UAE Golden Jubilee: Traffic Fines Relaxed by 3 Emirates

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As part of the ongoing community celebration regarding the UAE National day, the police and government authorities in three emirates across the UAE have decided to grant relaxations in order to aid violators in clearing their dues. The police in Sharjah, Ummal-Quwain and Ajman have called on vehicle owners to hasten the backlog of fines that are existing on their account. The reason for these moves being enacted is that north of two million fines and levies related to traffic violations have not been cleared by motorists since 2003. The method of clearing the outstanding fines includes options such as doing it from the Police website of the respective city, or the generic Ministry of Interior app, or through the Sahl payment kiosks located in shopping malls and other public sites. 

An announcement has been made by the officials in Umm al-Quwain, which has declared that drivers and other automobile users may avail of the benefit of a 50 percent discount scheme on all traffic fines. This is in line with the celebration of the National Day of the UAE. The police have also decreed the procedural impounding of vehicles, and accruing of traffic points shall be suspended for the same period. The relaxation is applicable for nearly all the traffic violations in the emirate, except for the most serious offences. In case the vehicle was driven in a manner threatening to the lives of other passengers, or changes have been made to the engine or the chassis of the vehicle without the appropriate license, or finally violations of the recently issued Resolution no. (54) in order to check the Covid onslaught. The discount also does not cover violations of Article (1), Article (73), and article (3).

In Ajman, the scheme has been initiated on November 21, and it shall be extended until December 31. The decision has been taken based on the prerogative of the Crown Prince, Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid al Nuaimi. This shall be extended to include all the traffic offences that are committed in the emirate. The motorists who are trying to get the discounts on fines may pay through the Ministry of Interior app, or through the Ajman police app. Of course, it can also be negotiated at the presence of the police stations. Residents can get 50% discount on any traffic fines that they may run into. The offer is valid for a period of 40 days, during which motorcyclists can also cancel their black points and redeem their vehicles, if they had been confiscated by the authorities. Although, the drivers and users of motor vehicles must keep in mind that penalties will still be applicable in full on the road violations in the case of engine and chassis being modified without the appropriate license, or in the case of reckless driving that causes a potential threat to the lives of other people on the road. As part of the drive to further improve appreciation about the need for road safety, Ajman Police General Command has gone as far as to honour 23 motorists in order to respect them for observing traffic rules without any violations through the course of the year. This comes in lieu of the ‘Golden Points’ initiative, which aims to generate public appreciation of the importance of road safety. 

Depending on the nature of traffic violation, there is a system of fine amount that is levied, and a system of black points in the UAE that are applicable on the driver. For instance, in case the driver is caught on the roads without number plates, a total of 23 black points will be added to his name. Conversely, if they violate parking protocols, for example, by parking in front of fire hydrant areas, a total of 6 black points shall be accumulated along with a charge of AED 1000. Motorists should find a way around these impositions by resorting to safe driving practices whenever possible. Not only does it keep the fines and levies on the vehicle away, a reputation for safe driving and a clean record will entitle the driver of the vehicle to better motor insurance coverages at cheaper premiums when applying for their car insurance

In Sharjah, the Sharjah Executive Council too has decided to come up with a 50% reduction in the existing traffic fines. The relaxations are going to be applicable in Sharjah for a slightly greater duration, extending from November 21 to January 21 of 2022. Of course, this measure was taken by the Sharjah Executive Council, amidst important discussions about other development works in the Emirate of Sharjah. Although, there have been qualifications from the Sharjah Police that motorists charged with heavy offences shall not be allowed relief under this scheme. Authorities have allowed for a waiver in seizure of vehicles for traffic offences during this period.

Thus, it is a good opportunity for any motorists or people in violation of traffic laws to clear their backlogs, in view of the considerations being granted by the government authorities, as part of the festivities around the UAE Golden Jubilee.

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