Delmicron – What is it and How is it Different from Omicron?

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The havoc wreaked by coronavirus does not seem to be simmering down anytime soon. With new variants raising heads every few months, the pandemic scare continues without a breather for the global population. The latest variant on the spread is Omicron. Infecting large volumes of people at an alarming rate, Omicron has yet again made every country revisit their highest-ever covid-19 infection cases. The only respite is that in case of omicron infections, the symptoms are mild and recovery rate is high. There’s yet another variant peeping through the corners – Delmicron. Let’s figure out what it is, how is it different from Omicron and what can we expect in terms of infection rate and severity of the infections. 

What is Delmicron?

Delmicron is a combination of the words – Omicron and Delta. Delmicron variant is a combination of Delta and Omicron strains of Covid-19 virus. This means it is not a new variant but a combination of two already existing ones. A person suffering from Delmicron will have symptoms of both Delta and Omicron strain as well as the transmissibility properties of both the strains. As a result, many scientists are calling the Delmicron variant a super strain of the Covid-19 virus. The occurrence of Delmicron is rare though. A person can only get Delmicron infection when they already have one strain out of Delta and Omicron variants and get exposed to the other one while fighting the first one. The Delmicron strain has the severity of Delta variant and the infectiousness of Omicron variant making it the deadliest strain yet to have surfaced. 

Omicron vs Delmicron 

Omicron is simply a multi-level B.1.1.529 mutation of the SARS-CoV-2 infection aka the Coronavirus. It was first diagnosed in South Africa and has travelled at an alarming rate after that to most parts of the world. Omicron has a high infection rate as compared to other variants of the Covid-19 virus but it brings milder symptoms. When comparing Omicron to Delta variant, the patients of the new variant are not only asymptomatic for the most part but also have a better recovery rate and lower mortality rate. Delmicron, on the other hand, is not another mutation in the original SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is a “twin-spike” of the Delta and Omicron variants. Delmicron surfaces when both these strains infect a person at the same time. 

Delmicron Symptoms

Symptoms of Delmicron infection are a lot like Omicron and Delta variants. The patients may experience the following symptoms of Delmicron when infected: 

  • Fever or high basal temperature 
  • Cough, persistent or worsening over time
  • Loss of smell and/or taste 
  • Runny nose and sore throat
  • Headache
  • Body ache and night sweats
  • Fatigue 

One significant difference can be in the severity of these symptoms. While Omicron patients are mostly asymptomatic or have rather mild symptoms, the presence of delta variant in Delmicron patients may lead to more severe symptoms. In addition to that, omicron seems to have cold-like symptoms which make it harder to diagnose without a proper test. Since the symptoms of Delmicron are pretty much similar, the same applies to it as well. 

Delmicron Cases Globally So Far

Unlike Omicron which was first discovered in South Africa, Delmicron is mostly active in the West. So far, the USA and the UK are the only countries to have reported cases of Delmicron. However, the Delmicron infection rate is pretty high in the USA. UAE recently reported 665 cases of Omicron on December 22nd, 2021. The infection rate is growing but has not reached a dangerous level so far. Delmicron has not reached UAE yet but proper precautions should be taken. 

Is Delmicron More Dangerous? Why?

The covid-19 infection has taken the world with a storm with its never-ending mutations. However, variants up until now had either been severe in terms of infection or terms of symptoms. The biggest risk that twin-spike Delmicron presents would be severity for both infection rate and symptoms. And the people who are at risk of getting infected are the ones with the weaker immune system. The recovery rate could be fair for people who are inherently healthy and do not have any other health complications like heart diseases. Delmicron can be seen as a dual-edged sword with lethal qualities of both Omicron and Delta variants. 

In a Nutshell 

Whether it is Delmicron we talk about, Delta variant or Omicron, the Covid-19 infection wave has taken the world by surprise for over two years now. The best way to prevent Covid-19 infection is to stay cautious of its existence and not take it lightly. Prevention is the best policy in this case and that applies to the new Delmicron twin-spike as well. Scientists have already warned the world of the possibility of an upcoming super strain. Hence, make sure you keep sanitizing, wear face masks and practice social distancing. Keep a good health insurance plan in the works as a backup. Health insurance in the UAE now covers Covid-19 benefits as well. Stay on top of Covid-19 trends and stay safe. 

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