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Is it mandatory to have a travel insurance before travelling to Cuba from UAE?


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As of 2018, Cuba's tourism business brought in over 4.7 million visitors, making it one of the main sources of income for the country. Cuba has always been a popular tourist destination due to its pleasant climate, beaches, colonial architecture, and unique cultural past. If you are planning to visit Cuba, be sure to buy Cuba travel insurance before you depart so that you are covered in case any unforeseen mishaps, illnesses, or injuries occur while you are away. 

Cuba Travel Insurance (Travel Medical Insurance)

The Cuban government has mandated since May 2010 that all foreign travelers must get travel health insurance. Both foreign visitors and Cubans who reside abroad must abide by the rule. Travel to some of Cuba's most stunning beaches and other scenic attractions without worrying about losing your luggage or running into trouble because travel insurance has you protected. You receive travel assistance, medical coverage, insurance in the event that your passport or luggage are lost, security in the event that COVID-19 occurs, and personal liability protection when you acquire a travel insurance plan.

Do You Need Travel Insurance for Cuba?

You are protected against some of the most extreme circumstances when you get Cuba travel insurance. The following are some major reasons of having travel insurance for Cuba:

  • COVID-19 Coverage: The Cuba travel insurance packages from UAE include COVID-19 coverage. You are protected by such plans for the statutory seven to fourteen-day quarantine period, RT-PCR tests, and treatment-related drugs.
  • Medical Costs Covered: With a travel insurance policy, you have financial protection against unexpected medical expenses, medical evacuation, repatriation, and daily hospital cash allowance.
  • Travel Assistance: When flights are rescheduled, diverted, or delayed, travelers frequently find themselves stranded at major airports. The cost of a flight cancellation, delay, or other flight-related concerns is, however, covered by Cuba travel insurance. 
  • Personal Liability Cover: This insurance provides financial security in the event that third parties become liable due to an accident. Liabilities resulting from illegal activity are not at all covered. Benefits connected to travel include legal expense insurance, a hijack allowance, coverage for missing or delayed flights, and personal liability insurance.
  • Coverage for Luggage Loss: With baggage insurance, you might receive compensation for lost luggage, misplaced vital documents, or delayed luggage delivery. You can either purchase the items with this coverage in the Cuba travel insurance, or you can get reimbursed for them.

Travel Insurance Cuba: Types

The many types of travel insurance for Cuba are as follows:

Cuba Single-Trip Travel Insurance:

Only one trip is covered by this travel insurance package. It starts at the time you depart for your trip and concludes when you return. Every basic and rider cover is included. The plans are available as:

Cuba Family Travel Insurance:

This policy provides insurance for all family members traveling abroad. The age range may change depending on the plan. Three months to 65 years old is the general age range taken into account.

Individual Travel Insurance:

Only an individual can benefit from this travel insurance plan as an independent traveler. Cuban travel medical insurance, vacation-related benefits, compensation for lost luggage, and more are all included.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance:

This program is specially created for folks who are 65 to 70 years old or older. These travel insurance plans also have a minimum and maximum age requirement.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance:

The coverage period for this travel insurance policy is one year. Within the duration of the plan, many excursions are covered. It is perfect for those who must visit Cuba at least three times annually for business or other reasons. It is available for purchase as business travel insurance.

Additional plans that you can buy are:

International Travel Insurance Cuba -

This strategy is applicable everywhere. It safeguards you while you travel outside of Cuba. The benefits include flight cancellation, vacation cancellation, and Cuba travel medical insurance.

Student Travel Insurance -

Student travel insurance is available for those between the ages of 16 and 35, making it the perfect option for students attending school in Cuba. It provides sponsor coverage and study interruption coverage in addition to the standard travel medical insurance Cuba.

Cuba Visa Requirements

When requesting a Cuba tourist visa, you must submit your passport, proof of health insurance, and a current round-trip ticket.

A Cuba Tourist Card is another name for the tourist visa for Cuba. You must obtain the tourist card in advance of your trip if you are from a nation where a visa to Cuba is necessary. The Tourist Card is available at some airports, through some travel agencies, authorized visa application agencies, and Cuban consulates. When you arrive in Cuba, you will be given a tourist card if you are not from a nation where a visa is necessary.

Travel Insurance by Age Group
Travel Insurance for over 65 Travel Insurance for over 70 Travel Insurance for over 75

Travel Documents Required to Travel from the UAE to Cuba

You must present the following identification at the international airport: 

  • Emirates ID Valid passport
  • Cuban passports and visas
  • Medical licenses
  • Journey information and dates of departure and arrival

The essence of Cuba can be summed up by its beautiful beaches, carnivals, vintage vehicles, excellent rum, eccentric architecture, friendly people, and picturesque landscape. Get your walking shoes on and head to Cuba for an adventure that will live long in your memory.

Maria La Gorda -

A little village called Maria La Gorda is located in western Cuba. It is incredible that Maria La Gorda is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cuba despite the fact that it lacks the country's signature colonial architecture and bustling atmosphere. The area attracts a yearly influx of adventurers due to its abundant and diverse marine life.

Cayo Largo Del Sur -

A little vacation destination island off the coast of Cuba is called Cayo Largo Del Sur. The local dialect refers to this location as Cayo Largo, which translates to "Long Cay." It continues to be one of the best destinations in Cuba to visit if you want to escape the crowds and take in both the stunning beaches and some much-needed tranquility.

Santiago de Cuba -

Popular Santiago de Cuba coastal city tour, which is located in Eastern Cuba, will literally give you the impression that you have reached a bygone age. The spectacular architecture from that time period, which still exists now, is evidence that the region is still greatly affected by its colonial heritage. The Parque Cespedes is the most well-liked location here. There are numerous colonial buildings in and around this square.


The capital and most populous city of Cuba is Havana, which is worth exploring. It is one of the most distinctive and contemporary cosmopolitan cities in the area and still boasts colonial mid-century buildings. It features a fantastic nightlife scene and a beachfront that is perfect for taking in the breathtaking views of the surroundings and the ocean. As a result, it continues to be a popular tourist destination and one of the best locations to go in Cuba for unending fun.

Vinales National Park -

Each of Cuba's national parks, including Vinales, is more gorgeous than the last. The Vinales Valley location is the nicest one, though. Mountains surround the valley, which is filled with lush vegetation and tobacco fields. There are also a number of caverns in this area, the most well-known of which are the Cuevas del Indio, or Indian Caves. They are also the locations that adventure seekers seek out the most.

Best Time To Visit Cuba

The months of October through April are the ideal times to visit Cuba. The nicest weather on the island may be found along the beaches of Cuba's south coast. The best months to visit Cuba are probably March and April because they have few rains and the longest, sunniest days (with an average of seven hours of sunshine per day). March and April usually see an average daytime highs of 27 to 29 °C and pleasantly warm lows of 19 to 21 °C.

There are many bright days, even from May to September, when it rains the most in Cuba, yet the heat and humidity are rarely intolerable.

How Can I Get Travel Insurance Online to Cuba From The UAE?

You can buy travel insurance for Cuba online by going to the insurance company's website or by using Consider taking the actions outlined below if you intend to purchase travel insurance from an insurance provider in the UAE:

  • Visit the website of the insurance company.
  • Go to the travel insurance service link. The choice between the inbound and outgoing alternatives may be presented to you.
  • To leave the country, select the outgoing option.
  • Give the name of the place you're going, like Cuba. Include other information such as the start and finish dates of the trip, the total number of travelers (including the number of adults, children, and elderly citizens), and your nationality.
  • After completing these areas, select Get Quote from the menu.
  • You will receive a variety of Cuba travel insurance options. Choose a plan that meets your needs.
  • You will be taken to a new website where you must enter the personal information for the travelers.
  • When you have finished entering all the necessary data, select either the submit or review the policy option.
  • Review the information, then pay the insurance provider's requested premium.

Follow the steps below if you want to acquire a plan from

  • On Policybazaar UAE, select the Travel Insurance tab.
  • Press the Proceed tab after selecting the Travel out of UAE option.
  • Mention whether it is a single or yearly multi-trip excursion.
  • Give the destination, which is Cuba, and the dates of your vacation.
  • Mention the number of passengers as well as their birthdates. Once finished, select Next.
  • Click the View Quotes tab after entering your contact information and personal information. You will be taken to a new page where you can compare the best prices from the top travel insurance companies in the United Arab Emirates.
Which Cuba travel insurance options are offered in the UAE?

You can choose between a single trip or an annual multi-trip travel insurance plan. Make sure to compare the plans and purchase the chosen one as soon as the trip is booked if you want to obtain the best deal.

Is COVID-19 protected by UAE travel insurance to Cuba?

In the UAE, COVID-19 is covered by all travel insurance policies. They pay for the price of the required quarantine, the price of the drug, and the price of the RT-PCR tests.

What travel discomfort protection does Cuba travel insurance offer?


These are the coverages offered as part of the travel inconvenience benefits.

  • Coverage for personal responsibility
  • Missing a flight
  • Travel documents missing
  • Cancellation of a trip
  • Missing electronic items 
  • Delay in takeoff
  • Possessions arrive later than expected
What procedures are required to obtain a Cuban visa online?

The steps to obtain a Cuban visa from the UAE are as follows: 

  • Visa Application: Submit a visa application. Fill out the short online form to apply for a visa to Cuba.
  • Pay online: Paying for the visa is simple, secure, and possible using PayPal, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.
  • Journey to Cuba: Get the visa by mail, and store it in your travel bag with your passport.

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