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Russian Travel Insurance

The eight federal districts of Russia offer a fascinating diaspora of natural wildlife, flora and fauna, landscapes that vary from snow-capped ranges to forests to vast land cover. Travel to Russia puts moonlit mountains, fun beaches, frozen water bodies and sand filled desert terrain on your plate. Enjoy every bit of Russia without worry, with the best travel insurance for Russia. From flight and baggage delays, baggage loss to unfortunate accidents and medical emergencies, travel insurance for Russia has you protected on every front.

The Key Benefits of Travel Insurance to Russia

The provisions of Article 27 of the Federal Law of 15.08.1996 N114-FZ “On Procedure for Leaving and Entering the Russian Federation” makes medical insurance compulsory. Therefore, travel from UAE to Russia requires insurance. Ensure that your travel insurance covers medical insurance too. Buy the best travel insurance for Russia that ensures you of a trip free of stress by keeping you covered against:

Medical emergencies

In the unforeseen event of an illness when travelling across Russia, your travel health insurance for Russia will cover necessary medical expenses including hospitalisation and ambulance costs. The Russian advisory mandates a medical expenses limit of a minimum of $35,000 (AED 130,000).

Emergency financial assistance

A travel insurance covers an extreme emergency situation of being stranded in Russia without a single RUB (Russian Rouble) in your pocket. Travel insurance permits withdrawal of some emergency cash to meet immediate transport and accommodation expenditure.

Trip cancellations

In an uncertain world of pandemic, unrest and war, a booked trip may get cancelled under unavoidable circumstances. Travel insurance compensates you for losses faced on your travel, hotel and tour booking.

Lost or misplaced baggage

Given the penchant of flight carriers for misplacement or loss of checked baggage, travel insurance covers you for immediate buys to carry on until your misplaced bags arrive, or, get a predetermined amount against lost baggage.


A delayed trip for whatever reason imposes additional expenses while waiting. Travel insurance compensates for such additional expenses.

Lost passport and travel documents

Theft or loss of your passport and travel documents entails worry and expenses towards their reissue from the UAE Embassy in Russia. Expenses for application and issue of your duplicate passport is reimbursed by your travel insurance.

Personal / Third Party liabilities

Should you become liable for damages to a third party or their property, such eventuality is covered under your travel insurance.

Hijack or attempted hijack

Should you become an unfortunate victim of a hijack or attempted hijack, travel insurance covers you against pain, injury and any other necessity arising of such a situation.


Emergency evacuation arising out of grievous medical emergency or unfortunate demise of an insured person, repatriation costs to UAE stands covered under travel insurance.

Covid 19 

In the post Covid scenario, a travel insurance includes the unfortunate event of Covid infection to you or any of your fellow travellers disrupting your travel plans with cost implications thereof

You may get the following types of travel insurance for Russia:-

Single Trip Travel Insurance for UK -

This means it is a policy for a single visit to the UK only. It takes effect from the moment you leave for the departure of your journey and ends with the conclusion of your trip. All the basic and rider covers get included under this policy. The policy plans herein may be taken in the form of -

Family Travel Insurance:

A plan extending coverage to all members of your family travelling to Russia. The general age group covered here would usually be three months to 65 years and may vary from plan to plan.

Individual Travel Insurance:

This is a plan for the individual traveller and covers travel medical insurance Russia, coverage for loss of luggage, other journey related benefits and more. 

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance:

This travel insurance plan with a minimum and maximum age limit for senior citizens is in an age group of 65-70 years. The maximum age varies from company to company.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

This travel insurance plan keeps you covered through multiple trips to Russia within the plan tenure of one calendar year. This plan suits those who are required to travel to Russia at least thrice a year or more on work or other purposes. It is a plan that is a convenient business travel insurance to Russia. 

Based on your needs, you may consider the following travel insurance Russia plans too:

  • International Travel Insurance - This is a plan that covers you across countries of the globe including Russia. The coverage includes travel medical insurance Russia and any other country), flight cancellation, curtailment of trip and other benefits.
  • Student Travel Insurance - For students going for education to Russia, a student travel insurance covers the basic travel medical insurance in Russia. The policy also covers sponsors and study interruption. It applies to individuals in the age group of 16 to 35.

Getting your Visa for Russia

As a resident of UAE, you may not require a visa as a tourist to Russia for a visit of up to 90 days. If need be, you have to apply for your Russian visa at the Russian Visa Centre at Dubai, Al Barsha 1 Deyaar Building, office 304, or, Building of the Russian Embassy, Visa Section, Khalifa street, East Plots 65/67, Abu Dhabi.

You may submit your application between 09:00 to 15:00. When ready, your passport is to be collected between 15:00 to 17:00. The centre works from Monday through Friday and remains closed on Saturdays and Sundays. You may buy your travel insurance for Russia at the Russian Visa Centre if you wish.

There are several types of visas for Russia. For your information, these include

  • Business Visa
  • Private Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Cruise passenger

The visa fees vary for different types of visa. A service charge of AED 130 and 5% VAT is payable over the non-refundable visa fees.

The Russian Visa Centre portal details out necessities for submitting an application for each type of Russian visa. 

Typically, a tourist visa application for Russia needs to follow the following guidelines and requirements:

  • An application for a Russian tourist visa is accepted only within 90 days of your proposed date of entry into Russia. Ensure that you apply within 90 days of the date of your travel.
  • Your passport must mandatorily have a minimum of two blank visa pages. It also needs to be valid for at least 6 months beyond the expiry of the requested period of your visa.
  • Your fees for a tourist visa include a fee for the invitation letter.
  • Your travel to Russia must be on the same passport carrying your stamped visa.
  • You need to submit two copies of the completed and signed Russian visa application form.
  • Also submit one copy of your passport-size photo with your signature on the reverse side.
  • If you are part of a tour group or a passenger on a cruise line, you will need to submit a letter from your tour company or cruise line. The contents thereof must confirm your itinerary and include a copy of confirmation from an authorised Russian travel company stating the reference number and confirmation number for the visa.
  • If you are travelling individually, you will need to submit a confirmation of hotel arrangements from your hotel or from an authorised Russian travel company. Their confirmation must state the reference number and confirmation number for your visa.

Documents Required to Travel from UAE to Russia

Russian immigration at the international airport is likely to seek the following documents -

  • Your Emirates ID
  • Your passport with its required validity and stamped with a valid Russian visa
  • Your Russian visa
  • Your covid vaccination and any other medical certificates
  • Proof of your local address
  • Places that you are likely to visit with relevant journey details, mostly departure and arrival dates

Mandatory travel medical insurance for Russia: additional information 

As mentioned earlier, provisions of Article 27[1] of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation mandate all foreign nationals to have medical insurance, even for tourist visa holders. The travel insurance policy must be valid from the country of origin prior to commencement of journey.

A travel health insurance Russia policy needs to comply with the following guidelines:

  1. The policy shall remain valid for the entire duration of stay in Russia. 
  2. The geographical area covered under the policy, i.e. whether worldwide or just the territory of the Russian Federation or entire Europe with Russia included must be stated in clear terms.
  3. The seal, date and signature of the insurer, the policy number, the full name of the person insured, full address and contact details must be legibly included in the policy document. A complete list of medical services and transport, including repatriation shall be clearly mentioned in the policy document.
  4. Travel health insurance for Russia must have a minimum medical coverage of USD 35,000 (AED 130,000 appx.)

Any travel insurance to Russia not complying with these norms, may result in deportation or a fine.

Russia: Best Tourist Spots To Discover

In Russia, the largest country in the world, you can witness enthralling, gorgeous and breathtaking spots. Vist, explore and engage with them as per your interests and fascination. 

  1. St. Petersburg: If your obsession lies in architecture, fine structures and contemporary designs, then St. Petersburg is the place for you. You simply cannot miss its deeply European influences, and yet, you get amazed as history discloses itself in almost every nook and corner of this city.
  2. Moscow: Kremlin, Red Square and the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral are inimitable first-hand experiences of Russian culture. The more time you spend exploring Moscow, the more you realise the magnificence of this city that is almost paradise on earth.
  3. Altay: The beautiful green cover and simply undefinable natural reserves leave you gaping in amazement at this mountainous UNESCO World Heritage Site. The beautiful snow-capped Altay Mountains beckon trekkers, hikers and adventure seekers to engulf themselves in its beautiful adventurous slopes.
  4. Lake Baikal: The clear waters of this oldest and deepest lake in high-altitude Siberia offers great swimming experiences. For those who prefer solitude, just sit back, relax and enjoy the glorious mountainous sunset view from the lake.
  5. Sochi: Sochi is a “must include” part of your itinerary with beautiful sand-beaches and architectural marvels on the Black Sea. 
Best Places To Visit in Russia

Best Time to Visit Russia

Your travel to Russia is best enjoyed in summer. The temperatures then average between 210C and 250C during the day, with long and pleasant nights. Your trip between June and August will give you an enjoyable experience.

How to get Travel Insurance online for travel to Russia from UAE?

You can purchase your travel insurance to Russia online. Visit any travel insurance provider’s website directly. You will also find several providers’ links at 

If you wish to buy your travel and medical insurance in Russia policy from, the process is as follows:-

  • On the policybazaar website, choose the Travel Insurance tab
  • Select the Travel out of the UAE option.
  • Click on the Proceed tab. 
  • Select your trip, whether a single or annual multi-trip.
  • Fill in the dates for your trip.
  • Fill in the country of travel as Russia.
  • Insert the number of travellers and their dates of birth. 
  • Click on Next, once you are done.
  • Insert your personal and contact details. 
  • Select and click on the View Quotes tab. 

You are taken to a new page that has competitive insurance offers from UAE’s leading travel insurance providers. Compare and choose what is best for you.

What types of travel insurances for Russia are available in the UAE?

Travel insurance is available under annual multi-trip or a single trip plans. Ensure that you compare the plans before buying a plan most suited for your trip to Russia.

Is COVID-19 covered under travel insurance for Russia from the UAE?

COVID-19 cover has become a part of all travel insurance plans in the UAE. Costs incurred towards mandatory quarantine, cost of the medication and the costs for RT-PCR tests are covered by your travel insurance.

What travel inconvenience benefits am I covered for, through my Russia travel insurance?

The travel inconvenience benefits cover 

  • Personal liability towards third parties
  • Delayed or missed departure
  • Loss of travel documents
  • Trip cancellation
  • Delayed arrival of personal belongings
  • Lost baggage when booked with you
What are the steps necessary to obtain a Russian visa?

Following is the procedure to get a Russian visa from the UAE -

  • Apply online and get two print-outs of the submitted application, or, get visa application form from the Russian Consulate in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.
  • Submit two copies of your visa application or print-out with the necessary documents. 
  • Pay the visa fee using a valid credit or debit card.
  • Get an approved visa in about 6 to 7 days.
Is travel medical insurance in Russia compulsory?

Yes. Article 27(1) of the Federal Law makes it mandatory for all visitors in Russia to be covered under a travel medical insurance valid in Russia for the complete duration of their stay. The minimum coverage value for medical insurance cannot be less than AED 1,30,000 (USD 35,000). In absence of mandatory travel medical insurance valid in Russia, entry to Russia is not permitted.

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