How to Get a Car Accident Police Report Online in Dubai?

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While the UAE authorities continuously make efforts to improve the roads and minimise the number of accidents in the country, there is always a chance that a person could get involved in a car accident. However, whether it is a minor or a major accident, it should be reported to the police at all costs.

When reporting the accident, it is essential to properly assess the situation based on several factors like the number of vehicles involved, the damages or injuries incurred, and more. This step has to be performed with extra care, as you would need to present the car accident report to your insurance provider to make a claim against the damages incurred by your vehicle.

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Discussed below are some key points regarding how to get a car accident report online in Dubai. 

Reporting a Car Accident to Dubai Police

Whenever you get involved in a car accident in Dubai, it is crucial to inform the police regarding the same. If the accident has caused serious damage to the car or physical injuries, it should be reported on 999 (Dubai Police helpline number). The police department will send in traffic police personnel to monitor the site of the accident. You can also ask for an ambulance if required.

On the other hand, if it was a minor accident that caused negligible injuries or damages to the car, you can report it to the police using the Dubai Police mobile application. As a general rule, you can report a case in case the number of cars involved in the accident ranges between 2 and 5.

For this:

  • Download the Dubai Police Application from the Apple Store or the Google Play store.
  • Tap on the “Report Traffic Accident” service on the application’s homepage.
  • Mention the number of vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Scan the cars’ number plate and upload it on the app.
  • Fill in the details including the car plate number and the driving licence number.
  • Capture an image of the damaged part of the car using the application.
  • You should also mention whether the information provided is for the driver at fault or the driver affected. 
  • After this, provide your contact information.

In case it gets difficult to identify the driver at fault, you can follow the previous step and connect with Dubai Police on 999. The law personnel will determine the liable party. This process is necessary to get a car insurance claim after the accident.

How to Get a Car Accident Police Report Online in Dubai?

Before learning about the process of how to get a car accident police report online in Dubai, it is vital to understand the need for a car accident report. When you report a car accident, you get a document that can be presented to the insurance company to file an insurance claim. Moreover, you will be able to even avail of roadside assistance from your insurance provider for your damaged car.

The sooner the claim process begins, the faster your car can get back on the road. Finally, you will need an accident report to get repairs done on the car legally, as you cannot initiate the repair work before receiving the police report.

When it comes to how to get a car accident police report online in Dubai, the Dubai Police department offers two distinctive services for the same.

insurer your car

Simple Accident Report

It is a simplified service offered by Dubai Police where you can obtain a quick road accident report provided that there were no major injuries or damages to the cars and the case of the accident was not drunk driving. You can show this document to your car insurance provider after visiting the police station in person, filing for it on the mobile application, or visiting, which is the official website of Dubai Police.

The following steps will help you know how to get a car accident police report online in Dubai:

  • Select the ‘Service’ option on the homepage of the official website.
  • Fill out the details in the application form.
  • Attach the photos of damages incurred by the vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Submit the request.
  • You can follow up on the request using the official website or the authorised mobile application.

Reissue Accident Report

Dubai Police also has a provision for reissuing a copy of a car accident report. With the report stating that the concerned vehicle was involved in a road accident, it can come in handy when you claim to have the costs incurred due to damages covered.

Here, you will be required to submit your Emirates ID number, email address, driving license number, and the place where the original accident report was issued. These details can be provided over the digital channels, i.e., the Dubai Police mobile application or the official website. You can even go offline and visit a police station for the same.

The steps mentioned below will guide you on how to get a car accident police report in Dubai:

  • Click on the ‘Service’ option on the homepage of the Dubai Police official website.
  • Provide the requested details in the application form.
  • Submit the request. 
  • You can enquire about the status of the request using the official website or the authorised mobile application.

Key Takeaway

It is mandatory to report a traffic accident and avail of the police report. You will be able to file an insurance claim and get the car repairs done on time only after having a police report. To report the accident, you can call 999 and even request an ambulance if there is a severe injury. If the accident was minor, it can be reported using the Dubai Police mobile application.

When it comes to the question of how to get a car accident police report online in Dubai, the answer can be found in either the official website for Dubai Police or the authorised mobile application for the same.

You can obtain a simple accident report to present to the insurance company and file for the claim. In case you lose the original copy, you can reissue the report. Keeping all these details in mind will prove beneficial in case you face an accident and wish to avail of the required financial and medical services as quickly as possible.

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