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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
For a lot of new motorists, purchasing a new car in the UAE could be close to impossible. Without a doubt, a new vehicle is convenient & you would not have to stress about the car breaking down. However, they can often turn out to be very expensive for a new driver to afford. A few showrooms in Dubai have economy vehicles (that is, compacts) that cost around Dh50,000 and more.

That said, a lot of people want to buy second-hand or pre-owned cars instead, as they are comparatively cheap. Most of the residents of UAE claim that they would prefer purchasing a used car. Not just a cheap car but they also look out for cheap car insurance in UAE.

As compared to the other markets, second-hand cars are available at lower rates in the UAE. Currently, it is possible to get amazing deals those cars that would be luxury cars otherwise, without even having to haggle much. Any driver would want to buy new cars for two reasons: one is customization possibility and the other being easy purchase. While purchasing a new vehicle, the dealer might sort out all the processes including finance, insurance, & registration. Some consider that this hassle-free situation is worth paying for.

However, customers do not have to go through these difficulties anymore. Many pre-owned car dealerships offer to assist the customers with paperwork including insurance and finance. Purchasing a used or pre-owned vehicle is cheaper in comparison to buying a new one. However, it has a few disadvantages: the first one being the condition of the car & how it had been treated by the last owner. So, how will you ensure that you are purchasing is worth it?

The following are the tips for buying used cars in the UAE.

Shortlist The Models or Brands

A lot of you know already which manufacturer or brand is preferable in cars. It is advised to shortlist 2 or 3 brands, or diverse models of the same brand, during the beginning of this process. Such a decision is dependent on cost, service, and maintenance costs the possible value of resale, the number of passengers & other factors.

Look for a Good Website or Car Dealer

Although there are many dealers available in the market, the basis of selection would be credibility & responsible selling. You can consider multi-brand brick & mortar car dealers such as AutoMall by Al Futtaim or Elite Cars for high-end models. These dealers might also offer exclusive service packages after purchase. You can also go for credible websites like GetThat, that might help you in comparing brands and costs, and speak with the owners directly for negotiating on price. Such negotiations are not possible with the resellers.  

RTA Tests and Checks

After you have selected a suitable car or at least shortlisted a few, the following step would be to ensure that the vehicle is in a good working condition. Not everyone is great with information and fact checks on the car. You should ask for a passing guarantee by RTA, that depends upon a series of tests and checks that are conducted by testing centers approved by RTA.

Crunching the Numbers

The buyer should get the history of the used vehicle. It is important to get the vehicle inspected by some mechanic. Buyers should also research the market value & consider the resale value. The engine, chassis, and VIN number of the car should tally with documents of the car.

Checking the Appearance

As they say, it is all in the looks, you should check how the vehicle looks. Check for scratches, dents, and dings. You can use all of this to negotiate on the price even more as repairing a dent may cause a hole in your pocket. Along with the body, also check the brakes and tires of the car. All four tires should not be worn out. They should also belong to the same brand.

Going Below the Hood

All these tips will work well if you get with you a mechanic who is certified. Take a thorough look at the mechanics of the vehicle. Check if there is any leakage in the engine or if the chassis has any rust. If you notice black smoke, this means the engine is consuming a lot of fuel. If you notice blue smoke, it means the engine has started to burn oil. If any of these exist on the vehicle, walk away!

Check the Interiors

Check that the seats are not damaged. Check whether the radio is working or not. The turn signals and lights are also to be examined. How many kilometers does the clock show and if it matches with what is mentioned on the documents or not? Use all the switches in the car to check if they are working or not. Sit in the car for some time to see if the AC is working properly enough for surviving the heat in Dubai or not.

Take the Car on the Road for a Spin

 Examining the car inside out is good, but in the end, the test drive is the key. You can check if the car makes any strange sounds and gears are smooth or not. You will also get a feel of how the vehicle drives. In case you are comfortable driving it, then you can initiate the negotiation according to the knowledge you gained after checking the car properly.

Proper Documentation

Once you have made the payment to the seller and have the car registered freshly in your name, make sure you have the originals as well as the copies of all required documents with you. Safely keep with yourself the receipts, service details, and cards. While selling the car, the history of service might come in handy for negotiating the fair price for the car that is in good condition. Check the efficiency and safety of the car periodically. Take the car on the road & stay safe.

Over to You

UAE can prove to transitional for a lot of people and hence, investing in a new car might be an uneconomical option. Purchasing a second-hand car can be a good option for the residents. There are various cars available in all conditions, ages, and price ranges in the market. Selecting & paying for the correct one is what is most important. Finding cheap car insurance in uae is the next important thing. You can consider the above-mentioned tips for purchasing a second-hand car in the UAE.

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