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A country of historical and religious prominence, Armenia is one the most visited countries in the world for its monuments, mystic landscapes, vibrant culture, and more. You can also explore the country for its historical significance and take this as an opportunity to visit Mount Ararat, where Noah’s Ark is reported to have landed. 

While you traverse through the country, make sure that no unforeseen circumstances hamper your tour. For this, you can secure travel insurance online well in advance to remain financially covered in case you face some uninvited situations. 

In this article, we will shed light on why you need travel insurance for Armenia, the types, and more. That’s not all - we will also explore some amazing sites and locations you can visit on your trip. 

Armenia Travel Insurance

To ensure that you have the required assistance in case you face any scenarios like paying for medical emergencies on your trip to Armenia, it is advised to secure travel insurance for Armenia. While it is not mandatory for you to have a travel insurance plan, having one certainly helps you meet any unexpected crisis without digging a hole in your pocket. Most Armenia travel insurance plans offer optimum coverage and ensure that the trip to the historic nation is memorable. 

With a travel insurance plan, you would be covered in case there is any flight cancellation, loss of luggage, misplacement of passport, injury due to accident, or eruption of a disease suddenly. The plan would cover the costs for all the critical situations that you may face to ensure that your trip remains pleasant. 

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Armenia?

The world has already faced a serious pandemic in the last two years, which has highlighted the importance of being prepared for any unforeseen circumstances - whether in the regular course of life or while travelling. For this reason, it has become essential to secure travel insurance that covers not only trip-related benefits but also medical emergencies like COVID-19 itself. 

With most Armenia travel insurance plans, however, all such aspects are covered. With this travel insurance plan, you can get covered for the following -

Cover against Emergency Medical Situations: Travel insurance for Armenia covers you in case of any emergency and medical situations like evacuation, daily hospital cash allowance, and repatriation.

Cover against COVID-19: Most plans related to travel insurance for Armenia now offer COVID-19 cover. This benefit financially secures the insured individual in case they are diagnosed with COVID-19. It covers the costs of RT-PCR tests, the quarantine period, and the medication for treating the disease. 

Personal Liability Cover: This cover provides financial security in case any third-party liability gets created by accident. However, keep in mind that this cover excludes liabilities brought due to illegal activities.

Cover for Lost Luggage:  Losing your baggage on your trip can be a big setback. However, when you secure an Armenia travel insurance plan, you would be covered for lost luggage as well. 

In such a case, the provider would offer you compensation to help you purchase the necessary replacement items or to cover for the time wasted in locating the luggage during the trip. Some plans also offer financial protection in case you end up losing your personal documents or electronic gadgets.

Flight-related Benefits: With Armenia travel insurance plan, you would be compensated in case there is any delay in a flight or it gets cancelled unexpectedly. You, in such a situation, get compensated for the pre-booked seats and more. 

Trip-curtailment Cover: Due to any circumstances, if your trip to this Asian nation gets cancelled, your incurred expenses would be covered. However, you would need to provide valid proof when you file a claim for the same. 

Travel Insurance Armenia: Types

Given below are the most common types of Armenia travel insurance plans -

Individual Travel Insurance for Armenia:

This type of Armenia travel insurance plan is primarily designed for solo travellers. The plan is basic and offers optimum coverage to such travellers. Some common benefits here include loss of luggage cover, trip-related covers, and medical emergencies. 

Family Travel Insurance for Armenia:

Such travel insurance plans are exclusively designed to offer financial protection to all the members of a family under one plan. Most of these plans cover each member be it a 30-day-old infant or a 65-year-old senior citizen. The maximum age limit for the same, however, can vary from provider to provider. 

Senior Citizen Armenia Travel Insurance:

A senior citizen travel insurance plan ensures that age does not limit a senior citizen’s wish to explore the world. The plan is specifically designed to financially cover individuals older than the age of 65 to 70 years. 

The maximum age limit for such travel insurance plans could go up to 99 years. However, the age range differs from provider to provider. When compared to other types of travel insurance for Armenia, this plan offers additional covers like travel assistance and dental expenditure cover. 

Single-Trip Travel Insurance for Armenia:

A single-trip Armenia travel insurance plan, as the name says, would cover you only for one trip. This plan begins as soon as you commence your trip to Armenia and ends when the trip concludes. Single-trip insurance can be bought by individuals, families, or senior citizens as well. 

Annual Multi-Trip Armenia Travel Insurance:

An annual multi-trip plan remains valid for a year. This plan is often purchased by companies to insure their employees who go to the country for business engagements. You can embark on multiple trips to the Asian country as frequently as required. 

This type of plan is suitable for those of you who need to visit Armenia more than thrice a year. 

How to Get Travel Insurance Online for Travelling to Armenia from the UAE?

You can easily secure Armenia travel insurance online on which offers you comprehensive travel insurance plans from the leading providers in the UAE. You can browse and compare various plans before making a final decision. 

The website is quite easy to use and you can secure a travel insurance plan for Armenia with a few clicks. Once you are on the site, visit the ‘travel insurance’ section, fill in the lead form, and click on the apply button. Post this, you will be directed to the quotes page where you can compare and select the plans. 

When you secure travel insurance for Armenia on Policybazaar UAE, you can expect the following benefits as well -

  • Quick and easy renewals of plans whenever required
  • Access to the best travel insurance plans from the top providers in the UAE
  • Round-the-clock active customer care support
  • Assistance from the insurance experts to pick the right plans 

Armenia Visa Requirements

If you are a UAE national, you need not have an Armenian visa to enter the country for short trips, as you can easily stay visa-free in Armenia for up to 180 days. However, there are some conditions that you must fulfil before entering the country -

  • Your Emirati passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months from the date you enter Armenia
  • If you have a connecting flight from the country, you must provide the tickets and the visa for the destination country 

However, if you do not have a UAE passport, you would need to meet the following requirements -

  • A passport that remains valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of departure from Armenia
  • Entry is allowed only from the authorised checkpoints - Ayrum train station, Bavra, Bagratashen, Meghri land border (shared with Iran), and so on
  • You would have to provide digital copies of the following documents -
  1. A passport photo page
  2. The personal details on the passport

In this case, you may be asked to provide additional documents such as flight tickets, confirmation of accommodation reservation, and bank statements to prove that you have enough funds to cover the trip. 

Documents Required to Travel from the UAE to Armenia

Carry the following documents when travelling to Armenia from the UAE -

  • Emirates ID
  • A valid passport 
  • Armenian visa (in case a non-national)
  • Address Proof
  • Travel itinerary along with the date of arrival and departure from the country
  • Medical certificates 

Now that we have covered the travel insurance and visa-related formalities, let’s channel our tourist side and check out the - 

Armenia has become a tourist attraction over time, with the country mostly visited for its rich history and vivid culture. You can explore the nation for some magnificent sites like the spot where Noah’s Ark reportedly landed, the mystic and breathtaking monasteries, the awe-inspiring natural beauty, and more. 

Here are some cities worth visiting in Armenia -


This is the largest city in Armenia and is home to the grand Public Square. When visiting the city, you can climb the Cascade to catch a glimpse of the city’s monument that led to Soviet victory during the Second World War. The city can be explored for other monumental architecture like the Blue Mosque and Levon’s Amazing Underground World.

Shikahogh State Reserve:

It is the second-largest forest reserve in the country. This scenic spot remains raw and is home to animals like leopards, vipers, bears, wild goats, and flora which encompasses around 1,100 vegetation species. You can also explore this forest reserve for its enchanting waterfalls. 

Dilijan National Park:

Established in 2002, Dilijan National Park is renowned for its medicinal water spring and natural monuments. Some of Armenia’s most important cultural sites can be found under the grounds of the park such as Haghartsin Monastery, Jukhtak Vank, Goshavank Monastery, Akhnabat Church, and Matosavank Monastery. The park is also home to the river basins of River Aghestev and River Getik. 


This is a 13th-century monastery that is secured by brick-red cliffs and is popular for the Astvatsatsin church. You can explore the monastery for a fascinating story which states “God himself saved the monastery when entire Armenia was conquered by Mongols”.


This is the second-largest city in Armenia and is worth exploring for monumental sites like the Black Fortress, Mother Armenia’s statue, and more. You can explore the city for its prominent cultural institutions like the Dzitoghtsyan Museum of Social Life and National Architecture of Gyumri, the Sergey Merkurov House-Museum, and the Aslamazyan Sisters House-Museum. 


This city hosts one of the country’s best ski resorts that is widely visited for winter sports. The ski lifts here are paid for every ride and are quite affordable. The town has some of the finest hotels in the country and the resort also has the country’s biggest entertainment centre - Senator Royale Casino Complex. The town also has Kecharis Monastery, Armenia’s most important religious complex which finds its origin in the 11th century. 

Karahunj Observatory:

Also known as Armenia’s interpretation of Britain’s Stonehenge, it is one of the most visited sites during breaks in Armenia. The observatory is near Sisian city in the Syunik province. Karahunj is made from over 200 massive stones, with the main area featuring 40 stones placed in a circular formation. 


Situated by the bank of River Vararak, Goris is in the southeastern part of the country and is a place worth visiting. You can consider visiting the place for its awe-inspiring historical and cultural locations. You can stroll around this ancient town, take in the beauty of old stone houses, and explore the archaeological museums and art galleries. 

Areni Wine Country:

Explore and relish the nation’s most delicious wine at Areni Wine Country. Nestled in the mountains, the vineyards are known to manufacture some most amazing wines. You can also explore the region for the ancient church of St. Astvatsatsin and Areni-1 Caves. 

Some other places prominent worth visiting are Lake Sevan, Lake Arpi, Mount Aragats, Vanadzor, Upper Azat Valley, Khor Virap, Dvin, Amberd Fortress, and more. 

Best Places To Visit in Armenia

Best Time to Visit Armenia

You can visit Armenia during Autumn between September and October. At this time, the weather is pleasant and the scenic beauty remains awe-inspiring. You can visit the country even during January and February. 

If you are interested in participating in outdoor activities, you can visit the country in the summer as well. June is an ideal month if you are interested in hiking, watersports, and ballooning. 

When should you buy travel insurance for Armenia?

You can purchase a travel insurance plan at least 14 days before the trip starts. However, the best time to purchase a travel insurance plan is at the time when you book your flights. The earlier you buy the plan, the better it would be for you.

What all will Armenia travel insurance plan not cover?

Your travel insurance plan will not cover you in case you incur damages or injuries due to participation in illegal activities or face personal liabilities because of substance abuse. 

Is it necessary to secure an Armenia travel insurance to visit the country?

It is not mandatory to have a travel insurance plan when you plan a trip to Armenia. However, purchasing one is a wise decision as it would financially back you up in case of unexpected emergencies. 

What factors determine the cost of Armenia travel insurance plan?

The cost of your travel insurance plan will largely depend on the duration of your travel plan, the number of dependents accompanying you, and more. You can use a travel insurance premium calculator to find the estimated costs for the same. 

What are the travel insurance plan’s travel inconvenience benefits?

Here are some covers that you can expect under travel inconvenience coverage -

  • Missed departure
  • Loss of electronics
  • Trip cancellation
  • Personal liability cover
  • Delay in departure
  • Delayed arrival of belongings
  • Loss of travel documents
Is there any limit on the travel days covered in travel insurance for Armenia?

While each insurance provider has set a limit on the number of insured days for travel insurance plans, the most common coverage duration is for 90 days of travelling.

Can you get a refund on the remaining trip days from the travel insurance plans?

Most insurance providers do not provide any refund in case you return from the trip early. However, if you opt for an annual multi-trip insurance plan, you can carry the coverage for the remaining trips forward to the next trip. 

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