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Travelling to Canada introduces you to some of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth for a memorable outdoor experience with endless activity options in the clean and fresh air. Equally impressive are Canada’s modern cities exuding warmth and a great escape option from the outdoors. 

Travelling through the country can sometimes mean covering great distances fraught with uncertainties. However, you can secure your unforeseen travel woes with best travel insurance online plans. Let’s take a look at everything that can enhance your travel experience even more.   

Travel insurance Canada Policy

Though travel insurance is not a legal requirement in Canada, you never know what is in store. It is undeniable that undertaking long journeys covering incredible national parks, leisurely hikes, sheer rock faces to climb, or backpacking through the wilderness are potentially hazardous. Moreover, falling sick or accidental injuries are not uncommon. This is why you need a comprehensive travel insurance Canada policy backing.  So, let us find out more.  

Travel insurance for Canada - Significance

Although travel insurance sounds simple, its coverage is comprehensive. The benefits are far more than paying medical expenses alone. Thus, we can summarise the scope of the following benefits in the typical best travel insurance Canada-specific policy.  

Medical Coverage

  1. Emergency Expenses: Most travel insurance plans offer cashless treatment in medical emergencies.
  2. Emergency Dental Expenses: Dental care abroad is expensive enough to cause a hole in your pocket to exacerbate the pain. However, your travel insurance has your back covered to restore the smile on your face!
  3. Medical Evacuation: Should any mishap lay you down, the insurance coverage rescues you from the distress with air or surface evacuation to the nearest hospital
  4. Hospital Daily Cash Allowance: Notwithstanding the cover for medical expenses, petty expenses are a bane in case of hospitalisation. The daily cash allowance reimburses the little expenses as well. 
  5. Body Repatriation: Unfortunate death is always painful. But the insurance coverage arranges for repatriation of the mortal remains to the parent country.  
  6. Accidental Death: The travel insurance Canada policy has your back not for medical expenses alone but in cases of death due to accidents. 

Baggage-Related Coverage

  1. Baggage Loss: Losing your baggage during travel is not rare, and the insurance compensates for the loss.
  2. Documents Loss: There cannot be a greater catastrophe than losing your travel documents and cash to add to your travel woes despite having cheap travel insurance for visitors to Canada. The minimum coverage compensates for the cost of acquiring a duplicate or a new passport to get you going again. 
  3. Checked-In Baggage Loss: One of the most unfortunate events marring your travel in Canada is losing your checked-in luggage, packed with all the goodies and mementoes picked during your travels. The coverage compensates you for the loss.
  4. Checked-In-Baggage Delay: Receiving the checked-in baggage upon reaching the destination late is utterly distressing. Travel insurance Canada policy reimburses the cost of essentials while the mess gets sorted out for delays exceeding 4 hours. 

Journey- Related Coverage

  1. Personal Liability: The travel insurance Canada policy compensates for any accidental third-party liability during the travels in the country. 
  2. Emergency Financial Assistance: Travelling in Canada often involves solo journeys across long stretches, and theft or robbery incidents are not uncommon. You are not alone; the insurance policy provides emergency cash to help you get over the immediate crisis. 
  3. Hijack Distress Allowance:  An extreme possibility but the travel insurance Canada policy is ready for it. Accordingly, you receive compensation for the ordeal. 
  4. Flight Delays: Frequent air travel is necessary during your Canada visit. Flight delays can ruin your itinerary and are also annoying. However, the insurance policy compensates for the essential purchases made in the interim.  
  5. Hotel Accommodation:  Medical emergencies extend your stay and incur additional expenses. Your worry is taken care of by the coverage for extra hotel accommodation costs.  


Travel insurance covers many risks. In addition, you can tailor the insurance to cover single or multiple trips for individuals, couples, or families under a single policy. So first, let us find out the travel insurance Canada plan types for the UAE residents. 

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance: As the name suggests, the insurance suits UAE travellers to Canada when it involves a one-off trip for less than 90 days. Accordingly, the policy term of days is valid during the trip.
  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: Frequent flyers to Canada from the UAE can buy the insurance cover with an annual validity. The advantage is they can make multiple trips to Canada without purchasing a new one before each trip.  
  • Long-Term Travel Insurance: If you are planning an extended stay in Canada for work, study, or simply taking time to use the 2-year working holiday visa, you have tailor-made options. The 24-month travel insurance Canada policy covers your stay for two consecutive years, meeting the requirements of IEC (International Experience Canada) with a comprehensive package. In addition, the backpacker insurance policy lets you explore Canada and its attractions to the hilt without worrying about financial protection.

Travel insurance plans with variants protect you on the Canadian holiday, business trip, or a journey of exploration against life’s unexpected events. So, let us check the platter straightaway. 

A typical list of benefits under travel insurance Canada policy in CAD

Coverage features 


Single trip 

Cancellation or curtailment 

2500 to 5000

2500 to 5000

Emergency medical expenses 

2.5 Lac to 10 Lac 

2.5 Lac to 10 Lac 

Evacuation or repatriation

Included above

Included above

Repatriation of mortal remains 

5000 to 10000

5000 to 10000

Dental emergency 

500 to 1000

500 to 1000

Hospital cash 

250 to 500

250 to 500

Emergency family travel 

Economy ticket

Economy ticket

Travel documents loss 

300 to 500

300 to 500

Delayed baggage

500 to 1000

500 to 1000

Personal belongings 

2500 to 5000

2500 to 5000

Personal accident 

20000 to 30000

20000 to 30000

Missed departure 

250 to 500

250 to 500

Delayed departure 

500 to 1000

500 to 1000

Personal liability 

2.5 Lac to 10 Lac

2.5 Lac to 10 Lac

Premium Cost 

604 to 814 AED

69 to 90 AED


1 CAD = 2.85  AED as of 29 Jun 2022

The prices quoted pertains to a 30-year-old for travel of 90 days or less per trip.

Points to Note

  • All the travel insurance Canada plans provide coverage for Covid-19 infection, varying with the insurer and their products. 
  • The list of coverage items is far from exhaustive, and it makes sense to check individual insurance plans to determine suitability.

Visa requirements for Canada Travel

The travel insurance Canada policy discussion is incomplete without learning about visa requirements for travellers from the UAE. All UAE residents can travel to Canada for various reasons. However, UAE nationals are exempt from visas for short stays up to 6 months. Expats and Indians are not as lucky, and procuring a visa permit is mandatory to travel to Canada from the UAE. 

Though UAE citizens are exempt from visa requirements, an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is mandatory to travel to Canada or transit through their airports. The document is valid for 5-years or till the passport is valid, whichever comes first. Moreover, it applies to all foreign nationals arriving from visa-exempt countries. On the other hand, expats, including Indians, need a visa based on the purpose of the visit. So, let us learn how to apply for the visa essential to enter Canada.

Visa Types: 

Canada issues five visa types depending on the purpose of the visit. They are transit visas, super visas, visitor/ temporary resident visas, work permits, and study permits. Each “visa” serves a specific purpose; accordingly, you must furnish relevant information, including your biometric credential. 

Visa Application Procedure: 

The application process is relatively straightforward, and both online and offline options are open to the expat Indian. Accordingly, stick to the following steps.

  • Visit the Canadian government’s official portal for visa application
  • Pick the visa type you are applying for
  • Fill out the online application form 
  • Upload the requisite documents 
  • Pay the application fees online and also submit your biometric credentials
  • Submit the filled-in application form
  • Finally, you must submit your photographs and biometric details at the nearest Biometric Collection Service Point within 30 days of applying.

Travel Documentation For Indian Expats:

You are responsible for scanning the checklist of documents before applying for a Canadian visa. However, there are a fixed set of documents besides those depending on the visa type you are seeking. So, let us check the mandatory documents per the list below.

  • A valid passport with an expiry date beyond six months and two empty pages for stamping
  • The application form is complete in all respects.
  • Two recent photographs of all the applicants with the DOB and name on the back 
  • Proof of income and financial stability
  • Photocopies of to-and-fro air tickets
  • Accommodation proof of your Canadian stay

Best Places To Visit During Your Canada Travel

Canada boasts breathtaking outdoors, an extensive coastline, and diverse terrains, ensuring you are never short on excitement. So, here are a few suggestions to make your Canadian trip memorable. 

Niagara Falls

This stunning Canadian spectacle is at the country’s top of the list of iconic places. Niagara City and the beautiful waterfalls will take your breath away with its raw majestic beauty.

Quebec City

Known as North America’s oldest walled city, it symbolises French romance. In addition, its magic mesmerises you, being one of the most picturesque cities in the country.  


The city is fascinating and exudes a unique aura of old-world charm with remarkable buildings in varied architecture and horse-drawn carriages. 

Okanagan Valley

Capture the ethereal moments for keepsake in the endless fruit orchards and wineries dotting the land. It is the best nature offers and a must for a stroll in the valley to feel invigorated during your Canada trip.

The Wilderness

Canada’s wilderness is rugged, hosting vast and diverse flora and fauna. You can have an encounter with the grizzly black bears, the famous Moose, or, if your luck favours, whales frolicking in the icy waters. If you are a nature lover, no place can offer as much. 

The Magical Northern Lights

Canada offers the celestial spectacle to watch from several spots in the country. Thus, you can experience the surreal Northern Lights from Yukon, Yellowknife, or Churchill.

Best Places To Visit in Canada

Best Time to Visit Canada

A lot depends upon your purpose of visiting Canada. Accordingly, the summer and winter months are equally attractive times to visit, depending on what you wish to explore. The summer months during July and August favour adventure sports and outdoor exploration. On the other hand, winter months provide the best snow experiences. However, the fall months between September and November take the cake, with the rapidly changing fall foliage providing breathtaking backdrops. 

Buying Travel Insurance Canada Policy in The UAE

You can have travel insurance Canada policies in the UAE in advance rather than look for where to buy travel insurance in Canada as an afterthought. Several international insurer brands operate in the UAE, responding to your travel needs.  

However, a convenient and easy way is to buy travel insurance online. You can also do it via Policybazaar. You just need to follow some easy steps:

  1. Input the relevant information regarding the proposed Canada trip
  2. Then choose the appropriate travel insurance Canada plan matching your requirements. Insurance policy buyers must note that the UAE insurers offer several tailor-made variants for every individual.
  3. Next, input all the information about travellers seeking travel insurance coverage.
  4. Finally, review the entries and pay the premium online using the available payment methods to receive the policy document instantly.
When does the travel insurance Canada policy coverage start?

The coverage starts when you book the Canadian trip or pay the travel insurance premium for the single trip policy, whichever is later. Similarly, the cover commences when you book the trip under the multi-trip policy or the effective date on the policy document, whichever is later. However, other benefits kick in when you leave the initial departure point in the UAE.

Is it necessary to carry the travel insurance Canada policy document while travelling in the country?

Carrying the policy document copy is unnecessary while travelling in Canada. However, you need the insurance policy number on the document’s face.

Who is eligible for coverage under the travel insurance Canada policy in the UAE?

Anyone between 3 months to 75 years is eligible for insurance under suitable travel insurance Canada policy. In addition, you must be a resident or a UAE national. 

What is the definition of a family for buying a travel insurance Canada policy?

A family for travel insurance Canada policy is the insured person, spouse, and any number of children when you buy it in the UAE.

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