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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Car insurance comparison is one of the most important things to buy the best car insurance plan for your precious car in the UAE. AXA and Salama car insurance are two of the best car insurance companies in the UAE. They both offer wonderful car insurance plans which are right up the alley for the customer base of the UAE.

AXA is an international insurance provider while Salama insurance is a UAE-based provider. Both these car insurance companies offer a contrast since AXA offers conventional car insurance plans while Salama insurance offers sharia-compliant insurance plans. Let’s draw a comparison of car insurance plans provided by these two providers and figure out the best car insurance plan for you.

Features of AXA Car Insurance Plans

Given below are some of the most unique features of AXA car insurance plans that set them apart from others. You can look forward to enjoying a handful of additional benefits apart from the basic ones:

  • Multiple Plan Options: Three different types of car insurance plans can be available from AXA car insurance. The first is the third party liability car insurance while the second and third are comprehensive plans. The AXA comprehensive car insurance offers different levels of coverage scope to meet the variating needs of different policyholders.
  • High Assured Sum: The maximum assured sum available with AXA comprehensive car insurance plans goes up to AED 5 million. The third-party insurance plan from AXA comes with an assured of AED 3.5 million.
  • Back to Invoice Benefit: A back to invoice cover is offered with AXA comprehensive car insurance plan. It allows you to get the full ex-showroom price of the car if it is totalled within 24 months of the initial registration of the car.
  • All-inclusive Coverage: From comprehensive third-party cover to off-road cover, geographical extension and back to invoice cover, several benefits come with AXA car insurance plans. With all-inclusive basic benefits and add-ons, comprehensiveness is at its best when AXA car insurance is concerned.
  • Pick-up and Delivery Claim Service: A special pick up and drop service is offered for claims. Whenever you submit a claim, AXA will send a pick-up service to take the car to the agency garage and then drop it back at your house after the repairs are done
  • 5 Years of Agency Repairs: Up to 5 years of agency repairs can be enjoyed with AXA comprehensive car insurance plans. The lesser comprehensive plans come with 3 years of agency repairs. 

Available AXA Car Insurance Plans in the UAE 

Three different car insurance plans are offered by AXA car insurance in the uae – Motor Third-Party, Motor Perfect and Motor Prestige. Given below is the complete description of them all:

AXA Motor Prestige Car Insurance 

  • Motor Prestige is the most exclusive car insurance plan offered by AXA car insurance. It comes with an assured sum of AED 5 million for third party liabilities.
  • The third-party liability benefit of Motor Prestige ensures vehicular damages third-party, bodily injury, and legal liabilities due towards the family of the third-party driver. Own accidental damages are also covered.
  • Other own damages covered by AXA car insurance plans include fire damages, damages caused by natural and man-made calamities as well as theft. 
  • Motor Prestige comes with emergency medical expenses benefit worth AED 6,000 for accidental injuries, personal injury benefit worth AED 20,000, as well as loss/theft of personal belongings benefit.
  • Further basic benefits of the plans are 5 years of agency repairs, off-road driving cover and Oman geographical extension.
  • Car hire benefit covers worth AED 1,500 and back to invoice cover for up to 24 months after the initial car registration can also be availed. 
  • Driver personal accident cover worth AED 350,000, passenger personal accident cover worth AED 200,000 and 24x7 roadside assistance can also be availed with AXA Motor Prestige.
  • GCC extension cover is an add-on plan that can be availed with the plan.
  • Claims single point of contact and pick and drop service for claims are the special benefits of Motor Prestige car insurance plan.

AXA Motor Perfect 

  • Motor Perfect is also a comprehensive car insurance plan offered by AXA car insurance. It comes with an assured sum of AED 3.5 million.
  • Vehicular damages, injuries incurred by the third-party driver, legal liabilities towards the family of the third party and the own damages of the policyholder are covered by Motor Perfect from AXA car insurance.
  • Personal injury cover worth AED 20,000, personal belonging loss cover worth AED 4,000 and emergency medical expenses cover worth AED 3,500 are included as basic benefits of the plan. Personal accident cover for the drivers and passengers can be bought separately as add-ons.
  • The back to invoice cover is available for the first 6 months after the registration of new cars.
  • Own damage cover of AXA Motor Perfect includes fire damages, accidental damages, damages caused by natural disasters, man-made disaster damages and theft of the vehicle.
  • Off-road driving damage cover and Oman extension cover are also available as the basic benefits of the plan. 
  • Optional cover you can take with your Motor Perfect plan includes personal injury cover worth AED 20,000, 5 years of agency repairs, and car hire benefits for 7 days.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance can be availed with AXA Motor Perfect plan.
  • Special pick-up and drop services at the time of claim submissions are also available with this plan.

AXA Motor Third Party 

  • Motor Third-Party is the basic third-party liability car insurance plan and it comes with AED 3.5 million assured sums.
  • 24-hour breakdown recovery and roadside assistance are covered as a basic benefit of the plan.
  • No claim bonus may be availed with AXA Motor Third-Party as a special benefit of the plan.
  • The third-party car insurance plan covers damages caused to the third-party car/vehicles along with the injuries sustained by the driver.
  • Liabilities towards the family of the third-party driver are also included in the plan.
  • Available add-on covers for the Motor Third-Party plan include Oman extension, personal accident cover for drivers and passengers as well.

Available Discounts and Additional Benefits

You can avail yourself up to 20% off on the online purchase of AXA car insurance plans. The offer is subject to change as AXA requires it to and may be valid for a limited period only. The discount is valid on all standard vehicle insurance plans. Referrals could be required to avail of the discount on performance and restricted vehicles. Third-party car insurance plans and renewal of insurance plans are not eligible for the discount. However, all comprehensive car insurance plans can be combined with this discount. 

AXA Car Insurance Claim Process

Given below are the exact steps you will need to follow in order to submit your claim successfully:

  • Call AXA and inform them about the upcoming claim.
  • Get the police report of the incident if it is a case of vehicle theft, road accident or collision. Make sure all the details of the incident are thoroughly recorded in the report.
  • Get a claim form from AXA and fill it out diligently. Attach a copy of your driving license, registration documents of the car and the police report to it.
  • Go to the assigned repair garage and submit all the documents there.
  • Every network garage of AXA has a special insurance claim desk. This desk will take the documents and raise a claim request for you.
  • The claim documents will be examined and an inspector will check the damages on the vehicle and your plan benefits. The inspector is available at the garage at all times which means the inspection will be done immediately.
  • Once the inspection is done, all the paperwork is settled and the claim is approved, the repairs will begin if your car is already at the garage.
  • If not, a pick-up service from AXA will bring your car to the garage and the repairs will start.
  • Upon completion, the car will be dropped home by AXA drop services.

Salama Car Insurance Features and Benefits 

Below are some of the unique features and benefits of Salama auto insurance:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans: Salama insurance offers only one car insurance plan but it is designed to ensure that every small and big insurance need is fulfilled ideally. The auto insurance plan is perfectly comprehensive with everything from natural peril damage cover to child seat replacement.
  • Sharia Compliant Plans: Salama car insurance plans are based on the sharia concept of takaful. All auto insurance plans are designed under the guidance of a special in-house sharia committee which also oversees the everyday functions and operations.
  • Dedicated Claim Branch: A separate branch office is dedicated just for settling Salama car insurance claims. The claim branch is located in Dubai where the head office of Salama insurance is also located. All offline claims can be submitted in person or via email at this branch.
  • Easy Claim Process: Salama offers a very detailed step-wise claim guide for all car insurance claims. It is very easy to file a claim at Salama insurance. You can use both online and offline methods to do so. The Salama app, network garages, claim branch and Salama helpline number can be used to submit claims.
  • Diverse Garage Network: Salama car insurance network garage network is quite widespread. There are 2 branches in Dubai, 1 each in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. You can use any of the nearest garages to submit your claim and get your car repaired.
  • Special Discounts: Salam insurance offers special discounts for all auto insurance plans purchased online. Additional discounts are offered depending on the ongoing offers and promotional discounts.
  • Additional Value-Added Services: Salama insurance offers additional services such as free fuel delivery, free battery boost, free vehicle recovery, etc. along with the standard insurance benefits.

Salama Auto Takaful Comprehensive Plan

  • This auto insurance plan from Salama car insurance covers all own accidental damages of the insured car up to its current insured value.
  • Third-party vehicular liability is covered for up to AED 3.5 million while the third-party bodily injuries are covered as per the sum decided by court. The plan comes with an Oman extension cover as well. The third-party property damage is covered for AED 2 million in Oman extension cover. Third-party liability to family members is covered for AED 200,000 per person.
  • Fire damages and theft of the car are also covered as per the insured declared value of the car. Other benefits covered as per the insured sum of the car are the off-road damage cover and the valet parking theft/damage cover.
  • The Salama auto takaful plan includes medical emergency cover and personal belongings cover worth AED 5,000 each, ambulance cost cover, personal accident cover for driver and passengers worth AED 200,000 each and complimentary car registration renewal.
  • Other basic covers you will get are replacement of locks, windscreen damage cover worth AED 4,000 and child car seat replacement cover.
  • Optional covers that can be taken with the Salama car insurance cover are the temporary car rent cover and agency repairs of the car.

Salama Car Insurance Claim Process

  • Contact Salama car insurance and inform them about the claim.
  • Gather the required documents, this includes - your driving license, registration documents of the car, the police report and a duly filled claim form.
  • Submit your claim using online or offline methods.
  • If your car can be driven, transfer it to one of the network garages. If not, call the Salama roadside assistance number and get the car towed to the garage.
  • Here, the damages of your car will be examined along with the policy details and the claim documents. This generally takes a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Repairs will begin as soon as the garage receives approval from the claim department.
  • You can take your car home after the repairs have been done and the due payment has been settled.


The ideal way to find the best car insurance plan in the UAE for your car is to draw a cheap car insurance comparison first. Make sure that you have made a list of your current needs before starting on the research though. Match the benefits offered with your requirements and then choose the best car insurance available. Try and buy your insurance plan online and make the best of available discounts. Only use authentic sources like the provider websites themselves or Policybazaar UAE.

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