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Travel insurance is one of the most important things for a traveller, yet most of them tend to ignore it. Travel insurance from a reputed provider becomes even more necessary when you're travelling abroad because it covers multiple risks that can give you a lot of stress on your vacation. If you're planning to visit Singapore, then this post is for you. Here we will discuss how to choose the best travel insurance in Singapore. Let's begin! 

Is a Travel Insurance Mandatory for Travelling to Singapore? 

No, travel insurance is not mandatory for Singapore yet. However, it is highly recommended to have one for safety and convenience. The right travel insurance policy will benefit you during unpredictable and unfortunate situations like medical emergencies, flight delays, adventure sports, baggage loss, passport loss, and many more. 

Simply put, investing a little in a travel insurance policy for international travel is much better than bearing hefty losses in the case of emergencies. 

Moreover, if you're an adventure seeker, or visiting Singapore for any sports or adventurous activities, then you must have a travel insurance policy in your pocket. 

Visa Requirements for Travelling to Singapore from UAE 

Note that a tourist visa is not required for travelling to Singapore from UAE for a period of up to 30 days. That means you don't have to go through the whole visa process if you're going to stay for a short period. Below are some things to know while planning your Singapore trip:

  • Take a look at the validity of your passport and make sure that it is valid. 
  • Make sure your passport has enough blank pages. 
  • Check if there is a requirement for a transit visa. 

Moreover, confirm with your airline in case you're travelling to Singapore via connecting flights. There can be a case where you may be asked for a separate transit visa for the countries you're passing through. Alternatively, you can check for the visa requirements for other countries. 

Other Requirements While Travelling to Singapore from UAE 

According to the new regulations that are effective from 1st April 2022, foreign travellers, including children, are allowed to enter Singapore in a ‘quarantine-free’ way with very few requirements, only if they are fully vaccinated. Below are the latest travel requirements for fully vaccinated travellers arriving in Singapore:

1. Negative report of Covid-19 test, which should be taken two days before departure, or PDT Exemption Letter, or Proof of Recovery (in the case of travellers who have recently recovered from the Covid infection). 

2. Vaccination certification

3. Singapore arrival card (This is the most important document that you need to submit 3 days before your entry). 

Why Purchase Travel Insurance in Singapore? 

Before discussing the other things about purchasing the best travel insurance in Singapore, let's first understand why it is very important for travellers. Following are the main reasons why you need to invest in a good travel insurance policy:

1. Covers against medical emergencies 

The best travel insurance policy in the UAE covers medical expenses up to a specific limit. The good thing about these policies is that they don't discriminate among the types of medical conditions and emergencies. It doesn't matter what kind of accidental or medical treatment you've undergone, the policy will reimburse the expenses up to an agreed limit. Moreover, some insurance providers even have collaborations with hospitals where you can get your treatment. 

2. Covers the risk involved during travel 

When you buy travel insurance in Singapore from a trusted insurance provider in the UAE, you get a policy that covers the major and minor risks during your trip. Some of these risks include loss of personal belongings, loss of passport, loss of baggage, etc. 

By having these risks covered, you get an extra layer of protection against any kind of financial loss that can occur on your Singapore trip. Moreover, in case your flight gets cancelled due to any reason, a travel insurance policy will offer you compensation up to a certain limit. In the absence of travel insurance, these situations can burn holes in your pockets. 

3. Insurance providers offers necessary assistance 

When you're away from home, you don't know what happens next. In case of any unfortunate problem during your travel, the best insurance providers in the UAE provide all types of assistance. Their support can help you find a network of hospitals, and file claims in the right way when needed. As long as your travel insurance is valid, the insurance provider is obligated to help you when needed. 

4. Protection against trip disruptions 

Trip disruptions refer to instances that may cause you to postpone or cancel your trip due to any personal or professional reason. The best travel insurance policy also covers tour cancellation either by you or the travel company. By having such risks covered, you can save a lot on your additional expenses. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Travel Insurance Singapore from UAE 

To help you invest in the best travel insurance policy for Singapore, here is a list of some useful tips:

1. Look at the coverage 

The very first thing you should look for at the time of selecting a travel insurance policy is the coverage it offers. Carefully check what it covers and what it doesn't. Also, do not assume that the policy will cover each loss that occurs during your travel. Instead, look for coverage for common situations like medical emergencies, COVID-19, loss of documents/baggage/personal belongings, etc. 

2. Check the riders 

In general, most travel insurance policies don't primarily offer cover for things like adventure sports or cover expensive belongings like cellphone, jewellery, etc.

If your vacation involves all these things then enquire the insurance company about the type of inclusions that you want and purchase add-on covers. 

3. Look at their claim process 

This is perhaps the most important thing when selecting an insurance provider. Make sure that you buy a travel policy from a reputed insurance provider who offers easy and hassle-free claims settlement. The good thing is that the best insurance providers in UAE even offer cashless claims settlement options to their clients. So, select your insurer very carefully. 

Moreover, don't fall for the cheapest travel insurance in Singapore. Instead, look for the most reliable policies and compare them to select the right one for yourself. 

4. Be clear about your pre-existing medical conditions 

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, then discuss them with your insurer at the time of buying the policy itself. If you don't do this, your policy may become useless in certain cases. 

Below are the types of travel insurance you can get for Singapore from the UAE:

Single Trip Travel Insurance for Singapore:  This insurance policy offers insurance benefits for a single trip. The duration of this scheme starts with the moment you fly to Singapore and ends with your trip. It includes the following plans:

Family Travel Insurance Singapore: As the name suggests, this scheme offers coverage to all family members who are travelling abroad. The typical age group for this type of plan is 3 months to 65 years. 

Individual Travel Insurance: This plan offers coverage to only one traveller. Furthermore, it includes all the benefits like coverage for luggage loss, medical insurance, etc. 

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: This plan is designed for travellers aged between 65 and 70 years. 

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: This is the second type of travel insurance you can purchase for your trip to Singapore from the UAE. This is a great plan for individuals traveling abroad multiple times a year. This plan is valid for one year and offers coverage for all the trips made during this validity period. 

Where to Buy Travel Insurance Singapore in UAE? 

There are many travel insurance providers in the UAE. However, focus on buying a policy from a trusted and reliable insurance company that offers hassle-free claims settlement and a policy that covers maximum risks. If you're looking for the best travel insurance in Singapore then check out Policybazaar. Here, you can even buy a policy online. 

Best Places to Visit in Singapore 

Following are the best places you can consider visiting on your next trip to Singapore:

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in Singapore. This place offers magnificent views of the waterfront and is perfect for a relaxed walk with your companion. It is a great picturesque location with beautiful backdrops and tranquil surroundings. While you can visit here during the daytime, the night is the best time to see its beauty with all the blingy lights and pleasant weather. 

Universal Studios, Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is named among the most popular adventure parks in the world. There are 7 interesting themed zones and 24 exciting rides for everyone. From children to adults, this park has something to offer for every age group. 

Singapore Flyer

When you visit Singapore, don't forget to check out the infamous Singapore Flyer, which is the largest Ferris wheel in Asia with a capacity to hold 28 passengers in separate AC cabins or capsules. Once you get on the wheel, you can notice the starry skylines from a height equivalent to 45 storied buildings. 

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is another place you can visit to explore the wildlife of Singapore. Here, you can find a huge variety of wild animals that roam freely in their habitats. You can book a Safari Ride to see these animals and to explore the wilderness. 

Marina Bay

If you're looking for the best fine-dine options in the country, head straight to Marina Bay, a luxury shopping complex that nestles high-end brands from all over the world. There are a lot of things that you can do in this place. 

Best Time to Visit Singapore from UAE 

Although Singapore can be visited any time during the year, the best time to explore the beauty of this destination is from winter to summer, i.e. December to June. Note that the period from February to April is the dry season in Singapore and this is the time when the country experiences the most sunshine, negligible humidity and least rains. 

There was a time when buying travel insurance wasn't regarded as an important thing for travelling abroad. However, things have changed today. Most countries have made travel insurance mandatory for the visitors arriving in the country. And even if it is not mandatory in the country you're travelling to, it is highly beneficial as it saves you from lots of expenses in case of unfortunate events. We have discussed all the things you need to know about buying the right travel insurance policy for Singapore along with the best place to buy one. We hope this information helps. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need travel insurance to transit to Singapore?

If you're not completely vaccinated for COVID-19, then you must have a travel insurance plan for travelling to Singapore from UAE.

Which travel insurance plan is best for visiting Singapore?

The selection of the best travel insurance plan should be based on your age, frequency of travel, as well as personal preferences. 

Does a travel insurance plan from the UAE offer coverage for luggage loss?

Yes, the best travel insurance plan from the UAE offers a good coverage for loss of luggage or any personal belongings like documents, cellphone, jewellery, etc.

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