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If you own a car in the UAE, finding the perfect car insurance plan for it is one of the most important things you can do as a car owner. Not having a proper car insurance plan prohibits you from driving the car, as you and the third-parties involved are put in danger without such a plan. 

However, you should be aware that there is no particular plan perfect for all the cars. There are several factors involved when you go out to buy a car insurance plan in Al Ain, with the make and model of your car, geographical location, and so on being some examples. So if you want to buy car insurance Al Ain, this particular piece will serve as a full-fledged guide for the purpose. Types of plans, features, benefits, claim procedures, car insurance companies in Al Ain, and practically everything you need to know to buy the best car insurance in Al Ain are included here. 

Major Types of Car Insurance Plans in Al Ain

  • Third-Party Liability Insurance: A third-party liability insurance plan covers vehicular damages and injuries sustained by third-party drivers in an accident caused by the policyholder. One should take note that a third-party liability car insurance plan only covers the liabilities towards the injured third-party. This means that none of the damages sustained by your car are covered under these plans. 
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: A comprehensive car insurance plan can be considered a combination of third-party liability cover and own-damage car insurance covers. Besides covering all the liabilities that the policyholder may have towards a third party, this plan also takes care of any damages caused to your vehicle. Damages related to accidents, fire, explosions, and man-made and natural disasters are usually covered in such plans. 

Key Features of Car Insurance in Al Ain

  • Third-Party Liability Cover: All Car insurance Al Ain plans come with a mandatory third-party liability cover. This ensures that you don’t have to pay out of your pocket in case a third-party vehicle is damaged. Besides covering the vehicular damages, this plan also covers injuries sustained by the third-party driver (and passengers, if any). 
  • Own Damage Cover: Comprehensive car insurance covers also take care of the damages sustained by your own vehicle in an accident. So even if you were at fault in an accident (with some exceptions), your insurance provider will cover accidental damages. Damages caused by collisions are also covered here. 
  • Personal Accident Cover: Personal accident cover for drivers and passengers is either available as a basic benefit or an add-on. The main benefit of personal accident cover is that instead of covering only the accidental injury treatment expenses, it also offers compensation in case of death or disability. 
  • Off-Road Driving: Several  Car insurance Al Ain plans come with added benefits such as off-road driving cover. Under this, if there is any damage to your vehicle while off-roading, the off-road driving cover allows you to seek coverage for that. Notably, off-road driving damages are generally not covered by basic insurance benefits. So if you are a person who likes to go on an adventure in the off-road mode, you can get an off-road cover add-on to fulfill your choice without worrying about the excluded benefits. 
  • No Depreciation Cover: Most of the assets are subject to depreciation over time, and cars are no exception. The No depreciation cover of car insurance Al Ain helps you eliminate the effects of depreciation to keep the original value of the car. The No depreciation cover allows you to retain the showroom price of your car and get it as compensation in case of the car getting totalled. 

What is Included in Car Insurance in Al Ain?

  • Third-party liabilities include third-party vehicular damages and injuries sustained by third-party drivers and passengers, although some plans may also cover legal fees. 
  • Own damages caused in an accident.
  • Damages caused by man-made or natural disasters .
  • Damages caused by explosions and fires.
  • Roadside assistance for vehicles.

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General Exclusions of Car Insurance in Al Ain

  • Driving without a valid license.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any other intoxicating substances.
  • Damages caused by voluntary negligence of the driver.
  • Consequential damages caused due to delay in car maintenance.
  • Damages caused when the car is being driven by another driver not named in the policy.
  • Any kind of mechanical and electrical damages sustained by the car.
  • Engine breakdown (unless covered with an add-on).
  • Normal wear and tear of the car over time.
  • Damages caused by over-use of the car. 
  • Windscreen damage cover
  • Replacement or courtesy car
  • Underinsured or uninsured drivers cover
  • Personal accident cover for passengers and driver
  • Off-road driving cover
  • NCB retention cover
  • Roadside assistance cover
  • Engine breakdown cover
  • Car accessory cover
  • Agency repair cover
  • Personal belonging theft cover

Car Insurance Premium Calculator – How to Use It


Get your car insured anytime, anywhere Calculate your Car Insurance Premium

SR 3.5L
Yearly PremiumStarts from
AED 382.5

Car insurance premium calculators are online premium calculation tools used to get an estimate of premiums for your Car insurance Al Ain plans. Car insurance calculators provide you with a close estimate of the premium for your car by obtaining basic information about you and your car. 

Information used by car insurance calculators include the age, make, and model of the car, age of the driver, geographical location, current value and the insured declared value of the car, etc. . Naturally, there are several additional factors that can influence this estimate when you buy the plan in real-time. However, for getting a rough estimate of what car insurance in Al Ain will cost you, this tool functions satisfactorily.

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Eligibility Criteria to Buy Car Insurance in Al Ain

Any UAE resident or citizen can buy car insurance plans in the UAE provided they have all the required documentation proof. To become a policyholder in the UAE, the applicant must be at least 25 years of age. However, any driver older than the age of 18 years, and have a valid UAE driving license. can be added to the car insurance plan as a named driver. 

List of Documents Required to Buy Car Insurance in Al Ain

Given below is the complete list of documents required to buy car insurance plans in Al Ain:

  • Emirates ID of the policyholder
  • Passport and resident visa in case of ex-pats and UAE residents
  • Car registration documents a.k.a., Mulkiya
  • Valid UAE driving license 
  • LPO from the lender or the bank in case of financed cars
  • GCC specification certificate for the car
  • Chassis number of the car 

Factors Influencing Car Insurance Price in Al Ain

  • Age, Model and Make of the Car: The model of your car, its make, and age (if the car is second-hand) have a significant impact on the insurance premium. Generally, more expensive models with high market value attract equally higher insurance prices, while older cars in good condition may bring lower insurance prices. 
  • Driving Record: As one can imagine, the driving record of the policyholder and the named drivers in the plan can also influence the prices. People with spotless driving records get lower insurance prices, and the reason is simple – better driving, lesser accidents. On the other hand, people having a bad driving record with multiple fines and violations get higher insurance prices. This is especially vital if you have named any additional drivers in the plan, as their records will also affect the insurance price of your plan. 
  • Claim History: People who have made lesser claims in the past get lower insurance premiums, while those with a long claim history get higher insurance prices. The reason for this is that the former category of drivers is  perceived as low-risk customers by the insurance providers. 
  • Geographical Location: You may have seen an “accident-prone area” sign in many places. This is so because some areas are more prone to accidents than others. However, the factor also impacts the plan. If you frequently drive on such a route or live in such an area, the insurance premium will be higher. 
  • Accident History: If you have bought a second-hand car, it is highly recommended to check its accident history. Cars that have been involved in multiple accidents, besides being prone to break down more often, also make for a sullen record. This increases the insurance premium for such cars several folds. 
  • Chosen Deductibles: Policyholders that choose higher deductibles tend to get lower insurance premium prices. Higher deductibles in car insurance Al Ain reduce the liability of the insurance company, decreasing the premium of the plan for the policyholder. Deductibles are to be paid by the policyholder when making a claim against the plan. 
  • Type of Coverage: The type of coverage and the level of its comprehensiveness make an enormous difference when premiums are concerned. Comprehensive plans come with more benefits compared to third-party liability plans, and this is reflected in the insurance prices. Plans with lesser benefits, which is the third-party liability plan in this case, also cost less. 
  • Promotional Discounts: While promotional discounts are uncommon in the case of insurance plans, some festivals and occasions may allow you the opportunity to avail yourself of such benefits. Any festival or special shopping discounts applicable on car insurance Al Ain can bring the price of your insurance plan down. Besides that, you can also get discounts on offered plans if you buy insurance online in Al Ain. 

Car insurance companies in Al Ain 

Given below is the complete list of the top 5 car insurance companies in Al Ain:

Car Insurance Companies in Al Ain  

Available Plans 

Oman Insurance

InsureMy Tesla

High Net Worth Covers

Third-Party Liability Covers

Comprehensive Car Insurance Covers

ADNIC Car Insurance

Comprehensive plans with agency repairs and non-agency repairs 

Third-party liability insurance cover

AXA Gulf Car Insurance 

Comprehensive car insurance plans

Third-party liability car insurance plans

Breakdown recovery, protective clothing, and other additional covers

Noor Takaful Car Insurance 

Comprehensive car insurance plans

Third-party liability car insurance plans

Al Fujairah National Insurance Company

Comprehensive car insurance with agency repairs and without agency repairs 

Third-party liability insurance 

How to Buy Car Insurance in Al Ain?

You have the option of buying Car insurance Al Ain plans in two basic ways – offline and online. Given below is a detailed list of steps involved in buying car insurance Al Ain plan:

Buying Car insurance Al Ain Online

  • Visit policybazaar.ae and locate the car insurance section. You can also follow a similar trail of steps to buy from the provider's website. 
  • Open the lead form available on the page and fill in your personal details. After that, add details related to your car as well. 
  • Once you have provided all the required details, a new page will appear with all the best car insurance in Al Ain for your car.
  • Compare and choose your plan in real-time here and proceed to finalise the purchase. 
  • Fill out the application form next and choose the fine details of your plan. If you see any beneficial add-ons, add them here before proceeding. 
  • Upload the required documents next and recheck everything.
  • Proceed to make the payment to complete the purchase. 
  • You will receive the policy documents via email, while a confirmation text will be sent to your registered mobile number as well. 

Buying Car insurance Al Ain Offline 

If you don’t prefer to buy car insurance online, you can always buy your car insurance offline in Al Ain. The options in the offline mode are either an insurance agent or a branch office of the provider that you will need to visit. You can easily find a representative at the branch office, who will give you a form to fill and file the application. Carrying all the required documents in physical form is mandatory here. 

Submit the application with the requisite documents and make payment to close the purchase. If you have an agent, they will help you obtain the application form and submit the application on your behalf.  The policy documents will be delivered in physical form when you buy your insurance plan offline. 

insurer your car

5 Benefits of Buying Car Insurance Online in Al Ain

  • Legal Requirements: Car insurance plans are mandatory for all vehicles in the UAE. Driving without a valid car insurance plan may land you hefty traffic rules fines, black points on the driving license, and seizure of the vehicle. Thus, the first and the biggest benefit of having a car insurance plan is that it keeps you safe from all legal obligations and fines. 
  • Protection Against Lawsuits: However you tend to drive, the process of driving automatically comes with the added risk of road accidents. While having your own car damaged is one thing, you may also end up damaging a third-party vehicle in driving. Such third-party lawsuits can have a tremendous negative impact on your finances. Having a proper car insurance plan can save you from this ordeal, as all car insurance plans automatically cover third-party lawsuits and damages if the policyholder is at fault. With even a basic car insurance plan in your store, you can expect to dodge these setbacks. 
  • Increased Financial Stability: Besides major third-party liabilities, expenses on your own car may also end up shaking your budget. In addition to normal maintenance and repairs, accidental damages are also covered by comprehensive car insurance plans available in Al Ain. This ensures that you don’t lose your savings or emergency liquid funds if your car happens to get damaged. 
  • Protection Against Theft: Spending a fortune on buying your dream car and then having it stolen can massively impact your life. However, while the emotional attachment with your car may not be salvaged, car insurance plans help in covering the financial aspect. This ensures that you will not end up losing your money along with the car. 
  • Peace of Mind: Perhaps the best benefit of having a proper car insurance plan is that it brings you peace of mind. If you are assured about the safety of your car and any possible third-party claims in your way, you can drive with better confidence without any substantial concerns 

How to File Car Insurance Claim in Al Ain?

Filing car insurance claims in Al Ain is a straightforward process. The steps can differ a little depending on the kind of claims you plan to file. For instance, accidental claims are filed in a different way than theft claims. However, an easy experience is common in all such claims. Following is a detailed description for both:

Filing Accidental Car Insurance Claim in Al Ain 

  • When in a car accident, immediately report the incident to the police. At the same time, call the emergency medical services if someone has been injured and tend to them. 
  • Once you are done with first aid, call your insurance provider to brief them about the accident.
  • It is understandable if you are not in a position to call the insurance provider. However, don’t skip this step, and have a friend or a family member call on your behalf.
  • If your car can be driven, drive it to the garage allocated to you by the insurance company. If this is not the case, you can choose to call the roadside assistance services of the provider.
  • Obtain a claim form from the provider and fill it aptly. Include all important information. If available on your provider website, you can also fill out the claim form online. 
  • Attach the car registration documents and police report with the claim form. If possible, attach witness accounts and your personal account of the accident. 
  • Claims submitted online will be sent for approval automatically, and the approval will be sent to your allocated garage. 
  • You can also submit the claim offline at the allocated garage itself. An inspector from the insurance company will be there, who will examine the claim, damage, and potential expenses.
  • Once everything is settled and the inspector approves the claim, the repairs will begin soon.
  • After the repair is done, you can pick up your car from the garage. If your insurance company covers it, you can also have it home-delivered. 

Filing Theft Related Claims with Your Car Insurance Plan in Al Ain

  • If your car or its accessories are stolen in Al Ain, your first course of action should be to inform the police about the incident. 
  • File an official police report and keep a copy with you, as you will need it for the submission and approval of the claim.
  • If accessories have been stolen, get every stolen accessory listed in the police report. Only itemised accessories are covered by insurance policies. 
  • Inform your insurance provider immediately after spotting the theft of car/accessories. There is no option for you if you miss the claim deadline.
  • Submit an official claim with all supporting documents like the police report, itemised list of the stolen items, etc. 
  • As theft is concerned here, the police department will run its course of action to recover the stolen car or the accessories. Instead of first attempting to search for the stolen entity by yourself, complete the required formalities. 
  • If the investigation closes without the recovery of the stolen items, your insurance claim settlement process will begin. 
  • The police department will give you an official document stating your car is untraceable. This is the final document required before the settlement of the claim. Once you submit this document, the insurance company will begin the settlement process. 
  • Patience is the key here, as the provider may require some time to analyse the current value of the car, figure the compensation amount as per your assured sum, and then arrange for the settlement.
  • If the car is found after you have received the claim amount, it becomes the property of the provider. 

How to Renew Your Car insurance Al Ain Plan?

Renewing your Car insurance Al Ain plan is easy and can be done online from the comfort of your home. However, if you prefer otherwise, renewing your car insurance policy offline is also possible. Read below to find the steps to renew your Car insurance Al Ain online as well as offline:

Online Renewals for Car insurance Al Ain 

  • Visit the provider website or log into policybazaar.ae using your credentials. 
  • Head to the car insurance page and locate the renewal portal. Fill out a renewal application in this portal.
  • Enter the required information and choose the insurance policy you want to renew. 
  • If you want to continue with the same plan, move ahead without making any changes. 
  • If you want to add or remove add-ons, do it here before moving on to the next step. 
  • Upload all the required documents in scanned form and check the final premium amount. 
  • Pay the premium and close the purchase. 

Renewing Your Car insurance Al Ain Offline 

Visit the nearest branch office of your provider or connect with your agent. Obtain a physical renewal form from them, and fill it out while adding supporting documents. If inspection is required, set up an appointment for it. Once your car is checked and approved, make final arrangements to renew the plan. Select a plan (and add-ons, if you need any) and renew the car insurance. 

Things to Consider to Buy the Best Car Insurance in Al Ain

  • Comprehensiveness: Once you set out to buy your car insurance plan. you will find yourself surrounded by a multitude of options. While all the available options will come with different levels of comprehensiveness, your first task is to find a few top options that cover your insurance needs ideally. The middle path is the best here, as the plan you choose should not have too many benefits that you won’t use or insufficient benefits that fail to cover in precarious situations. Select the level of comprehensiveness that suits you the best. 
  • Availability of Add-Ons: Most car insurance companies in Al Ain offer add-ons with comprehensive car insurance plans. However, these add-ons vary as per providers. Consequently, if you have chosen the provider of your choice, find out which add-ons are available with them. Even if you don’t need add-ons now, you may need them in the future. Choosing a provider that offers add-ons that you may need later can save you a lot of trouble in the future.
  • Insurance Company: In addition to carefully choosing your car insurance plan, you should also pay attention while choosing the provider. Different car insurance companies in Al Ain have different strengths and weaknesses. You need to make sure that the provider you choose offers all the services you need and has a mostly- satisfied present customer base. From claim settlement ratio to customer reviews, transparency, and support staff, everything should be covered in your search. 
  • Compare Plans: Once you have your top picks, take a step back and compare them. While pricing is essential, compare all the benefits of the plans as well. Finding the most cost-effective option from your top choices should be the goal here. 
  • Individual Requirement: Make a list of your requirements before you do anything else. While buying a comprehensive plan is a smart choice, paying for benefits you do not use isn’t. Before proceeding to buy a plan, first try to understand your current requirements. 

Why Should You Buy Your Al Ain Insurance with Policybazaar.ae?

As you can see, there are several steps involved in choosing the best car insurance plan in Al Ain. Besides searching for suitable plans, you should also spend time looking for additional discounts and provider reviews before making a final choice. And while this step is crucial, it is also tedious as you will generally need to spend hours toggling through tabs and visiting different pages on your laptops or phones. 

Policybazaar.ae eliminates most of these idle steps to make buying and comparing insurance easy. You can search, compare, and buy your Car insurance Al Ain plans swiftly in a go. The universal platform of policybazaa.ae ensures that you get all the information you require on a single page. On top of it, our customer service team is available 24x7 to help solve every problem that you may face while purchasing the plan or during the tenure. If you are confused about your requirements and plans, our finance experts can also help you choose the right plan. Finally, you can always expect some additional discounts when you shop for your Car insurance Al Ain with policybazaar.ae.  

Car insurance Al Ain FAQs

Q1. What is NCB? Can I get NCB in my Car insurance Al Ain plan?

Ans: NCB or no claim bonus is a kind of bonus that the policyholder gets for not making any claims during the tenure of the car insurance plan. NCB can be used to get up to 50% discount on your car insurance plans when accumulated over years. Overall, it’s safe to say that yes, you can get a no claim bonus for your car insurance plans. 

Q2. Is off-road driving damage covered by my Car insurance Al Ain?

Ans: Yes, off-road driving can be covered by car insurance plans in Al Ain. Some car insurance plans cover it as a basic benefit while others may require you to add it as an add-on benefit. 

Q3. Which factors can influence car insurance prices in Al Ain?

Ans: The age, make, model, and condition of your car, driving record of the policyholder, geographical location, accident history, and claim history are some of the factors that can influence the par insurance price in Al Ain. 

Q4. Do I need to have a valid car insurance plan at all times in Al Ain?

Ans: Yes, it is mandatory to have a valid car insurance plan at all times in Al Ain. Every car owner is required to have at least a third-party liability cover for their car at all times. 

Q5. Who can buy car insurance plans in Al Ain?

Ans: Any UAE resident or citizen can buy car insurance plans in Al Ain. The important aspect here is that you must have all the required documents at the time of buying the insurance plan. 

Q6. Can my NCB be transferred to Al Ain?

Ans: Yes, you can transfer your no claim bonus to any other car insurance plan that you buy in Al Ain. However, it cannot be transferred to any other policyholder. 

Q7. Can I get my policy documents online?

Ans: Yes, you can easily get your policy documents online when buying car insurance in Al Ain. 

Q8. Can I have more than one car insurance plan in Al Ain?

Ans: No. Unlike health insurance plans, you can only have one health insurance plan at a time for one car. However, one plan can be used to insure multiple cars at once. These plans are known as multi-car insurance plans. 

Q9. What is the grace period in car insurance?

Ans: Grace period is an additional time frame given to policyholders to renew their car insurance plans after the tenure ends. In Al Ain, the grace period for car insurance plans is 30 days long. 

Q10. Can my car insurance claims be rejected? What can I do for rejected or denied claims?

Ans: Yes, your car insurance may get rejected if the documentation is incomplete or the claimed expenses are not covered by the plan. If rejected or denied, you can raise a query regarding the claim. If the issue is with documentation, you can re-submit the claim. To ensure that all claimed expenses are covered, you can also restructure the claim if the claimed benefits are not covered. 

Q11. Can anti-theft devices reduce car insurance premiums in Al Ain?

Ans: Yes, anti-theft devices are a part of practical modifications that can help in reducing the premium of your car insurance plan in Al Ain. Anti-theft devices reduce the risk of the car getting stolen, which ultimately reduces the risk that car insurance companies in Al Ain take. This is why you can get lower premiums with anti-theft devices installed in cars. 

Q12. Can I include paid drivers and named drivers from the family in my Car insurance Al Ain plan?

Ans: Yes, you can include paid drivers and family members as named drivers in your Car insurance Al Ain policy.

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