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Have you been planning to tour Serbia for some time now? The Republic of Serbia, one of the landlocked countries in South East Europe, is certainly an excellent place to visit. It is known for its lush wine cities, rich traditions and culture, as well as its status as one of the world’s largest exporters of raspberries. 

If the country is already on your bucket list and you plan to visit it soon, make sure to get travel health insurance for Serbia. With this plan, you can travel to the country without any stress as your policy will cover you in case you incur any unexpected expenses due to some adversity. 

Let’s understand how to buy travel health insurance for Serbia and the crucial details related to this insurance that you must keep in mind.

How to Get Travel Insurance Online for Travelling to Serbia from the UAE?

You can use any of the three methods given below to obtain travel health insurance for Serbia from the United Arab Emirates -  

Via Policybazaar UAE

Policybazaar UAE is the most reliable insurance platform from where you can comfortably buy travel insurance for Serbia with just a few taps. It is quite easy to browse through our website and find the best travel insurance plans as per your preferences. 

Another advantage of applying from our platform is that our customer support team is available round the clock to provide you with assistance in case you come across any issues. To make your queries, reach out to our representatives’ team either at 04 247 2904 or drop an email at 

Check out the steps below to purchase a travel insurance policy on our website - 

  1. Under the ‘General Insurance’ drop-down on our website, choose the ‘Travel Insurance’ option.
  2. Click ‘Travel Out of the UAE’ and hit the ‘Proceed’ button.
  3. Choose single-trip travel insurance or annual multi-trip travel insurance as per your requirements.
  4. Provide all the necessary details to get the travel insurance quotes.
  5. Check out all the plans, go through their terms and conditions, and compare them to find the best option for yourself. 
  6. Click on the ‘Apply’ button against the plan of your choice.

After this, all you have to do is follow the prompted steps to have your application submitted.

Via Provider’s Website

  1. Visit the official website of your preferred insurance provider.

  2. Move to the ‘Travel Insurance’ section.

  3. Choose outbound or inbound travel insurance.

  4. Fill in your personal details in the available lead form.

  5. After you submit the form, the relevant quotes page will appear on the screen.

  6. Go through all the mentioned plans and choose one.

  7. Complete the payment process and receive your policy information on your registered email ID.

Via Offline Means

As an alternative to the online modes discussed above, you can also buy travel insurance for Serbia by visiting your insurance provider’s nearest branch. As the process will be carried out offline, you must keep all the required original documents handy. For this reason, it is recommended to pre-verify which documents are required to buy insurance. 

Once you reach the branch, you can connect with the designated officials who will guide you throughout the application process.

Travel Health Insurance for Serbia: Why Do You Need It?

There are several scenarios that may take place during your trip and cause considerable inconvenience. Such situations may include accidents, loss or stolen baggage/personal documents, flight inconvenience, and others. These circumstances can often lead to the cancellation or rescheduling of your trip and bring in significant financial loss. 

If you have travel insurance, however, you can easily overcome such situations as your policy can compensate you for the losses and help you make the necessary arrangements to continue your trip or return safely. 

Check out the major coverages offered under travel health insurance for Serbia by UAE insurance companies -  

Stolen or Loss of Luggage

Stolen or lost luggage, whether due to negligence on your part or the concerned airlines, can cause substantial financial losses. However, by claiming your travel insurance, you can receive compensation for the lost items and arrange replacements. 

Emergency Medical Expenses

In case you suffer any injuries or meet with an accident during your trip, it can prove to be difficult to arrange the treatment funds in a foreign land. Here, making a claim with your travel insurance can come in handy, as the concerned travel insurance provider can cover the cost of your treatment. Moreover, some insurance companies may also make necessary arrangements in case you are required to travel back to your home country.  

Personal Liability Cover

Travel insurance Serbia can also provide you coverage if you are responsible for any third-party loss or damage. It can also cover the legal fees, if any, resulting from the event. However, note that none of the travel insurance companies offer personal liability coverage if the loss or damage is caused due to the consumption of drugs or alcohol. 

COVID-19 Coverage

All major travel insurance companies now offer COVID-19-related coverage. So if you test positive for this disease while travelling, your insurance provider can offer coverage for quarantine, RT-PCR tests, and other related treatment.   

Trip Cancellation or Trip Curtailment

You may come across certain inconveniences that may cause your flight to get cancelled or curtailed. Such situations include technical issues in the flight or bad weather conditions. These issues can bring sizable losses due to non-refundable fees and charges. 

However, if you file a claim for your trip curtailment or cancellation, your insurance company can reimburse the non-refundable expenses of your accommodations, flights, and so forth. 

Missed or Delayed Flight Departure

Certain unfavourable conditions may lead to missed or delayed flights. Travel insurance providers can cover you against all the expenses incurred due to such situations. 

What are the Different Types of Travel Health Insurance for Serbia?

Refer to the following section to know more about the major types of travel insurance plans available for Serbia -  

Single-Trip Travel Insurance

If you plan to make a short visit to Serbia only once or twice, you can consider getting single-trip travel insurance. This type of insurance is ideal for those who don’t travel to a country frequently. A single-trip travel insurance policy generally remains valid till the day you arrive in the UAE from Serbia, although you will have to check the policy tenure as well. 

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

As the name says, this type of insurance remains active for a year irrespective of the number of trips you make. So if you are a frequent traveller and are required to visit Serbia multiple times, it would be wise to choose an annual multi-trip insurance policy. This is because the premium of purchasing multi-trip travel insurance is less compared to single-trip insurance on average. Moreover, an annual plan can take away the hassle of buying travel insurance for each trip.

Single-trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance plans can also be divided into the following categories - 

Individual Travel Insurance

As indicated by the name, only a single person can get insured under this type of insurance. As a policyholder, you can get benefits such as coverage for emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation, delayed flights, COVID-19, and more. 

Family Travel Insurance

This type of travel insurance is suitable for those who plan to travel with their families. Under this plan, an entire family can get covered and avail of benefits such as medical expenses, stolen or missed luggage, loss of personal documents, and others. 

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

This type of travel insurance is exclusively for those aged 60 years and above, considering their different requirements compared to young travellers. However, there is a maximum age limit as well to avail of senior citizen travel insurance. You should make sure to check with the concerned provider regarding the upper age limit for buying travel health insurance for Serbia.

Student Travel Insurance

Students planning to pursue their higher studies in Serbia can easily opt for student travel insurance and avail of multiple benefits such as coverage for medical expenses, loss of personal documents, and missing or lost documents. Remarkably, a student travel insurance policy also covers inconveniences that can hamper the study of students. 

International Travel Insurance

With an international travel insurance plan, you can be financially covered in Serbia and other countries as well provided the country of your visit is mentioned in the approved list. 

Visa Requirements for Serbia

If you have a UAE passport, you won’t need a visa to enter Serbia. Keep in mind that you would need a visa if your stay is of more than 90 days. In the latter case, you may be required to buy travel insurance for Serbia. 

Here are the requirements to carry out the visa process successfully -  

  • Visa Form: The form must be signed, filled out, and completed without errors. 
  • Valid Passport: Ensure that your passport is valid for at least 90 days from the visa issuance date.
  • Photographs: Carry passport-size photographs with measurements of 3.5cm x 4.5cm.
  •  Valid Travel Itinerary: The document must contain all your travel-related information such as your flight booking details, accommodation details, and others.
  • Proof of Self-Finance in Serbia: You must have supporting documents mentioning that you have sufficient funds to stay in Serbia.
  • Health Insurance: When travelling to Serbia from the UAE on a visa, make sure to get yourself insured with a health insurance policy.
  • Purpose of Visit: You must state the purpose of your visit to Serbia. Its supporting documents may include a letter of invitation from the concerned party in Serbia.

After you submit the visa form and other important documents, you can complete the payment and schedule a visa interview. After the interview process, the concerned authority will take a few days (generally up to 14 days) to review your application and notify you whether your visa has been approved.

What are the Documents Required to Travel to Serbia from the UAE?

Upon arrival in Serbia, you may be required to present a few essential documents to the airport officials - 

  • Original Emirates ID
  • Original passport
  • Serbia visa
  • Valid address proof
  • Your travel details
  • Medical certificates, if applicable 

If you are yet to make your travel itinerary for Serbia, don’t forget to add some tourist attractions and cities to your list. While Serbia has plenty of other places to visit apart from the ones mentioned here, the following cities are a must-visit -  


Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and has the country’s largest commercial centre. It is a must-visit for those who love to party, with the city being popular for its best nightlife and beach parties. 


The city of Subotica has unique buildings painted in candy-coloured pastel shades. It is well-known for its Art Nouveau architecture and its magnificent city hall, which was constructed in 1912 and has a long tower of 45 metres. 

Novi Sad

Mountain lovers out there, add Novi Sad to your list! You can certainly visit Fruska Gora mountain and its neighbouring hills. Apart from this, the city is also quite famous for hosting the EXIT music festival. The city has the Danube river cruise and is full of ancient fortresses and architecture. 


The Nis city has two principal routes from Central Europe to the Aegean, that is, the command of the Morava-Vardar and Nisava river corridors. You should also visit this place if you are fond of exploring the history of different places. You will find Bubanj Memorial park and even the Red Cross Concentration camp. 

Sremska Mitrovica

The city is located in the Srem district of Serbia and is famous for its Special Nature Reserve of Zasavica. Sremska Mitrovica even has some eye-catching classic architecture, making it worth visiting. Those planning to visit it can cover the place in just one day.

Best Places To Visit in Serbia

What is the Best Time to Visit Serbia?

Ideally, the best time to visit Serbia is between March to May and September to October. The weather in these months is favourable to explore the beauty of Serbia. The summer months, June and July, on the other hand, make it difficult to roam around the cities of the country. Otherwise, if you wish to experience the winter, you can visit the country during December and January. 

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Is a short-stay visa applicable to enter Serbia from the UAE?

No, this type of visa is not required for those travelling from the UAE with a UAE passport, provided your trip is of less than 90 days.

Which institutions conduct visa interviews to travel to Serbia?

You can schedule your visa interview with embassies, consulates, and visa centres.

What are the coverages offered under travel health insurance for Serbia?

With travel health insurance Serbia, you can expect the following coverages - 

  • Loss or stolen personal belongings
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • COVID-19 cover
  • Personal liability cover
  • Missed or delayed flight departure
  • Trip cancellation or trip curtailment 
Is the COVID-19 certificate mandatory to enter Serbia from the UAE?

At present, individuals travelling to Serbia are not required to show their COVID-19 certificates at the airport. However, as COVID-19 guidelines may change, it is best to verify the requirements before travelling.

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