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Saudi Arabia is one of the most celebrated Middle East countries, which has an array of impeccable offerings for you. From religious places like Mecca and Madina to contemporary cities like Riyadh and Jeddah, you will be amazed to see the spectrum of the country. People flock in huge numbers during sacred occasions in Saudi Arabia. People from all over the world come to pay their homage to the almighty Allah. 

You can avail inclusive travel health insurance for the Saudi Arabia tour on Policy Bazaar. There are many other benefits of travel insurance plans that will be discussed below.

Saudi Arabia Travel Insurance

If you are planning an extended stay in Saudi Arabia, you must buy travel insurance for Saudi Arabia for a smoother and hassle-free journey. A journey to crowded places like Mecca or Riyadh may have the risk of losses. In unfortunate circumstances, you may suffer damage to your belongings or lose your passport. Furthermore, you could have a deteriorated health condition since the Saudi Arabian climate is on the hotter side. Cover all these unforeseen factors with the best travel insurance online for Saudi Arabia.   

Do You Need Travel Insurance for Saudi Arabia?

You should buy travel insurance online for Saudi Arabia to keep yourself protected from various unpredictable circumstances, though it is not mandatory. If you go through the types of schemes or policies offered by insurers on Policy Bazaar, you will be able to understand the larger spectrum. 

Find below the types of coverage you get with travel insurance for Saudi Arabia from the UAE. 

Passport Loss Coverage:

This is the elementary coverage that saves you in case of loss or damage to your passport

Belongings Coverage:

You can lose your belongings or the arrival of luggage may be delayed. This policy will compensate you for these unfortunate cases 

Medical coverage:

This important travel insurance helps you in an emergency evacuation, repatriation, and, or hospitalization. You will be able to receive a reimbursement against your treatment expenses

Covid-19 Coverage:

This is the most crucial coverage to have these days. The policy covers you from quarantine to RT PCR tests. Everything related to Covid-19 treatment will be covered and all policies on Policy Bazaar offer you this facility 

Personal Liability Coverage: 

This policy helps you cover accidents and other liabilities that involve third parties. You should consider this coverage as a safeguard against accidental financial losses (illegal activities are excluded from the coverage). 

On Policybazaar, you can avail the best travel insurance policies. Some of these amazing schemes are:

Single Trip Travel Insurance:

This insurance covers one particular journey. For example, if you buy one before the trip to Saudi Arabia, you will be able to take advantage of this plan during your visit to Saudi Arabia.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance:

This plan includes more than one trip. You can cover multiple trips with this exclusive travel insurance policy. So, if you like to travel and make more than one trip a year, this is the ideal option for you.

Business Travel Insurance:

If you have to visit Saudi Arabia for some business purposes, you can opt for business travel insurance. This will cover your business trips to Saudi Arabia with all the basic facilities discussed above.

Student Travel Insurance:

In case you are willing to take admission to an academic institution in Saudi Arabia, this is the policy for you. By furnishing proper documents, you can easily avail the facilities provided by student travel insurance.

Flight Travel Insurance:

Flight is the most common mode of commute these days. Now you can insure all your trips by air with flight travel insurance. Needless to say, this is among the most trending travel policies these days. 

Cruise Travel Policy:

Similar to the previous one, the cruise travel policy covers all your voyages. If you buy a cruise travel policy, you can enjoy all your voyages without the slightest fear of possible loss or damage during a rough ride.  

Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements

To be able to visit Saudi Arabia, it is necessary to get the visa in check and apply for it prior to the trip schedule for a seamless trip. Here is a list of the necessary documents to proceed with the Saudi Arabia visa via online mode. To apply for the e-visa, keep the following in check.

  • A valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months before the Saudi Arabia trip schedule 
  • A valid residency permit from UAE
  • Recent photographs, preferably in white background
  • Email address actively in use to receive the visa via mail 
  • Credit or debit card to complete the visa payment process for a Saudi visa

Apply for the Saudi Arabia visa online as it is quick and convenient. 

Documents Required to Travel to Saudi Arabia from UAE

As Saudi Arabia from UAE is an international trip, there are many important documents that you need to carry to be able to move into Saudi Arabia. Here is a quick list of documents.

  • Valid passport
  • Emirates ID
  • Saudi Arabia visa
  • Address proof 
  • Income proof (for employee trips)
  • Letter of invitation (for family visits or business trips)

Best Travel Insurance Providers

adamjee-health-insurance allianz-health-insurance Oman Travel Insurance Orient Travel Insurance Emirates Travel Insurance
RSA Travel Insurance Union Travel Insurance AIG Travel Insurance AXA Travel Insurance  

Saudi Arabia is a country of sacred places and modern cities. A list of the popular places to visit in Saudi Arabia is furnished below.


Mecca is not only the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but it is also the most sacred place for the Islamic community. A Hajj or a pilgrimage to Mecca is the holiest activity of a Muslim. Mecca is considered to be the place of birth of Muhammad, the Prophet. Therefore, the significance of visiting this place is immense.


Medina, officially known as the region of Median is another historical place in Saudi Arabia. Medina has the Mosque of the Prophet which was built by Muhammad himself. Today, millions of pilgrims go to visit the holy burial ground of the Prophet in Medina. However, another special attraction of this place is the floral decorations and the early Muslim architecture. You will come across tombs and mosques that carry the legacy of cultural appeal. 


Riyadh presents you with the finest blend of Medieval Asia and contemporary civilization. Along with its skyscrapers, there are numerous sites that hold the thrill of the bygone days. Diryah is one such place, acknowledged by UNESCO as a heritage site. There are multiple museums where you can explore the rich history of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh. 


Jeddah is the cultural capital of Saudi Arabia. The most fascinating festivals of arts and entertainment in Saudi Arabia are held in Jeddah. Moreover, there are nine distinct zones in Jeddah that have various things to offer. Jeddah Jungle to Jeddah Yacht Club, the range of offerings in Jeddah is simply mind-boggling.  

Best Time to Visit Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a typical hot and humid climate. You should avoid the scorching heat of the summer if you are planning a tourist visit. November to February is the ideal window of time to pay your visit since the weather remains cool and dry. However, if you are visiting Saudi Arabia for religious purposes, you have to look up the Islamic calendar for the best times.   

How to Get Travel Insurance Online for Traveling to Saudi Arabia from the UAE?

There are multiple online insurance providers in the UAE that can help you find and buy travel insurance online for Saudi Arabia. The simplest way to do so is to visit ​​policybazaar.ae to secure your trip with the most suitable travel insurance in Saudi Arabia based on your requirements. Here is a simple guide to follow to buy travel insurance online in Saudi Arabia.

For travel insurance from Policybazaar

  • Go to the official Policy Bazaar website policybazaar.ae 
  • Select the Travel Insurance option on the webpage
  • Move on to select the ‘Travel out of UAE’ option and then select proceed to begin
  • Select the trip type from the list including single trip, multi-trip, business trip, family trip, work trip, etc. 
  • Now add the journey details and the location for the trip which is Saudi Arabia
  • Next, add the exact number of co-passengers with their correct date of birth and then proceed to select ‘Next’
  • Lastly, add in all your personal and contact details to view all the ‘Quotes’ once you click the ‘Get Quote’ option. Here you will find all the best quotes from some of the top travel insurance providers in UAE to help you choose the most appropriate one for your trip. 

Final Thoughts

To enjoy your trip to Saudi Arabia, securing it the right way from any unexpected accidents or incidents is necessary. Buy travel insurance online for Saudi Arabia and make the most of your trip. Whether you are traveling in a group, with your family, or solo, safe travel is a must with the right travel insurance in Saudi Arabia.

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Do I need travel insurance to visit Saudi Arabia?

There is no hard and fast rule that you must have travel insurance to visit Saudi Arabia. However, you must procure one to stay safe and secure.

When would I require a Letter of Invitation to visit Saudi Arabia?

If you have relatives or friends in Saudi Arabia and you plan to visit them, you must have a letter of invitation from the hosts. Similarly, if you are invited to a business summit, you have to furnish the letter of invitation during your visa application.

Are Covid-19-related aspects covered by the policies available on Policy Bazaar?

Each policy available on Policy Bazaar gives you coverage against Covid-19. From quarantine to RT PCR tests, you will be able to get reimbursement if you buy any of these travel insurance plans.

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