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Japan, famously known as the land of the rising sun, is the easternmost country in Asia. The country has a rich heritage of culture and crafts. There are very few people who are not familiar with the popular art of Japan. Millions of anime lovers eagerly wait for the golden opportunity to visit the country that produces numerous world-famous anime shows and movies.

If you are planning a trip from the UAE to Japan, then Policyazaar UAE has some great news for you. You can now avail the best travel insurance for Japan at an affordable price. A plethora of fabulous policies from top insurance providers in the UAE is listed on our website Policybazaar.ae. While you plan the most exquisite foreign tour of your life, let it be safe and hassle-free with travel insurance for the Japan trip. All the relevant details are discussed below for your perusal.        

Japan Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for the Japan trip will empower you to roam around freely, without worrying much about loss or damage of personal belongings, including your passport. On the other hand, travel medical insurance for Japan covers all your expenses if you fall sick in Japan and have to be hospitalised. Some of these plans extend services such as repatriation and evacuation. That is why you must procure the best travel insurance before landing on foreign soil. 

Do You Need Travel Insurance for Japan?

Before a foreign tour, people often scratch their heads with numerous queries. Customers frequently come up with the query ‘do I need travel insurance for Japan’? The answer is that you may not officially require travel insurance for the Japan trip; it will come to rescue you from various sticky situations in Japan. For instance, if you lose your passport, then your entire trip will go for a toss. How would you feel if all your planning and expenses go in vain? This is why you need to procure a convenient policy that protects you from such troublesome events. A list of different types of policies is discussed below.   

insurer your car

Benefits of Having a Travel Insurance Plan for Japan

A sound travel insurance plan keeps your trip protected against uncertainities that may arise on a foreign land. Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects of having a travel insurance: 

  • Coverage for Passport Loss: Your passport is a crucial travel document, and should you misplace it, your journey will inevitably be cut short. Additionally, if your passport is misplaced, then you could find yourself in a real pickle in a foreign country. Your travel insurance for Japan will provide coverage for such events.
  • Coverage for Personal Liabilities: You are financially protected by this coverage in the event of an accident or other third-party obligations. Any criminal action, however, falls out of scope.
  • Coverage for Lost or Delayed Baggage: If your luggage is delayed, then you may suddenly find yourself in need of a few necessities. You might have to purchase those products from a store. With travel insurance for Japan, you stand a good chance of receiving a fair reimbursement for the cost of those products in the event of a delay or loss.
  • Coverage for Medical Concerns: If you have travel medical insurance for Japan, then you can request reimbursement for any medical expenses. Emergency evacuation and sudden hospitalisation are two extreme situations when insurance proves to be of great assistance.
  • Coverage for Covid-19: You need to confirm that you have coverage for Covid-19-related problems before you leave the UAE. You can get travel insurance that covers you for COVID-19 circumstances on the Policy Bazaar. You are completely covered for all Covid-19-related testing, from RT-PCR to mandatory quarantine.

Japan Visa Requirements

Japan, like all the other countries, has a unique set of requirements. Before you apply for a visa to Japan, you have to meet these requirements. However, you will be thrilled to know that as per new guidelines, the UAE is exempted from a tourist visa. All you need to have is a valid e-passport. However, this applies to tourist visas only. 

The set of requirements to apply for a Japanese visa is as follows.

  • You have to physically visit the Japanese consulate or embassy for a round of identification and document verification (you may skip the meeting by choosing a proxy application or if you are travelling with an accredited travel agent).  
  • You have to furnish all the relevant documents (discussed in the next section) which will not be returned to you (except the original passport).
  • Documents must be relevant and up-to-date.

Documents Required to Travel from UAE to Japan 

Find below the list of documents you need to show during the visa application. 

  • A genuine Emirates ID
  • The original passport with a couple of blank pages and a photocopy of the same
  • A copy of UAE residence proof 
  • 2 recent photographs with white background
  • Travel confirmation copy (flight tickets)
  • Accommodation confirmation copy (hotel bookings)
  • Proof of employment with employer’s NOC (if applicable)
  • Bank statement for the last three months
  • Duration of stay and travel itinerary
  • Utility bills as proof of current address
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Tokyo Tower is the icon of Japan that fabricates the true essence of the country. Bustling with life at every corner, Tokyo presents you with a unique experience. Although it is impossible to visit all the notable places in Japan on a brief trip, you simply cannot afford to miss out on the largest city in the world! 


Kyoto is a picturesque town with numerous fountains, shrines, gardens and artificial streams. The city offers you a tranquil look, exactly the opposite of Tokyo. The most famous place in Kyoto is the bamboo forest.

Mount Fuji:

This is the place you must visit if you are seeking adventure. You can be a part of exciting activities such as Mount Fuji climbing if you visit it from July to September. However, you can always enjoy the breathtaking view of the mountain, throughout the year.


This city is often referred to as Japan’s winter wonderland. The large snow statues, gardens and the Sapporo Annual Snow Festival are the main attractions. You can enjoy a few days of solitude in perfect harmony with nature in Sapporo.   


If you want to witness contemporary Japan in its ultramodern shopping malls, skyscrapers, restaurants, and complexes, then Osaka is the place for you. Osaka is one of the most visited cities in Japan.   

Best Time to Visit Japan

Japan is famous for its iconic cherry blossom and wisteria flowers. These flowers bloom in abundance during spring and autumn. The purple petals with red leaves add vibrancy to the surroundings, making the landscape even more picturesque. March to May and September to November are the best months to visit Japan. You can also visit Mount Fuji during these seasons and participate in climbing activities. Winter in Sapporo is famous for its snowfall which you may like to witness. Choose your time according to your preference. 

How to Get Travel Insurance Online for Travelling to Japan from the UAE?

On Policybazaar UAE, you will stumble upon the best travel insurance for the Japan trip. You can avail one of these plans within 5 minutes online. Please refer to the following steps to obtain the best scheme today.

  • Click on the ‘Travel Insurance’ tab 
  • Choose ‘Travel Out Of’ UAE
  • Now you have to choose between a single trip and a multi-trip. If you are planning to visit Japan more than once a year, then go for a multi-trip. Otherwise, stick to the single trip option
  • You will now have to provide the duration of your stay in Japan. Choose your date of departure and date of arrival on the calendar drop-down
  • The last step of the process is to share valid contact details such as email ID and contact number
  • Once you share your details, click on ‘View Quotes’
  • A list of travel insurance policies will pop up
  • Choose the most convenient one for you and proceed to pay the premium

Quick Recap

Your trip to Japan should be the most memorable one of your life. The pristine landscape of the country, the glorious wisterias and cherry blossoms, the enormity of Mount Fuji and the rich heritage of the nation - Japan has some exciting offerings for you. Visit Tokyo, the busiest city in the world without worrying a bit about travel insurance for Japan. Get yourself and your near and dear ones insured today on Policy Bazaar. 


Do I need travel insurance to visit Japan?

Unlike European countries, most Asian countries have not made travel insurance mandatory yet. You may not require travel insurance officially to visit Japan. However, it is wise of you to purchase one before you set foot on foreign soil.

Should I pay a visit to the Japanese embassy during my visa application?

While you apply for a Japanese visa, there is an option available called proxy application. If you choose this special visa application, then you would not be required to visit the Japanese embassy. Otherwise, you must visit the embassy during the inspection.

Do UAE residents require a visa to visit Japan?

You will be thrilled to know that as per new guidelines, the UAE is exempted from a tourist visa. All you need to have is a valid e-passport. If you wish to stay more than 90 days, then you have to apply for a visa.

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