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Situated on the eastern border of India, Bangladesh is a serene nation with lush and sprawling mangroves, scenic hills, and pristine beaches that drive heavy tourism. When travelling to this South-Asian nation, it is especially recommended to not miss out on visiting the Sundarbans, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you are planning a trip to Bangladesh, make sure you are ready to explore the country like never before. To ensure your trip remains smooth, it is suggested that you keep your Bangladesh travel insurance plan in place.

To know more about Bangladesh travel insurance, read the following sections of the upcoming article.

How to Get Travel Insurance for Bangladesh Online in the UAE?

To make the most of your trip to Bangladesh from the UAE, make sure you secure a travel insurance plan. This type of insurance offers financial coverage in case of medical emergencies or unexpected trip interruptions.

To get a travel insurance plan for Bangladesh, visit, a third-party aggregator website that hosts the best travel insurance plans from the leading insurance providers in the UAE. The website is easy to use and helps you compare and choose the right plan for yourself. To apply for a Bangladesh travel insurance plan, click on the ‘Travel Insurance’ tab on the home screen or select the same options from the ‘Insurance’ tab on the menu bar.

This will take you to the lead form. Fill it out precisely with your personal details and information about the trip. Once done, click on the ‘View Quotes’ tab to be navigated to our travel insurance quotes page, where you can browse through the plans and select one that meets your requirements.

When you apply for Bangladesh travel insurance from Policybazaar UAE, you can enjoy the following facilities -

  • Platform to compare the best Bangladesh travel insurance plans to find the most suitable one for yourself 
  • Round-the-clock customer care service
  • Assistance from the team of industry experts in case you are confused about your decision
  • Free access to the AECB credit score 

Bangladesh Travel Insurance

While it is not mandatory to have travel insurance for Bangladesh, it is always advised to secure one. A Bangladesh travel insurance plan will keep you financially secure in case of any unexpected mishap on your trip. With a travel insurance plan for Bangladesh in place, you are covered for medical emergencies, travel inconveniences like delays, flight cancellations, loss of personal belongings, and more.

With the advent of COVID-19, it has become even more necessary to keep a travel insurance plan for Bangladesh. This is because this travel insurance plan will take care of everything related to COVID-19 - right from the diagnosis to quarantine arrangements (in case tested positive) and treatment costs on the trip. 

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Bangladesh?

As mentioned earlier, it’s not mandatory to have travel insurance to visit Bangladesh. However, it’s always a good idea to have one. Discussed below are the reasons you should have a travel insurance plan for Bangladesh in place when travelling there -

  • Comprehensive Protection - With a travel insurance plan for Bangladesh in place, you are completely protected in case of any loss of personal belongings, travel delays, trip cancellations, baggage delays, and more.
  • Cover for Emergency Medical Expenses - Your travel insurance for Bangladesh covers you in case of medical emergencies that erupt while travelling. This could include falling ill suddenly on the trip or incurring bodily injury. To get a reimbursement, all you need to do is connect with the insurance provider and file a claim.
  • Medical Evacuation - In case the insured individual falls sick in a remote area, say the Sundarbans, the travel insurance plan for Bangladesh provider will get you evacuated and hospitalised in a well-equipped hospital.
  • Hospital Cash Allowance - This benefit in your travel insurance for Bangladesh offers you a hospital cash allowance that covers your room rent in case you are admitted to a hospital due to a medical emergency.
  • Personal Liability Cover - Under your Bangladesh travel insurance plan, you get cover for all sorts of accidental personal liabilities that you incur during the trip.
  • COVID-19 Coverage - Travel insurance plans for Bangladesh offer your coverage in case you are infected with COVID-19 on your trip. The plan will cover the treatment costs and connect you with the nearest network hospital for the cashless treatment process.

Types of Travel Insurance for Bangladesh

Discussed below are the types of travel insurance for Bangladesh -

1. Based on the Travel Frequency

  • Single-Trip Bangladesh Travel Insurance Plan - This travel insurance plan for Bangladesh is designed for people who need to visit the country just once a year. The coverage here begins as soon as you leave for the trip and ends when the trip comes to an end. Furthermore, you can change the coverage dates if you are planning to extend the trip.
  • Annual Multi-Trip Bangladesh Travel Insurance Plan - This type of travel insurance plan for Bangladesh is specially designed for those who are required to visit the country multiple times in a given year. Here, the coverage starts the moment you purchase your annual multi-trip travel insurance plan for Bangladesh and ends towards the end of the purchasing period. This plan can be renewed in a similar way as your health insurance plan and car insurance plan. 

2. According to the Strength and Category of Policyholders

  • Individual Bangladesh Travel Insurance - This type of travel insurance plan is specially designed for solo travellers and can be availed for both single or multiple annual trips to the South-East Asian nation. You can customise your plan depending on the trip requirements as well.
  • Group Bangladesh Travel Insurance - This type of travel insurance for Bangladesh is designed for companies and employers who need to send their employees to travel for work-related purposes.
  • Family Travel Insurance for Bangladesh - This type of travel insurance plan covers family members aged from 30 days to 65 or 75  years.
  • Senior Travel Insurance for Bangladesh - This Bangladesh travel insurance plan offers financial coverage to senior citizens who cannot be covered under individual travel insurance or family travel insurance.

Bangladesh Visa Requirements

Listed below are the general Bangladesh visa requirements -

  • Printed visa application form
  • Passport (should be valid for at least 6 months)
  • Passport-sized pictures against a white background
  • Proof that you have paid the Bangladesh visa fee

Requirements for Bangladesh Tourist Visa

  • Documents showing accommodation reservation
  • Travel itinerary

Requirements for Business Visa

  • Employer’s NOC 
  • Letter of invitation from the company hosting you in Bangladesh

Requirements for Bangladesh Researcher Visa

  • A letter of recommendation from the relevant Ministry of Bangladesh
  • Letter of invitation from the institution based in Bangladesh
  • An NOC from the institution back in the UAE

Requirements for Bangladesh Family Visa - Proof of relations with family in Bangladesh

Documents Required to Travel from the UAE to Bangladesh

Here are the documents that you need to carry when travelling to Bangladesh from the UAE -

  • A valid UAE passport
  • Emirates ID
  • Tickets for travelling to and from Bangladesh
  • Travel Insurance for Bangladesh
  • Medical certificates and medicinal prescriptions to avoid unexpected unforeseen medical expenses
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months showing that you can afford the trip

Here are some popular places in Bangladesh that you can consider visiting on your trip -

1. Rajshahi

Situated on the banks of the River Padma, Rajshahi is worth visiting for its world-class architecture, cultural heritage, and cobblestone streets. If you plan to include this vibrant city in your itinerary, here are some places to visit - Mahasthangarh Museum, Varendra Research Museum, Hardinge Bridge, Puthia Temple Complex, Choto Sona Mosque, and more. 

2. Dhaka

The largest city in Bangladesh as well as its capital, Dhaka offers unlimited choices to explore in terms of activities and cultural sites. Explore the city for attractions like Ahsan Manzil Museum (to get a glimpse of the Mughal lifestyle), Lalbagh Kella, Dhakeshwari Mandir, Baitul Mukarram, The Khan Muhammad Mirza Mosque, Gulshan Lake Park, and Nandan Park.

3. The Sundarbans

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world’s largest mangrove forest. The forest has several wildlife sanctuaries that are habitats for  Royal Bengal Tigers, deer, monkeys, and other wild animals. You can also go for a morning boat ride and soak in the early morning sun here.

4. Cox’s Bazar

Situated by the beach of the Bay of Bengal, Cox’s Bazar is renowned for its golden sand, high cliffs, rare conch shells, pagodas, waterfalls, and parks. The main sites include Aggmeda Khyang (a major Buddhist monastery). This monastery has ancient scripts and Budhha pictures in large bronze.

5. Rangamati

Located beside the Kaptai Lake, Rangamati is home to several indigenous groups and tribes with different lifestyles. Here, you can visit Hanging Bridge, Rajaban Bihar Pagoda, Rangamati Water Front, and more. You can also explore the village and meet tribal communities like Chakma, Tripura, Tanchangya, Chak, Bome, Khumi, Lusai, and more.

6. Bandarban

Explore this place for its luscious greenery and exotic waterfalls. At Bandarban, you can visit Buddha Dhatu Jadi, the largest Buddha temple in the district. If you are a nature lover, you can also explore Boga Lake, the highest natural lake in the region.

7. Sonargaon

This is a major inland port in Bangladesh and a prominent historical site. A notable place here for sightseeing is Panam Nagar, an abandoned merchant city. You can also consider visiting the Folks Arts and Crafts Museum, and the 15th-century Goaldi Mosque. 

8. Gaur

This is a ruined city located on the India-Bangladesh border that you must visit for its archaeological artefacts if you are a history buff. Some key sites here are Baroduari Mosque, Feroze Minar, and Dakhil Darwaza.

9. Puthia

A culturally rich sub-district in Rajshahi, this place is reputed for several historically-relevant Hindu religious sites including the Shiva temple. You can also go to the Puthia Palace which flaunts Indo-Saracenic revival architecture and was once the residence of the Puthia royal families.

10. Ramna Park

This is a luscious green park that is sure to take you back to nature. Ramna Park has well-maintained pavements that you can use to walk and jog in the park.

11. Banglar Taj Mahal

This monument is a replica of the original Taj Mahal in India. It was built in 5 years and flaunts an intricate design, awe-inspiring architecture, green gardens, and fountains.

12. Paharpur Bihar

This is a well-known Buddhist Bihar in South Asia and one of the major tourist destinations in Bangladesh. Located at Paharpur village, Paharpur Bihar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

13. Sylhet Region

This is a beautiful city on the bank of the Surma River. A picturesque city, Sylhet is famous for iconic sites like Manipuri Rajbari, Hakaluki Haor, Dreamland Park, and more. Some activities worth doing include boat rides, shopping at the local stores, relishing street food and local cuisine, and camping by the riverbank. 

14. Khulna

The third-largest city in the country, the city is worth exploring for its lush foliage, conventional shops, picturesque skylines, and culturally rich sites like modern art galleries and religious centres.

15. Chattogram

This is the financial centre and the main coastal city in South-eastern Bangladesh. Situated on the bank of the River Karnaphuli, this is a perfect place if you want to go on a digital detox from fast city life. In this city, you can visit Chandranath Hill and Temple, walk in the Sajek Valley, and hike up to Nilgiri Mountain.

Best Time to Visit Bangladesh

To make the most of your trip to Bangladesh, you should consider visiting the country at any of the following times -

  • March to April - These months are considered to be the ideal time to visit Bangladesh as the country transcends from cooler to more pleasant weather in this period.
  • October - This is also a month of season transition and is suitable for visiting the country.


Q1. What factors should you take into consideration when selecting a travel insurance plan for Bangladesh?

Ans: When selecting Bangladesh travel insurance, consider a few factors like the trip duration, travel frequency, travelling companions, sum assured, coverage scope, and more.

Q2. Can you get treated at a hospital of your choice under your Bangladesh travel insurance plan?

Ans: As long as the hospital is in the network list provided by the insurance provider, you can get treated in a hospital of your choice.

Q3. Can you change the date for beginning the coverage in your travel insurance for Bangladesh if the dates for the trip change?

Ans: You can postpone the coverage dates if the dates for your trip change.

Q4. Are pre-existing medical conditions covered under your Bangladesh travel insurance plan?

Ans: Travel insurance for Bangladesh does not offer coverage for treating pre-existing medical conditions. Furthermore, any medical emergency arising out of your pre-existing medical condition will not be covered.

Q5. What are the add-ons available for Bangladesh travel insurance?

Ans: The riders for Bangladesh travel insurance include terrorism cover, rental car cover, natural disaster cover, stop-over extension, gadget protection cover, and cruise extension cover.

Q6. What is covered under trip cancellation/curtailment benefit?

Ans: In case your trip to Bangladesh gets cancelled due to an unexpected circumstance, the travel insurance plan for Bangladesh will cover the financial losses related to travel and accommodation reservations.

Q7. What is the age limit for senior citizen travel insurance for Bangladesh?

Ans: The age limit for a senior citizen travel insurance plan is 65 to 75 years.

Q8. Can you seek refund for your single-trip Bangladesh travel insurance plan after cancelling the plan?

Ans: If you cancel your single-trip travel insurance plan for Bangladesh before the coverage period begins, you are eligible for a refund. However, you will not receive any refund if the trip begins and you cancel the travel insurance plan.

Q9. When does the coverage period for your Bangladesh travel insurance begin?

Ans: The coverage for your travel insurance for Bangladesh starts from the day the trip begins and ends once the trip comes to an end.

Q10. Is pregnancy covered under travel insurance for Bangladesh?

Ans: No, pregnancy is generally not covered under the medical benefits of your Bangladesh travel insurance. Thus, when securing a plan, it is better to check with the provider beforehand.

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