient coins, flags, and shield displays here that will take you back to the Middle age. In summer, this place becomes quite picturesque and features wonderful knight performances as well.

5. Eger

Eger is one of the best places to visit in Hungary in winter. As a visitor, you will get to witness remnants of the Turkish invasion that have somewhat influenced the architecture in this town. This town is sure to mesmerise you with its natural beauty, charming mediaeval atmosphere, hilly surroundings, and vineyards that produce some of the best red wine in Hungary.

You can also indulge in adventure sports like horse riding, hiking, and paragliding or take a tour of the churches, renovated Turkish baths, and other marvellous ancient structures.

Here is a list of some of the top-rated tourist destinations in Eger -

  • Eger Castle - This castle is a part of the fort built in the 15th century and is considered a symbol of Hungarian soldiers’ victory over the Turkish army in 1552. You can climb this castle’s stairs and enjoy a splendid view of the town. You can also enjoy the interesting exhibitions as well as displays of the rich history of the town of Eger.
  • Dobo Ter - You can start your trip to Eger by taking a tour of this city's main square, which is where you will understand why this place is known as 'The Baroque Pearl.' While strolling, you can sit on a bench in the plaza and admire the statue of Istvan Dobo, who was captain of troops during the Ottoman invasion. Besides this, you can also check out the beauty of Baroque-style buildings and Catholic Churches on each side of the square.
  • Valley of Beautiful Women - Quirky name indeed! Eger, along with its diverse legacy, is also famous for its wine. Present in the perfect setting of Bukk mountains, this valley has quite an old tradition of Eger. You can check out different wine cellars here and even taste the famous local wine Egri Bikaver, also known as the Bull's Blood. 
  • Marzipan Museum - Hungary has a total of 3 Marzipan museums - the one in Eger houses hundreds of pieces of art. It’s worth noting that this exhibition was created only with almonds and sugar by world-renowned pastry chef Kopcsik Lajos. This sweet collection of his consists of embroidered cushions, Russian dolls, Christian icons, Van Gogh paintings, a model of Eger Minaret, and even a life-size bell.

6. Esztergom

One of the best places to visit in Hungary in winter, Esztergom shows the influence of Christianity on Hungary and has the largest church in the country. Known as the country's spiritual centre, even the museums present here have the largest collection of Christian relics. Apart from churches, this city has a great combination of neoclassical buildings, Ottoman architecture, and European parks.

Here is a list of some of the popular tourist destinations present in Esztergom -

  • Esztergom Basilica - The largest church in Hungary, this church includes Bakocz Chapel, which features beautiful red and white marble carvings. You can also go down the steps and take a look at the underground crypts. On the other hand, if you climb around 400 steps of the winding staircase, you can get to admire the panoramic vistas of Esztergom.
  • Castle Museum - This castle is present in the former royal palace built during the golden age of Esztergom by French architects. It has a total of 20 rooms, a white tower, and Gerevich rooms. This is among the top places to visit in Hungary if you wish to check out a unique combination of mediaeval stone masonry and modern brickwork.
  • Christian Museum - This museum is home to the largest collection of mediaeval religious artwork in Hungary. One of the most prized pieces in the museum is the Holy Sepulchre of Garamszentbenedek. Apart from that, there are Hungarian Gothic triptychs as well as altarpieces and works by masters from the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and more.
  • Oziceli Hacci Ibrahim Mosque - It is a 400-year-old mosque built during the Ottoman occupation of Esztergom. It was later transformed into a granary and a residence before being converted to its final form - a museum. It’s worth noting that the mihrab of this place, the only two-story mosque in Esztergom, is still well intact.

7. Szeged

Popular as the ‘City of Sunshine’, Szeged is home to stunning architecture and a tranquil atmosphere. It is a bustling city and offers both magnificent architecture and lively social scenes. One of the most famous attractions of this place is Szeged's Open Air Theatre Festival, which attracts theatre lovers from around the world. Moreover, though the weather of the place remains pleasant throughout the year, it is especially one of the best places to visit in Hungary in winter.

  • Votive Church - Keeping with Szeged's Eclectic architecture, this church is a fusion of Byzantine, neo-Gothic, and neo-Romanesque architecture and has frescoes painted in the second half of the 20th century. You can also get access to the tower and visit the cellar floor as well.
  • Reok Palota - The theme of this palace is water, quite evident from the fluid lines of the Art Nouveau style. This is also a great place for art lovers, who can find temporary art exhibitions with works of Picasso and Chagall, concerts, theatre projections, and much more. You should get your lens ready for a great photo of this palace if you visit this palace during the sunset, when the greens and lilacs almost seem to glow. 
  • Mora Ferenc Muzeum - This is one of the most eminent landmarks in the region constructed after the Great Flood of 1879. It is a multidisciplinary museum that holds high-profile temporary exhibitions. It also has permanent exhibitions, which deal with regional culture, craft, and natural history and explain them via multimedia, interactive display, and moving models. 
  • Szeged Synagogue - This is the second largest Synagogue in Hungary and the fourth-largest in the world. Its design has a mix of Art Nouveau and Historicism, while the interiors have a whole lot of symbolism. This includes the central dome's 24 columns, which symbolise 24 hours of a day, and rose flowers that symbolise Revelation. This place is also ideal to attend classical concerts, thanks to its high-grade acoustics.

8. Sopron

Sopron is one of the best places to visit in Hungary if you are keen on history and the most exquisite historical places to visit in this country. This place’s culture and architecture have some imprints of Romans, Germans, Celts, Slavs, Avars, and Magyars who settled here some time or other. Though the city has expanded over time, the inner part of the town of Belvaros still has its unique old charm.

Given below is a list of some of the widely famous tourists spots in Sopron -

  • Fire Tower (Tuztorony) - You should not miss the chance to visit the Fire Tower, one of the city's most notable landmarks. It was earlier used as a tower to guard against any type of emergency (like fire) or an approaching army to notify the citizens of the city. You can admire the panoramic views of the city and the surrounding region from the viewing platform.
  • Sopron Forest Park - This park is a great place for a day’s picnic and some strolling in nature. Unlike regular nature parks, this one is full of hiking trails, gymnastic courses, picnic sites, historical sites, and much more. 
  • Sopron Old Town - Also referred to as the ‘jewellery box of Hungary’, this is present on the edge of western Hungary. The old town is pretty picturesque and has plenty of places to tour, have a nice dinner, and more. Several other tourist destinations, like churches and Roman ruins, are within walking distance from here as well.
  • Central Mining Museum - Although this museum is relatively small, it is a great one to check out a set of materials and crystals that are mined in the country. You can also explore models and machines of old mining here and understand the significance of mining with respect to the development of this town.

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