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New Zealand is a picturesque country, located in the south of Australia. People travel to New Zealand to enjoy pristine beaches, multiple forest trails, somber mountains and the ancient Maori culture. Cities like Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington and Napier offer you unique experiences. Besides, the flora and fauna New Zealand has in the offering will enthral you. Emu is a unique avian species, the national bird of New Zealand that is endemic to the country. If you are planning a trip to the land of Kiwis, then you must avail the best travel insurance for New Zealand. This will make your journey safer and much more hassle-free.

You'll be pleased to learn that Policybazaar now offers some fascinating travel insurance for New Zealand tours. Get the best of these plans to ensure you and your loved ones. We'll talk about many more perks and privileges of the fantastic New Zealand travel insurance later on in our conversation.  

New Zealand Travel Insurance

A journey to foreign land always has certain aspects that you must cover. For example, if you accidentally fall sick in a foreign country, then travel insurance will come to rescue you. From paying off the daily hospital bills to covering the expenses of diagnoses, travel insurance for New Zealand will enable you to enjoy your trip without worrying much about these things. 

Do You Need Travel Insurance for New Zealand?

Travel insurance online is of course not a mandatory document that the administration will ask you to procure. It is a matter of personal safety and security and that could be covered only by the best travel insurance for New Zealand. The best part is that you can now avail these policies at an affordable price online on Policy Bazaar. Find below the details of the different types of policies you can choose from.

Medical Coverage:

This crucial travel insurance policy supports you in the event of emergency hospitalisation, repatriation or evacuation. You will be eligible for reimbursement for your medical expenses with medical coverage policies. 

Personal Belongings Coverage:

Your possessions could go missing, or the delivery of bags could be unexpectedly delayed. You will be compensated under this policy in these trying circumstances.

Covid-19 Coverage:

The most important travel insurance to have nowadays is Covid-19 coverage. The policy will cover the costs of Covid-19-related treatments. From RT-PCR tests to quarantine, this plan will give you a respite from every possible dire situation related to Covid-19. All the plans available on Policy Bazaar have this basic scheme secured for you. 

Passport Misplace Coverage:

On your arrival in a foreign country, your passport will be the prime document for accommodation, transport and anything you want to do. In case you misplace your passport, this plan will compensate you for the loss.

Personal Liability Coverage:

One such insurance helps you pay for mishaps and other obligations that engage other people. Consider this insurance as a protection against unintentional financial losses. 

New Zealand Visa Requirements

You will be glad to know that the UAE is a waiver country for New Zealand if you stay for less than 3 months (i.e. 90 days). However, you must procure an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) to visit the country. You can apply and receive the ETA online. 

Depending on the urgency of procuring the ETA, you can opt for the best option as mentioned below.

  1. Standard Processing: Once you apply online for the ETA, you will have to wait 24 hours to get approval with Standard Processing.
  2. Rush Processing: Rush Processing allows you to procure the ETA within 4 hours after the successful submission of required documents for the e-Visa.
  3. Super Rush Processing: This system allows you to lay your hands on the visa within a walloping 30 minutes. 

Please refer to the next section for the documents you need to submit to apply for a travel visa to New Zealand. 

Documents Required to Travel to New Zealand from UAE

Every country has a set of required documents to approve visas. The required documents for UAE residents to secure a visa to New Zealand are:

  • You must have a passport with at least 3 months of validity left on it.
  • You should submit a recent digital photograph in a prescribed size for identification.
  • You need to have a valid debit card or credit card with an adequate amount left. You may transfer the application fee through your PayPal account as well.
  • An active email address is required which will be used as the point of communication.
  • Your financial capability needs to be proved with a bank statement to ensure that you can sustain yourself in New Zealand.
  • You should ideally furnish return flight tickets or financial capability to prove that you can buy one while you are in New Zealand.


Napier's stunning urban landscape seamlessly melds with New Zealand's breathtaking landscape. Along with the vibrant art deco structures, this evokes the opulent spirit of bygone eras. Standing in front of the neighbourhood Spanish Mission will inevitably cause a wave of pure nostalgia to pass through you. Napier is quite picturesque because of the theme of jazzy and classically-inspired graffiti on the walls and facades of the architectural constructions. The best wines are also sold to tourists in Napier. Here, there is a community named Maori Village that preserves the traditional ways of the native Maori people. You must pay this fascinating Maori village a quick visit while you are in Napier. 


A stunning city hidden on New Zealand's North Island, Hamilton is located on the shores of the Waikato River. You will come across a lot of themed gardens while taking a late-afternoon stroll along the river. The gardens have a variety of themes, including French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian and Japanese. The National Agricultural Fieldays is another popular attraction in Hamilton. Every year, this celebration takes place on the Waikato River banks. Participate in this festival to learn more about the pastoral way of life in the New Zealand countryside. The stunning beaches and enchanting lanes will provide you with countless opportunities to take some of your greatest pictures.


Christchurch is the most prominent city on the South Islands in New Zealand. Moreover, Christchurch serves as the gateway to the Antarctic. You can drop into this region for some gorgeous mountain views and serene afternoons by the rivers. Christchurch is also famous for its various winter activities. If you are planning to visit New Zealand, then you can choose winter to participate in these activities.  

Best Time to Visit New Zealand

December to March is considered the Kiwi summer which is also the most suitable time to visit New Zealand. The pleasant weather allows tourists to take part in various outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, cycling through forest trails, hiking, snorkelling and scuba diving. Winter in New Zealand could be quite harsh, and outdoor activities may get suspended.  

How to Get Travel Insurance Online for Traveling to New Zealand from the UAE?

If you have questions regarding how to get travel insurance online for trips to New Zealand, then please follow the instructions below. You will stumble upon a list of premier insurers on Policybazaar UAE which provides you with the greatest coverage at a competitive price. The steps to avail any of these wonderful schemes are:

  • Visit Policybazaar UAE’s Travel Insurance section
  • Select the option ‘Travel Out Of’ to proceed further 
  • There will be two choices - Single or Multi-Trips. Choose the valid option
  • Please specify how long you plan to remain in New Zealand from a calendar drop-down
  • You will be requested to provide some personal information, such as your phone number
  • Share the information and press the tab ‘View Quote’
  • A list of available travel insurance will be displayed for your perusal
  • Select the appropriate coverage to make your trip to New Zealand hassle-free

Final Thoughts

Your New Zealand trip will be safer and more enjoyable if you choose to buy the best travel insurance for this country. An array of multiple aspects will be covered by one of these effective plans. You can cover the loss of your personal belongings and passport and get reimbursed for medical treatments while you are in New Zealand. Visit our travel insurance section today to unlock many more features awaiting you!  


If I am self-employed, then what proof of income should I furnish?

You should have to furnish the trade license of your company along with an attested bank statement of the current account(s) related to your business. These along with your bank statement will suffice the cause.

How fast can I obtain my e-Visa to New Zealand?

There are three different procedures to sanction e-Visa to New Zealand. A standard method takes 5 to 7 days while rush processing takes 4 hours and super rush processing takes only 30 minutes.

When should I make my plan for New Zealand?

To avoid extreme winter, plan your trip to New Zealand from December to March. The weather remains pleasant, and you can enjoy the outdoor activities during the Kiwi summer.

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