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For all the beach lovers with a knack for delicious fruits, the Philippines is the place to be. With over 7641 islands,  the Philippines is part of the largest group of archipelagos in the world. With colourful buses painted in different colour schemes since World War II, the Philippines is also the 13th on the list of the most popular and populated countries around the world with a population of over 108 million people. If you decide to travel to the Philippines to explore the serenity of the numerous islands, it is highly recommended to get travel insurance for the Philippines to make your trip secure in the right way.

From public transportation painted in bright colours and rich biodiversity to numerous adventure opportunities on the beach and a list of getaways on different islands, the Philippines offers it all. For all sports enthusiasts, the Philippines basketball Association is known to be Asia’s first-ever basketball league founded in the year 1975, making it a destination that is more than crystal clear water bodies and white sand beaches. With the help of the best travel insurance for the Philippines, you can plan your trip the right way, without feeling stressed out about any unforeseen circumstances that can hinder the trip. Let us understand all about travel insurance in the Philippines below.

Do you need travel insurance for the Philippines?

The main reason why most travellers seek out the various options available for travel insurance in the Philippines is to protect their trip in all ways possible to enjoy it to the fullest. For all international travellers who fly in from countries that require no visa, travel insurance for the Philippines is mandatory. Here are some of the top 3 benefits of investing in the best travel insurance.

Coverage for medical emergencies

One of the biggest advantages of investing in travel insurance Philippines, whether the best travel insurance Philippines or the cheapest travel insurance in the Philippines, is the coverage offered by these travel insurance policies that helps with medical emergencies. There is an upper limit to the amount that can be compensated during medical emergencies but regardless of this limitation, there are multiple hospitals that are listed with companies that offer travel insurance for the Philippines from the UAE, which is the burden of expenses during medical emergencies or unforeseen accidents.

Coverage against any potential risks during travel

Other than medical emergencies, there are various other risks that a traveller takes on when they plan a trip to any other location, like the Philippines, from their home country. These risks include loss of baggage, loss of important documents like passports, loss of personal belongings, etc. Now, with the help of travel insurance for the Philippines from the UAE, potential risks that can come up during travel are also duly compensated to help you bear the financial loss. In addition to that, certain travel insurance policies for the Philippines from the UAE also help you cover costs of flight cancellations or delays, but with an upper limit.

Compensation for trip mismanagement

While travelling, it is not possible to predict whether there will be situations at the time of the trip which will lead to a trip delay or complete cancellation. However, with the help of travel insurance for the Philippines from the UAE, you are given coverage for your travel tickets to a certain extent to help you bear the burden of this cost with ease. The level of compensation offered is based on multiple factors, but these trip disruptions and mismanagement are not solely left to the travellers alone and necessary assistance is given in all ways possible. 

  • International travel insurance: This category of travel insurance allows you to take a trip anywhere around the globe. It includes trip cancellation policies, travel medical policies, etc. to give you protection while travelling to places like the Philippines.
  • Student travel insurance: Given the numerous universities, student travel insurance for the Philippines allows students to secure their trips. It also includes medical insurance for the Philippines for most of the packages.
  • Group travel insurance: This travel insurance for the Philippines allows you to secure the future for all the passengers, all family members, friends, etc. that you travel with. The biggest advantage of this travel insurance package is that it reduces the hassle of an individual person’s travel insurance when going on a trip to the Philippines.
  • Corporate insurance: At times, people need to visit the Philippines for business or corporate requirements. For this specific category, corporate travel insurance for the Philippines allows all travellers who are planning a work trip to secure their journey.

Important Documents Necessary for Philippines Visa from UAE

To obtain Philippines visa, you need to have the following list of documents: 

  • UAE residence Visa with a minimum validity of up to 90 days
  • Your original passport with a minimum of 6 months' validity
  • An original letter NOC that states all the necessary information about your job designation, income, travel purpose if an employee, etc.
  • Recent photographs with white background (minimum 3)
  • Original bank statement of the latest 3 months with the bank stamp
  • For a business Visa, an invitation letter is mandatory

Documents Required to Travel from UAE to Philippines

  • Valid passport with minimum 6 months validity 
  • Emirates ID (original)
  • Visa for Philippines
  • All necessary medical certificates
  • Address Proof in form of relevant IDs and documents
  • Journey details (arrival and departure)

Top Places to Visit in the Philippines

Given the extensive range of tropical regions and mountains in the Philippines, there is so much to explore in terms of places you can visit and cafes and restaurants you can eat at to get a taste of the authenticity of the Philippines. Some of the top places to visit in Philippines include the following.

●  The first on the list is Manila, which is the capital of the Philippines and is located at the heart of the country. As an Asian metropolis, it is filled with hotels that offer top-class hospitality malls and modern parks that allow you to explore at your own pace.

●  Bohol is another beautiful scenic place to visit in the Philippines as it is known to be the land where the chocolate hills are located. The main attraction of this place —the 1200 different hills, become the best tourist spots throughout the year.

●  If you are an island lover, Coron Island should be on your list when you travel with the right travel insurance of the Philippines. The island is the top choice for adventures and offers activities like jungle trekking, island hopping, motor biking, and mangrove kayaking.

●  For all the travellers who have a keen interest in photography, there is no better town than Tagaytay. With endless scenic beauty, the town is located at the Taal volcano, which overlooks the serenity of Taal Lake, giving various spots for photography to create memories, for all the travellers.

Why Buy Travel Insurance for the Philippines Online?

With technology right in place, you can now buy travel insurance online for the Philippines without any hassle and there are multiple benefits of this digitisation. Let us discuss some of them in brief below.

●  The first advantage of having the opportunity to choose travel insurance Philippines online for booking is the convenience that it offers. You can buy travel insurance online from any part of the world through the official website of the companies that offer the same. This added convenience makes it less of a hassle and more of a mandate as it is very easy to complete.

●  The next advantage of buying travel insurance Philippines online is the choice of exploring multiple options and making your decision based only on the requirements that you have. Not all policies suit all types of travellers and so, with online options available now for booking, it is easier to choose the right one that fits the need most appropriately with its perks and benefits.

●  Lastly, when you have the option to buy travel insurance online in the Philippines, you do not have to go through the inconvenience of running back and forth to the company's office with your necessary documents, as everything is digital. This reduces the risk of losing your documents and increases the flexibility available to travellers.

Get Travel Insurance for Travelling to the Philippines from UAE

If you are looking to buy travel insurance online for the Philippines, you have two options. You can either make the purchase from an insurance provider’s website of your choice or visit For Policybazaar, here are the steps that you need to follow to choose and secure yourself the right travel insurance Philippines before your next trip.

  • On Policybazaar UAE’s website, choose the ‘travel insurance’ tab.
  • Next, select the option indicating ‘travel out of UAE’ and click ‘proceed’.
  • Moving forward, start choosing the trip type from the multiple options available including single trip, annual trip, multi-trip, group trip, etc.
  • Once done, enter your trip dates and put the country as the Philippines that you are travelling to.
  • Finally, add details about the number of people travelling with you and their respective date of birth before clicking next.
  • As soon as you click next, you will be asked to enter your personal and contact details before you click on the ‘quotes tab’ option. From here, you can view all the multiple travel insurance providers around UAE to help you make a more informed decision for travel insurance.

Final Thoughts 

If you enjoy travelling and exploring new places, the Philippines should be on your list. Get yourself the right travel insurance Philippines whether you buy travel insurance Philippines online or physically at a company. This place has so much to offer and will leave your camera and hearts full of memories. The warmth of the people combined with the authenticity and the cultural richness in the Philippines would make it the perfect destination for your next trip.

Can I get travel insurance for the Philippines offline?

To be able to successfully find numerous travel insurance packages for your requirements, it is recommended to always get travel insurance for the Philippines online through platforms like Policybazaar. This way, you are always informed about all the necessary information you require before making the final decision.

Do I need to get separate travel insurance for the Philippines for covid-19 coverage?

Most travel insurance policies include covid-19 coverage including the expenses for medicine, quarantine, RT PCR tests, etc. However, always read what all a travel insurance policy includes before finalising one.

How long does it take for the Philippines visa to process?

In most cases, the Philippines visa process takes approximately 14-21 days. However, at times the visa can get delayed if more documents are needed for trip validation.

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