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Car insurance is a necessity if one wishes to seek coverage for the driver, passengers, and the car itself against any damages and loss incurred in a road accident. In the UAE, having car insurance is mandatory; you may have to pay fines or see your driving licence receive negative points.

Fortunately for users, there are plenty of insurance companies in the UAE that offer car insurance deals to remain protected against unforeseen situations like accidents, theft, and other damages to vehicles. While the application process for these plans is straightforward in most cases, you will need to keep a few documents ready to obtain such a plan.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

You will find below a comprehensive checklist of what all documents are required for car insurance as well as car insurance renewal, and filing for a car insurance renewal. 

What are the Documents Required for Car Insurance in the UAE?

The following is a rundown of the essential documents for purchasing a car insurance plan in UAE:

  • Driving Licence: To purchase car insurance, you should have a valid driving licence. It has to be ensured that your licence has not expired or been damaged. Besides serving as evidence that you have the right to drive in the country, it also simplifies the purchase of insurance to a great extent.
  • Passport and Residential Visa:If you are an expatriate, you should possess a copy of your residence Visa and passport when applying for car insurance. 
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC):You should possess a valid copy of the registration certificate of the car that you want to insure when you initiate the application process.
  • Bank Statements:A bank statement can serve to demonstrate your financial conditions. This is helpful for the bank in verifying your capacity for paying the monthly (or annual) premium.
  • Other Documents:While the aforementioned documents are essential, you should also carry your Emirates ID (if you are a UAE national) and a confirmation letter to prove that your car is GCC-specified.

Documents Necessary to Make Changes in Insurance Coverage

There are certain scenarios wherein you would need to change the insurance coverage. The following discusses such scenarios and the documents required:

  • Adding a new vehicle or person:In case you are planning to include another person in your car insurance plan, you will be required to bring in their driving licence. Similarly, while including a new vehicle in the coverage, carry a copy of its registration certificate with you.
  • Policy Cancellation:In case you want to cancel your policy, you should carry the proof of replacement coverage. It is mandatory to have replacement coverage so that the insurance provider can learn what problems you were facing in the current insurance plan.

Documents Required for Car Insurance Renewal in the UAE

If you plan to renew your car insurance, you would need to provide the insurance company with details of the claims that you had registered with the previous company. Besides this, the other documents include:

  • Passport or Emirates ID
  • Residence Visa in case you are an expatriate
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Driving licence
  • Pollution test certification
  • In case you have not registered any claims in your previous insurance plan, you will need to submit a No Claim letter for the years where you didn’t ask for any. This can help you earn a discount as a no-claim bonus. 

Documents Required for Car Insurance Claim in the UAE

Before moving to know more about the documents required for a car insurance claim, it is essential to understand the situations where you can file a claim. The following are the scenarios where you can expect a claim:

  • When there is an injury at the time of the accident: If you have any injuries resulting from the road accident, you should inform the insurance company. You should also assess the overall damage to your car and mention it when filing for the claim. 
  • When there is damage to your car: Comprehensive car insurance plan offers coverage to both the claimant and the driver at fault. In cases where your own car is damaged, you will only be able to expect compensation if you have a comprehensive car insurance plan. 

Following are the documents required for a car insurance claim in the UAE:

  • A police report
  • Driving licences of all the drivers involved in the accident
  • Car registration certificate
  • Completed insurance claim application
  • Car Modification Certificate (if any)

Summing Up

It is mandatory for car owners in the UAE to have car insurance. Besides the legal aspect, it also offers protection against accidents, natural disasters, and more. However, the challenge comes in the form of what documents are required for car insurance. Nevertheless, the requirement is quite simple as you will have to carry basic documents like a driving license, vehicle registration certificate, Emirates ID, residence Visa and passport, and bank statements. 

You will also find in the article the documents you would need to carry if you plan to change the insurance coverage. Another aspect covered is documents required for a car insurance renewal, which can include a No Claim letter, passport, residence Visa, Emirates ID, photographs, bank statements, old car insurance number, driving licence, credit card or debit card information, and pollution test certificates. 

You can always file for a claim in case you are injured or have your car damaged in an accident. The documents required for a car insurance claim in the UAE are a police report, completed insurance claim forms, driving licences of all involved parties, and car registration certificates. 

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