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Emergency Medical Expenses Coverage
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The USA is one of the most travelled countries in the world from the UAE, whether it is for business or leisure. Travelling to the USA is exciting for its vastness and diverse attractions. However, it’s important that we do not lose sight of the possible travel stresses amidst such disparate lures. Therefore, suitable travel insurance USA is the key to ensuring a stress-free stay in the country, mainly because the ongoing pandemic imposes several restrictions. So, let us dig deeper and learn more about it. 

Understanding Travel Insurance For USA

The USA is a cauldron of natural beauty, cultures, and a melting pot of people from every corner of the planet. So, if you are a UAE resident, checking for the best options in international travel insurance USA is essential for the trip. Travel insurance USA policy typically caters for the associated risks while travelling in the country for business or pleasure.

The Need For A Travel Insurance USA Policy

Buy travel insurance online policy considering the coverage and how it meets your specific requirements. So, the minimum you must ensure as an Emirati or an expat travelling to the USA with a travel insurance plan are:

Emergency Medical Expenses  and Transportation

Health concerns are commonplace while travelling, especially in a foreign country as vast as the USA. Injuries in accidents or a sudden illness may involve emergency medical care, including hospitalisation. Your travel insurance USA policy provides the necessary transportation to the nearest or suitable hospital and supports your medical emergency. 

Travel Hazards 

You expect to travel to the USA with clockwork precision, but it does not always happen according to your plans. Typical travel insurance bought in the UAE for travelling to the USA covers the following. 

  1. Loss of Personal Belongings: You can face difficulty losing your belongings, including baggage, passport, and money, due to an accident or burglary in a foreign country. The travel insurance coverage is reassuring in such an eventuality.  
  2. Baggage Delay: A common occurrence in air travel often causes discomfort. Accordingly, your insurance policy provides for emergency purchases of essentials covering clothing, toiletries, and medicines. The coverage springs into action if the baggage delay exceeds four hours from your arrival at the destination.
  3. Delayed Departure: The travel insurance USA policy covers unforeseen delays in flight departure. The delay from the scheduled time can be for multiple reasons, including weather, mechanical or technical issues, and even strikes. 

Covid-19 Cover: 

The ongoing pandemic has been a game-changer in international travel, especially with implementing country-specific management protocols. And the USA is no exception. Accordingly, the travel insurance coverage includes:

  1. All medical costs involving Covid-19 infection
  2. Moreover, the coverage includes reasonable additional costs for altered travel plans to your home country resulting from a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 infection. 

Travel insurance USA – Types

Travel insurance USA is essential when travelling to the country from the UAE, whatever the purpose – tourism, business, or work. Accordingly choose from the many tailored for your requirements. 

  1. Single Trip Travel Insurance USA Policy
  2. Multi-Trip Travel Insurance USA Policy
  3. Individual Travel Insurance
  4. Couple Travel Insurance
  5. Family Travel Insurance 
  6. International Travel Insurance USA Policy

You can customise a single insurance policy to cover individuals, couples, or families, making it flexible, affordable, and a “value for money” product. 

The insurance policies are comprehensive, covering various risks. Therefore, it is sensible to study the outline of travel insurance USA-specific coverage in detail for making an informed decision. Accordingly, the following grid depicts the significant scope of particular interest to expat travel insurance USA policy. 

Travel Insurance Coverage

Coverage in USD

Emergency medical expenses 

Up to 100000

Emergency dental care 

Up to 1000

Emergency medical transportation 


Repatriation of insured persons 

Up to 10000

Repatriation of mortal remains

Up to 10000

Premature return 

Economy air ticket 

Visit of a close relative 

Economy air ticket 

Cost of first aid and rescue 

Up to 20000

Personal liability 

Up to 100000

Legal assistance 

Up to 4000

The refundable advance of bail bond

Up to 10000

Cancellation or curtailment 

Up to 5000

Delayed departure 

Up to 500

Delayed baggage 

Up to 250

Loss of belongings and money 

Up to 5000

Loss of passport 

Up to 500

Personal accident 

Up to 27500

Optional terrorism extension 

Up to 100000

The coverage features are indicative, not exhaustive, and specific to a single insurer. Therefore, consult other UAE insurers and check their features before committing.


Visa Requirements For Travelling To USA

A valid visa is essential to travel to the USA regardless of nationality. For example, if you are an expat Indian resident in the UAE, the most common is the non-immigrant visa comprising the following types:

  1. B1/ B2: A temporary visiting document for business or personal, including tourism, medical, and looking up friends and relatives.
  2. F1 and M1 student visa: As the name suggests, you can apply for the visa after acceptance to join US academic programs
  3. H-1 B work visa: Foreign nationals employed in the USA under the sponsorship of their employers require such a visa
  4. H-2 work visa: applicable for unskilled foreign workers employed in the USA
  5. J-1 and Q-1exchange visa: Applies to foreign individuals traveling to the USA to join pre-approved exchange programs

Now you are ready to apply for the appropriate visa for entry into the USA using the following steps:

  • Determine whether the “visa” matches your requirement. You can consult the “Common Non-Immigrant Visa” guidelines 
  • Fill out the online application form  for the non-immigrant US visa
  • Pay the application fee online using the available payment methods
  • Create your profile and preserve the receipt number for scheduling the visa appointment
  •  You can schedule an appointment with the US embassy within 48 hours of submitting the application form
  • Attend your interview appointment on time along with the requisite documents and credentials
  • You will know the fate of your visa application, whether approved or rejected, after the second interview

Essential Travel Documents For Travel To The USA

You need to ensure you have all the documents to make your US travel hassle-free. Accordingly, consider the following documents well in advance when planning the trip.

  • A valid passport with a minimum of six months remaining for expiry from the arrival date in the USA
  • Appropriate pre-approved visa 
  • A statement describing the reasons for the USA visit
  • Confirmed to-and-fro travel tickets
  • Prescription for the essential medication required for the travellers
  • The requisite information, including the addresses of the people with whom you plan to stay during the trip
  • Applicable financial documents and the proof of funds you are carrying for the trip

Places To Visit During USA travels

The landscape in the USA is exceedingly rich, with no shortage of tourist delights and entertainment opportunities. Whatever your purpose for visiting the country, there is enough on offer. Accordingly, let us explore some of the must-visit destinations in the USA.

New York City

The US city is perhaps the most viewed international destination in the world, especially for movies and theatre buffs. New York City boasts iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Broadway, Wall Street, Times Square, and 5th Avenue. In addition, it is the financial and fashion capital of the world. 

Washington DC 

The city is USA’s political capital and home to the White House and the Capitol. In addition, it houses the Lincoln Center, and the Smithsonian Museum, among other national treasures.

The Grand Canyon

One of the world’s most famous natural wonders and a tourist hotspot not to miss when visiting the USA. Nature’s might is in full view here, engendering awe and reverence among the visitors in the seemingly endless expanses. 

YellowStone National Park

There are very few places on Earth to compare with the park’s natural beauty. It boasts the largest concentration of active geysers besides the Giant Redwood trees. 

Los Angeles

The city is in the state of California on the USA’s west coast and is home to Hollywood – the cinema capital. In addition, picturesque beaches dot its shoreline, attracting international tourists from every corner. 

Las Vegas

The glittering desert city is famous for its entertainment options. It is also known for its gambling casinos and has been a tourist destination for decades. 

Walt Disney World Resort 

The theme park attracts over 17 million annual visitors and is equally popular among children, adults, and the elderly. The magical memories of a family visit to the park lingers for a long time in your mind. 

The Best Time To Visit The USA

Visitors throng the US shores throughout the year, and it is among the most travelled destinations. However, the country is vast and experiences varied weather conditions. Accordingly, the spring months from March to May are the best time for indulging in outdoor activities for their mild and pleasant temperatures. 

On the other hand, the autumn months of September and October experience high footfall while avoiding the winters for their harsh climate. Whatever your time of visit, plan well in advance and ensure buying a travel insurance USA policy to shield from the travel uncertainties.  

How To Buy Travel Insurance Online USA Policy?

The cardinal point to remember while contemplating travel insurance USA policy is that one size does not fit all. And, you have multiple choices while doing so in the UAE. Some international insurance brands operating in the UAE that provide tailored insurance covers to meet your needs, include AXA, RSA, AIG, QIC (Qatar Insurance Company), and the Orient, to name a few. Moreover, they offer the online route to help indulge in USA travel insurance comparison before buying in a few simple steps. You can also do it via

  1. Provide the trip details and travel plan when in the USA  
  2. Choose the preferred insurance plan: UAE insurers provide multiple options with variable coverage to tailor according to your specific requirement and make it affordable. 
  3. Input personal details and information regarding each traveller
  4. The final step involves online payment of the premium and the issue of the insurance policy document instantly. 

You can purchase travel insurance plans in the UAE in different classes. Accordingly, the coverage limits vary for USA travel. In addition, all the offered travel insurance USA-specific plans provide adequate Covid-19 coverage in varying amounts. However, consult individual insurance policy documents before selecting the most appropriate. 


What is the prescribed age limit for buying a USA-specific travel insurance policy?

The insured must be within the range from 3 months to less than 75 years for UAE residents regardless of nationality. However, the age eligibility criteria can vary with insurers.

What is the usual policy term of travel insurance USA policy?

You can buy a travel insurance USA policy in the UAE for terms ranging from 5 to 364 days, the latter covering multiple trips.

How much is the validity of US tourists and business visas?

Though the US Visa may have a validity of up to 5 years with a multi-trip facility, a single trip must not exceed a maximum stay of 90 days in the country.

What are the essential travel tips to make your visit to the USA hassle-free and memorable?

Adhere to a few safety precautionary measures to ensure that there are no hiccups during your travel in the USA. The critical ones to follow are:

  • Keep your travel documents, especially your passport, safe at all times. 
  • Always keep an eye on your belongings, especially in tourist hotspots and crowded places.
  • Stick to official commercial transport as far as possible rather than using the private facilities
  • Respect USA’s laws and regulations without participating in any illegal activities
  • Avoid visiting unfamiliar and remote places, especially after sunset
  • Always remember to conduct yourself with dignity without transgressing public decorum through your actions and words
  • Select the best travel insurance USA policy to secure your travel plans against unanticipated events financially

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