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Are you planning to explore the exotic Thai culture from close quarters? Wouldn’t it be lovely to taste authentic Thai cuisine at a restaurant in Thailand itself? Let us tell you that your travel insurance to Thailand is no longer a hassle. You can procure the best travel insurance online from Policybazaar.  

In 2013, Thailand was the most visited South-Eastern Asian country. Even today, tourists from all over the world flock in number to visit the land of white elephants. The country has marched into the realm of modernity with various contemporary facilities that too attract a large population. 

The most important tourist place in Thailand is Bangkok. Surrounded by the Andaman Sea, Bangkok offers a bunch of mesmerizing sea beaches. People go to spend a relaxing weekend on these beaches, enjoying a romantic date by the turquoise waters and pale twilights. If you are planning a trip to Bangkok, let travel insurance not worry you. Travel insurance for Thailand trips will protect you from various losses and damages including passport loss, health deterioration, and emergencies. Buying cheap travel insurance to Thailand is always a wise option to safeguard yourself and your near and dear ones. 

Thailand Travel Insurance

An extensive trip comes with numerous perks. You get to enrich yourself and embrace a non-native culture. If it is a trip to Thailand, you get to explore the ancient Siamese culture. You would be indulged in various exploration activities throughout the trip. If you had to constantly worry about your baggage or passport, would you be able to enjoy your trip? Considering the lurking threats of Covid-19, you should always protect your health with travel insurance online for Thailand. Here is all about the process to procure fantastic and adequate travel insurance for Thailand trips. 

Do You Need Travel Insurance for Thailand?

Travel insurance will always pay you dividends. You may require immediate assistance for an unforeseen health condition or you may need to be compensated for a loss. These things could be challenging on a foreign tour and this is where travel insurance comes into the scenario. People keep asking repeatedly, “Do I need travel insurance for Thailand?” The answer is, that although it is not mandatory, it is always wise to protect your family and yourself with travel insurance for Thailand trips. Here are various facilities for buying travel insurance for Thailand.

Coverage of Passport Loss:

A passport is a prime document for a foreign tour and if you lose your passport, your trip would, unfortunately, come to an abrupt end. Moreover, you could be in a sticky situation in an unknown land with your passport lost. Travel insurance to Thailand covers you for such incidents.    

Coverage of Luggage Misplace or Delay:

Your baggage may be delayed while you need some essentials on an urgent basis. You may need to go to a store and buy those items. With travel insurance online for Thailand, you have a high chance to get healthy compensation for purchasing those items in case of delay or loss. 

Coverage of Medical Issues:

For any health-related issues, you can claim a reimbursement for the treatment with travel insurance for Thailand trips. Accidental sickness and emergency evacuation are the extreme cases where insurance always comes in handy.

Coverage of Covid-19:

You have to make sure that you are covered for the Covid-19 issues. Travel insurances available on Policy Bazar cover you for Covid-19 situations. From compulsory quarantine to RT PCR tests, you are fully covered for all Covid-19 issues with any of these travel insurance online for Thailand.  

Personal Liability Coverage:

This policy covers you financially in cases of accidents or other third-party liabilities. However, any illegal activity is left unaddressed.

Flight travel insurance:

Nowadays, flying is the most popular means of transportation. To save time on your commute, you would plan your trip with an airline company. Your journey would go more pleasantly if you also secured flight travel insurance.

Cruise Travel Insurance:

You would adore taking a cruise to Thailand's ports via the Andaman Sea or the Gulf of Siam. A cruise could dramatically increase the delight of the trip. You should ensure your cruise trip to guarantee that you cherish every minute of the journey. Cruise Travel Insurance could be the best solution for you in such cases.

Single Trip Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance for a single trip, as the name implies, covers you from the outset of your trip to its conclusion. If you purchase single trip insurance, you can safeguard yourself for a specific journey.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance:

If you are visiting Thailand multiple times a year, you should go for Multi-Trip Travel Insurance. This will cover all your trips to Thailand in a calendar year.

Business Travel Insurance:

You may have a business connection to Thailand and in that case, securing Business Travel Insurance would be the best option. You can protect all your business trips to Thailand with these policies. 

Student Travel Insurance:

Once again, policies that are tailor-made for students are referred to as Student Travel Insurance. These schemes cover aspiring learners who want to enroll in a Thai academic institution.  

International Travel Insurance:

International Travel Insurance is a larger spectrum where you can secure yourself for trips to all the enlisted countries. Thailand being one of the most visited countries could easily be covered with such a brilliant policy.

Thailand Visa Requirements

You can visit Thailand with a special tourist visa, SMART visa, or a non-immigrant visa if you are planning to stay for more than 30 days. There had been certain major changes in the requirements to procure a visa to Thailand for UAE residents. All the requirements are listed below. 

To obtain a visa to Thailand, you have to make sure that:

  • You have tickets to and from Thailand with Emirates, Qatar Airlines, or Singapore Airlines
  • If you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, it’s good. If you are not vaccinated, you have to simply pass an instant RT PCR test at the airport
  • Book hotels before you reach the airport because you need to show proof of accommodation during immigration inspection

Documents Required to Travel from UAE to Thailand

To make your passage from the Thailand airport more convenient, you should bring some necessary documents with you. The list of required documentation for a journey from the UAE to Thailand is provided below.

To visit Thailand, you need to generate a Thailand Pass ID. You can do it online from your home as well. The steps are fabricated below.

  • Log on to the Thailand Pass webpage
  • Share your personal details as mentioned on the website
  • Upload vaccination documents 
  • Provide a valid and active email ID
  • You will receive a confirmation email at the same address
  • Wait for the approval of the Thailand Pass

Once you receive the approval, make sure to carry the QR for Thailand Pass wherever you go in Thailand. Along with it, carry medical certificates and other insurance papers as well.


Bangkok is no doubt the bustling metropolis of the country with multiple temples, historical spots, amusement parks, night markets, shopping complexes, and exquisite restaurants. However, the key attractions of Bangkok are the sea beaches. If you are up for a relaxing vacation by the sea, Bangkok could be the ideal choice.

Chiang Mai:

This is a classical place in Thailand for outdoor activities. You will be able to locate the highest mountain peak of Thailand, Doi Inthanon, here in Chiang Mai. There are several trekking routes along with rustic accommodations for a different Thai flavor. 

Phuket and Krabi:

Phuket and Krabi are the two most traveled spots in Thailand. You will be able to spend lovely evenings by the beautiful mountains and beaches. Plus, these places are famous for offering the best Thai food around!   

Best Places To Visit in Thailand

Best Time to Visit Thailand 

The best time to visit Thailand would be in winter since the weather remains cool and dry. You can spend your afternoons on the beautiful sea beaches and enjoy the nightlife of Thailand during this season. Avoid the extreme heat of summer and the humidity of rainy season as they restrict all the fantastic outdoor activities. 

How to Get Travel Insurance Online for Traveling to Thailand from the UAE?

If you are wondering about the process to obtain travel insurance online for Thailand trips, please go through the following steps. In Policy Bazar, you have a list of elite insurers who offer you the best policies at an affordable deal. The steps are:

  • Log on to the official website of Policy Bazar for the UAE
  • Choose the option Travel Out Of as you are flying to another country
  • There will be a couple of options - Single Trip or Multi-Trip. Choose your option 
  • Provide the tenure of your stay in Thailand 
  • You will be asked to share some personal details such as contact number
  • Share the details and click on View Quote
  • You will be able to see a list of travel insurance available 
  • Choose the right policy and travel to Thailand without a hassle

Key Takeaways

You should be able to enjoy the exotic beauty of Thailand without worrying much about your health or any possible loss and damage to your belongings. Policy Bazar brings you a variety of the most effective travel insurance policies to Thailand to make traveling as seamless as possible. Enjoy your vacation with authentic Thai food on the sea beaches with any of the travel insurance policies. Secure your trip today!


Is travel insurance to Thailand a mandatory document?

No, it is not officially proposed such as in Schengen countries. However, you should protect yourself and your close ones with travel insurance for Thailand.

Can I visit Thailand if I have not been vaccinated?

Yes, Thailand has now opened tourism for unvaccinated visitors. However, you have to undergo an RT PCR test and will have to adhere to subsequent policies.

What is the best time to visit Thailand?

Winter is the ideal time to enjoy seaside parties, nightlife, and other outdoor activities. 

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