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Europe is Mecca for travellers and a place worthy of a visit. While Europe has several tourist destinations, Paris is perhaps the most beautiful of all making France the King of everything beautiful. The beauty and grandeur of the country don't escape even the most indifferent ears and the most ignorant eyes. France has more to it than the Eiffel Tower. 

France has been known to be the refuge of artists who dared to swim against the current and continues to be the capital of culture and art. Be it literature, art, or fashion, Paris has produced the most influential prodigies in all fields. Its cosy cafes, cobbled streets and lofty museums paint Paris like a dreamland. 

A genuine representation of Europe's glorious history, France makes for a great destination for all kinds of people. Have a romantic night at the Eiffel Tower or by the Seine River. Explore great European art in the Louvre Museum or simply go for a walk and become a flaneur trying to capture the beauty of the city. 

However, no matter how beautiful a foreign land may be, we always seem to feel distressed about unannounced bad luck. So how does one deal with mishaps when abroad? Travelling France can be expensive, and you must be prepared to face any misfortune that comes your way. The best way to enjoy France without an ounce of anxiety is to get yourself travel insurance for France. When you have insurance, you can roam around more freely and indulge in all activities without a hint of worry. 

France Travel Insurance 

Luxury trips to France are rare opportunities and thus you cannot let anything go wrong. Since it is a completely foreign place, travel insurance reassures you of safety and reminds you that you are not alone. France travel insurance covers several emergencies and crises that you might have in your trip. It ranges from baggage loss to hospitalisation etc. Choosing the right policy is very important as you do not want to miss out on any major benefits you might get from one. 

Do You Need Travel Insurance for France? 

People do not think twice before buying health insurance or life insurance, but when it comes to travel Insurance, they often wonder, 'do I need travel insurance for France'. Well, the answer is, it is best to get one. France is indeed a safe place, but when planning to stay for some time, you must have some kind of backup in case anything goes wrong. For example, you might lose your luggage or other belongings or meet with an accident. Using your native health insurance will be impossible in a foreign land. Best Travel insurance Plans covers almost any mishap that might befall you on your trip. Therefore, when travelling from any part of the UAE to France, it is best to consider travel insurance in France.

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Benefits of Buying a Sound Travel Insurance Plan

Whether you are at home or in a foreign land, you must have the means to keep every kind of situation under control. Travel insurance is just the means to do so. 

Let us straight away dive into the types of insurances that PolicyBazaar schemes have covered: 

  • Accidental and Sickness Expenses: In case you fall ill during your trip, you surely do not wish to spend thousands of Euros as you cannot use your native health insurance policy. Moreover, you will probably have no idea about the medical infrastructure. PolicyBazaar's schemes make sure that you are covered in case of any kind of accident or illness during your stay in France. 
  • Baggage Delay/Loss: Baggage loss is common when travelling in an aeroplane. Your policy will compensate for such loss. 
  • Trip Cancellation: In case of trip cancelling, the policy tries to refund you the maximum possible amount. 
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation: If during your stay, the medical facilities nearby are not equipped to give you the best treatment, an emergency evacuation will help you reach a facility that will treat you in the best way possible. 
  • Missed Flights: Missing an international flight can cost you dearly, but insurance will cover that. 
  • Passport Loss: Losing your passport abroad can cause you many difficulties, but with a policy, it will be taken care of well. 
  • COVID-19 Coverage: Even if restrictions have eased, you should not take the pandemic lightly as it still plagues some places on the planet. Thus, it is best to have a COVID-19 coverage. 

Are Travel Policies for France Expensive in the UAE? 

Travel insurance need not be expensive all the time. Depending on the company you opt for, you might get yourself cheap travel insurance for France that covers all the important aspects mentioned above. All you need to do is look in the right way, and you will have the best affordable travel insurance for your trip to France. 

France Visa Requirements

Visiting any foreign land requires you to have a permit from that respective country that comes in the form of a visa. You cannot travel unless your visa is sanctioned and thus it is needless to say that you will require a visa to travel to France. You can apply for a visa online and with the right documents, it will not take a long time. Take a look at the documents you must have in order to issue a visa: 

  • A passport that has a validity of at least 6 months from the commencing day of your trip. 
  • A residency permit from the UAE 
  • Recent passport size clear photos 
  • Email address to receive your visa
  • A debit card, credit card or other similar cards to complete the transaction 
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Documents You Need to Travel to Paris from UAE 

When travelling abroad, one must be extra cautious about documents. In case you fall short of any of the important documents, you might land yourself in trouble ruining your entire holiday experience. These are the most important documents that you need to keep close to you when travelling to France from the UAE: 

  • Passport
  • Valid Visa 
  • Emirates ID 
  • Income proof 
  • Address proof 
  • Purpose of travel 

Places to Visit in France  

Eiffel Tower

Being a major attraction, Eiffel Tower always finds its way into every list. It is 324 metres high and welcomes almost 7 million visitors every year. 

Louvre Museum

It is the most visited museum in the world and houses over 35,000 art pieces covering several centuries. 8 departments are displaying the following collections: 

  • Egyptian antiquities 
  • Oriental antiquities 
  • Graphic arts 
  • Islamic art 
  • Sculptures from the middle ages to modern times
  • Greek, Etruscan and Roman 
  • Paintings 
  • Objects of art 

Palace of Versailles 

This chateau built in the 17th century is perhaps the best and the last standing reminiscent of French supremacy in Europe. It does justice in enumerating the rich history of the country. The exceptional grandeur and opulence are worth beholding. 

Mont Saint-Michel

Reigning majestically over the Normandy coast is the Mont Saint Michel. It rises upto a height of 80 metres above the bay and is a major tourist attraction.


The psychedelic landscape of Provence is no VFX but very real. Its lavender laden fields, rolling mountains and huddled houses transform this piece of land into something exclusive to imagination. You cannot miss out on this one when you travel to France.

The above-mentioned tourist spots are not all that is there. France has an abundance of cultural and natural beauty that are worth your time. Cover the major places but do not forget to explore the hidden gems of the country like little hamlets and small museums. 

Best Time to Visit France

It is recommended to travel to France in the spring (April-May), summer (June-August), or fall (September-October). Across the nation, spring is delightful, with less people around and temperatures ranging between 55°F and 68°F.

Safety Measures and Tips You Should Know About When Visiting Paris 

  • Make sure that you keep your passport and other important documents safe and secure
  • Steer clear of scams pulled on tourists 
  • Dial 112 in any case of emergency 
  • Carry your bag across your shoulder to avoid pickpockets 
  • Stay alert 
  • The weather in the UAE is very different from that of France. Carry clothes according to the season you are visiting. Enquire beforehand about the weather and likewise pack your luggage. 
  • If you plan to partake in any outdoor activities or sports, check weather forecasts and weather conditions. 

International Airports in France

Here’s a list of some of the important international airports in France 

  • Charles De Gaulle 
  • Orly 
  • Beauvais
  • Lille Airport 
  • Strasbourg Airport 
  • Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport 
  • Nice Cote d'Azur Airport 
  • Ajaccio Airport 
  • Bastia-Poretta Airport 
  • Figari South Corsica Airport 
  • Marseille Airport

How to Get Travel Insurance Online for Travelling to France from the UAE? 

Getting travel insurance these days is no big deal. The most feasible and hassle-free way is to buy insurance online. Companies like PolicyBazaar have several plans and all of them are just a click away. All you have to do is look for the right scheme. Make sure that you also go through the conditions attached to a plan thoroughly and the figures of coverage before you make your payment. 

Finding general insurance providers: 

  • Visit the provider's website
  • Click on the ‘travel insurance’ section and select ‘outstation travel’
  • A form will be provided to you. Fill your name, date of birth, date of travel, number of members, etc. 
  • Choose the 'Get Quote' option to see the prices of suitable policies available  
  • Select the one that works best for you among the choices offered 
  • You will then be required to fill another form, which demands the information of your entire family.
  • Check the inputs made and proceed towards payment 

Selecting travel insurance from Policybazaar UAE

Thousands of people trust Policybazaar and buy their travel insurance from them. They have bullet proof coverage that protects you from any mishap that might befall during a trip. Here's how you can get one of the best schemes from PolicyBazaar:

  • Visit our Travel Insurance section on Policybazaar UAE 
  • Click on 'travel insurance' followed by 'Travel out of UAE'
  • Select your trip type from a list of options that include single trip, family trip, business trip, etc. 
  • Fill in the journey and location details 
  • Fill in the details of your family members and select 'next'
  • Finally, click on the 'Get quotes' option and you will have a number of options to choose from
  • Make your pick and proceed to pay

What's Next? 

If you have already set your heart on France, the immediate next thing you must do is get yourself the best travel insurance that you can get. Then, turn your trip into a beautiful experience and worry about absolutely nothing while absorbing the exquisite beauty of the country. Let your insurance take care of anything that might go wrong. 

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