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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Car accidents can happen to anyone, anytime. As a result, you and your car might cause an injury or damage to a third-party anytime. There is no guarantee for accidents, all you can do is prepare for the circumstances.

To avoid paying for any unfortunate accident out of your pocket, you should get Third-Party car insurance.

It is no secret that an accident caused by you will put a strain on your finances if not insured. Therefore, TPL Car Insurance in the UAE. This will cover any damage caused to a third-party, by your car.

Before you rush to get third-party car insurance, here are a few things you should know about TPL insurance.

What is TPL Car Insurance?

TPL stands for Third Party Liability. As per the laws of the UAE, it is mandatory to get third-party car insurance in the UAE.

The TPL car insurance in uae covers any third party hurt in the accident, caused by the insurer.

The TPL car insurance in UAE covers legal fees, bodily injuries or death of the third party involved. Third-party car insurance also covers property damage caused by the insurer’s vehicle.

Limitations of TPL Car Insurance in UAE

The financial cover to be provided to the third party is set beforehand. The insurance company will pay the financial cover directly to the third party.

Also, the insurer gets no cover with the TPL Car Insurance in UAE. Any or all damages caused to the insurer’s vehicle will have to be covered by the insurer himself/herself.

The third-party car insurance will only cover the third parties hurt by the insurer, not the insurer himself/herself.

Third-Party Car Insurance for Theft and Fire

The TPL Car Insurance in UAE covers only the damages to a third party. If you want to, you can add additional covers like theft and fire cover for a price. These add-on premiums will cost you a hefty sum.

Comprehensive Insurance for extra cover

If you are looking for a cover that will insure more than a third party, go for comprehensive car insurance. The comprehensive car insurance will insure not only you but also your passenger and your vehicle.

You can tailor the comprehensive car insurance for additional benefits too.

In comprehensive car insurance, you can add on covers for agency repair, recovery breakdown, windscreen damage, roadside assistance, rental or alternative vehicle, off-road cover, cover for the extension of the geographical area, etc.

Is TPL Cover the right choice for you?

If you are the owner of an old car, TPL Car insurance in UAE is the right choice for you. This will save you from spending a hefty amount on the premiums.

However, if you own a new and expensive car, comprehensive car insurance is a much better choice for you.

Over to You

You should know that there are some policies that is not included in the TPL Car Insurance in UAE. These policies are-

  • Cover for the damages to the insurer’s vehicle
  • Car replacement option is not available
  • Injuries caused to the insurer during the accident

Before you buy any TPL Car insurance in UAE, make sure to consider multiple options and compare them. Never buy the first car insurance that catches your eye.

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