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Sweden is a picturesque country with heavenly views. The iconic images of Sweden portray a varied landscape. However, the advent of modern technology has redefined the Swedish cityscapes. You will come across the largest spherical building in Sweden, which is a triumph of human innovation. Side by side, you will be able to enjoy the serene tranquillity of the nation in its forest trails, mountains and rivers. 

Purchase travel insurance for Sweden to make your vacation as smooth as possible. Since Sweden is a member of the Schengen area, you must present proof of travel insurance when applying for a visa. Visit our travel insurance section to take advantage of affordable travel insurance for Sweden.  

Sweden Travel Insurance

No matter where you go, insurance will always shield you against unplanned crises. You must be protected against potential loss or damage to your private possessions when travelling abroad. If you have health coverage, then you can also request compensation. For instance, travel insurance will be the first thing to help you out of a soggy situation if you are abroad and unfortunately lose your passport. This also holds for any urgent medical situations. To be safe, you must purchase travel insurance for Sweden if you are organising a vacation there.

Do You Need Travel Insurance for Sweden?

Yes, you must provide proof of health insurance when applying for a visa to visit Sweden. Sweden is enlisted among the Schengen countries, and these countries have mandated travel health insurance. It has also been specified that you must have a minimum coverage of 30000 Euros. 

As has already been discussed, you would ideally have some money set aside to meet any unforeseen bills. More money than you may realise may be spent due to losses, damages, misplacement and exigencies. These costs can now be comfortably covered, thanks to the affordable travel insurance for Sweden offered by leading insurance providers on Policybazaar UAE. A comprehensive summary of the many types of coverage included in these fantastic travel insurance policies can be found below.

  • Coverage of Passport Loss: The most important document you need to travel internationally is a passport, which is covered in case of loss. It makes perfect sense for you to choose to acquire the top travel insurance for Sweden to safeguard your passport.
  • Coverage of Medical Expenses: Travelling to a Schengen country as Sweden needs you to have coverage of at least 30000 Euros. Since medical emergencies occur out of the blue, you must have a cushion to pay for the treatment in a foreign country. Paying hospital bills, clearing medical treatment expenses and buying medicines are compensated by most of the top travel insurance for Sweden available on Policy Bazaar. 
  • Coverage of Covid-19 Cases: The global community is currently uniting in its fight against the Covid-19 outbreak. With numerous constraints and complications, the miserable virus has snatched two valuable years from our lives. You must be protected from any unexpected circumstances brought on by Covid-19. In most cases, requirements like RT-PCR tests or compulsory quarantine are covered by all travel insurance for Sweden policies available on Policy Bazaar.
  • Coverage of Personal Belonging Loss and Damage: Accidents can occur while you're travelling that may lead to the loss or damage of your luggage. In such scenarios, you must use your funds to finance some necessities to last the remainder of the journey. You are entitled to claim adequate compensation for lost or damaged items if you have already obtained insurance against personal property loss or damage.

Sweden Visa Requirements

Sweden offers UAE residents a short-stay visa that is applicable for 90 days within a predetermined time limit of 180 days. For example, if you have issued a short-stay visa for Sweden, then it will stay valid for 180 days from a specific date. You can visit and stay for a maximum of 90 days in Sweden during this time frame.

Airport transit visas are typically for those who are catching a connecting flight from a Swedish airport. You have to apply for an on-arrival transit visa in that case. 

Other than that, you can apply for visas for various other purposes as listed below:

  • Visitor Visa (to visit friends and/or relatives living in Sweden)
  • Medical Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Official Visit Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Cultural Event Visa
  • Sports/ Film Crew Visa

Documents Required to Travel from UAE to Sweden 

The following travel documents are needed for travel from the UAE to Sweden:

  • Schengen travel insurance with a minimum of €30,000 in coverage (mandatory)
  • A passport issued during the last ten years
  • Application for a Swedish visa that must be completed and submitted with supporting documentation
  • Your national identification card and passport
  • Two recent passport-size photos that are clear and taken against a white background
  • Copies of previous visas (wherever applicable)
  • Detailed itinerary for the trip
  • Evidence of round-trip ticket confirmation
  • Evidence of lodging or a confirmation of a hotel reservation
  • Evidence demonstrating your ability to pay for the trip (financial affordability)
  1. Gamla Stan: Gamla Stan is an old town in Stockholm where you can find relics of medieval Europe. The medieval hamlet is still largely intact; however, it is frequently painted and brushed in traditional Scandinavian fashion. Its small, stone-paved pathways and the cobblestoned streets that surround its squares are what give the area its appeal.  
  2. Gota Canal: The 190-km-long Göta Canal was built in the 19th century. It is frequently referred to as Sweden's finest engineering achievement. It now ranks among the top tourist destinations in the nation and provides a distinctive viewpoint of central Sweden. The canal runs on the Baltic Sea with 58 locks and 47 bridges. There are several options for passenger cruise ships, or you can rent a boat and explore the canal on your own.
  3. Visby: Visby is an accredited UNESCO heritage site that is often referred to as the ‘pearl of the Baltic Sea’. The place is brimming with relics and the heritage of medieval Europe. Unlike the snow-capped landscape of Sweden, Visby offers a candid, lush green view.  
Best Places To Visit in Sweden

Best Time to Visit Sweden 

Sweden is a picturesque country that offers something or the other throughout the year. You can choose to plan your trip at any time across the year to Sweden. May to September is the tourist season for Sweden as nature blooms and grows at its peak. The season is often called high summer. However, if you want a pocket-friendly trip, then make a plan during the off-season. Winter is the off-season for Sweden as most of the country is covered by a thick layer of snow. You can enjoy your favourite winter activities like skiing, ice skating and snowballing during winter.   

How to Get Travel Insurance Online for Travelling to Sweden from the UAE?

Sweden, being one of the Schengen countries, requires travel (health) insurance to get an official visa. On Policybazaar UAE, you will come across the best travel insurance for Sweden. Top UAE insurance providers bring the most convenient offers for you on Policy Bazaar. Grab some of the finest plans such as AXA travel insurance Sweden and Allianz travel insurance Sweden at an affordable price. These amazing policies cover you for passport loss, damages to your personal belongings, medical grounds and Covid-19 cases. The best part is that you can now avail one of these policies online. Following is a detailed process flow of procuring travel insurance for Sweden on Policy Bazaar.

  • Visit Policybazaar UAE
  • Place your cursor on the ‘Other Insurance’ tab and choose it
  • You will be presented with a drop-down menu from which you must select ‘Travel Insurance’
  • Considering that you want to purchase travel insurance to leave the UAE, select the ‘Travel Out Of’ option now
  • Choose between a single trip and multiple trips
  • As the names imply, the ‘Single Trip’ option only covers one trip, while the ‘Multi-trip’ option covers numerous travels during a calendar year
  • Select your date of departure and your date of arrival to set the length of your stay outside the United Arab Emirates
  • Providing some fundamental personal information, such as a functioning email address and a working phone number, is the last step in purchasing travel insurance for Sweden online
  • When you have finished entering the necessary data into the boxes, click the ‘View Quote’ tab 
  • You will be taken to a page that lists the leading national insurers' travel insurance options
  • Select your desired travel insurance and continue to pay the premium.
Is Sweden among the Schengen countries?

Yes, Sweden is a Schengen country. Therefore, you would require proper travel insurance for Sweden to get a Swedish visa.

When should I plan my trip to Sweden?

Sweden's summer is the most amicable time to visit the otherwise cold landscape. If you love snow, then you should plan your trip in winter as well. Winter being the off-season will also curtail the budget quite significantly.

Is Sweden visa-free for UAE residents?

Yes, you can stay in Sweden with a short-stay visa that stays valid for 180 days. You have to make sure that you stay for a maximum of 90 days within this time frame of 180 days.

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