8 Most Common Driving Mistakes that Could Cost You a Fortune

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Do you consider yourself a responsible or safe driver?

Well, the majority of the people think that they are great drivers but unfortunately, most of them make some common driving mistakes without even realizing it.

Well, we all know the importance of wearing a seat belt or risks of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or talking/texting on the phone behind the wheel.

However, there are some other common driving mistakes that most of us make unintentionally. Here are 8 common driving mistakes that you must know for your safety concerns:

Wrong/Bad Seating Position

While driving, many drivers push their seat too far back that may allow them some extra legroom or make them comfortable, but it is not at all recommended posture for a driver. Due to this, they might compromise their control over the vehicle. The reaction times to apply the brakes or the clutch pedal are quite low when the legs of the drivers are stretched out and can barely touch the pedals. Also, by sitting in a comfortable position can make you feel sleepy.

Whereas sitting upright and both the hands are on the steering wheel will keep you alert and also the reaction time is much faster.

Leaving or Keeping Your High Beam On

Leaving or keeping your high beam on is one of the most common unintentional driving mistakes that driver commits. High beams can easily distract and blind other drivers of the oncoming cars on the road and lead to reduced visibility. Therefore, it can cause a serious accident.

The high beam should be used when driving on roads or highways that have no street lights around but unfortunately, many drivers leave or keep beam lights on throughout the time. So make sure you turn on them when it is necessary as keeping your high beam off will benefit you as well as other cars around you.

Taking a Turn without Using Indicator

The indicator is one of the useful things that every driver must use while driving a vehicle on the road as they help in communicating your intentions to other drivers. Taking a turn all of a sudden or changing lanes without using an indicator might confuse other oncoming vehicles on the road and may lead to a serious accident. In fact, all of a sudden swerving is a key cause of road fatalities in the United Arab Emirates, causing around one-fourth of total deaths each year.

Changing Lanes While Turning

Switching multiple lanes while taking a turn is another most common mistake that people never realize. It can not only disrupt the traffic flow but it can also cause an accident. Many drivers suddenly switch to a wrong lane even without giving a signal to other drivers approaching from behind & end up disrupting the way of other drivers.

Not Adjusting Mirrors Properly Before Driving

The side and rearview mirrors are very important instruments in your four-wheeler that helps you see who is behind you & on the other side of your vehicle. With different heights of the driver, these mirrors need to be adjusted as per their convenience for getting the best view of the rear as well as on the other side of your vehicle.

If both of these mirrors are not adjusted in coordination with your seating position or height, you’ll find the view occluded and you might have to change your own position to see who is coming from behind. This will eventually shift your focus on what is in front of you that could be very risky. So, always keep in your mind that you adjust the rear and side mirrors in a manner so that you only have to move your eyes but not your head when you need to use them. This is exactly what they have meant for.

Moreover, the best way is to take some time when you first get into your car and adjust the side and rear mirrors to the appropriate position.

Jumping Signals

Jumping a red signal is a major mistake that people commit when they are in a hurry. Doing this will not only affect you but it might affect others on the road as well. Many of the CCTV footages at the traffic signals reveal that the majority of the road accidents are caused by someone jumping off the signal.

Speeding Up at a Yellow Light

Yellow light is a clear indication to slow down the vehicle not speeding up it. But unfortunately, most of the drivers think that they should quickly jump the signal before it turns into red. Such impatience and hastiness may cause accidents since it could be very risky. Giving up it 90 seconds of your life is definitely worthwhile.

Stopping a Vehicle Suddenly Without Indicating

This is probably one of the risky things that many drivers slow down or stop their vehicles in a midway without even giving a prior signal to other oncoming vehicles on the road.  By ignoring other vehicles behind you can lead to serious accidents.


It is true that everybody makes a mistake as a new driver. After all, we all learn from our mistakes. But it is quite important that you go through these aforementioned mistakes so that you can avoid them when you are behind the wheel.

Also, there is one important thing that you should never forget –having an apt car insurance policy. In the UAE, it is legally required to have an auto insurance policy as per the RTA law. So, if you have not purchased it till yet, you can buy car insurance online. The right auto insurance policy will safeguard you in the event of any unforeseen circumstances and also take care of legal liabilities if in case something goes wrong. Also, you can practice car insurance comparison online to compare different auto insurance quotes based on their coverage, features, and insurance premium.

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